Thursday, July 10, 2014

MiMi Camp 2014: Day 5

We all slept like ROCKS last night!!!
An important rule at MiMi Camp is - You DON'T wake up MIMI!!!
I found them playing in the gazebo while Granddad cooked them breakfast!

It was nice to see them all playing together happily!

Eggs and bacon and fried potatoes! YUM!

Board Game Time!
The boys played chess......

while the girls played Chinese Checkers.

I won the first round so Faith challenged Granddad to another game!

I so needed a hair cut!
WHAT a relief!!!

I don't really like a lot of HAIR anymore!!!

Faith and I picked up Little Caesar's Pizza for lunch and we ate before taking off to the movies!

This one had lots of action so the kids loved it!

I have put off redoing our utility room (since the water heater busted and we had to clear it out to have a new one put in!) until AFTER MiMi Camp. Louis Dean and I will start on it next week but today we let Faith pull nails out and Sam take down the trim and we all pulled off wallpaper.
Jesse, Jr helped me paper this room back in 1983. Who KNEW his son would be helping me take it down in 20014>

I think they enjoyed doing this!

Since it's MiMi Camp - of course we decided to eat dessert FIRST tonight!
We returned home to a delicious spaghetti dinner that Granddad had prepared.
Faith opted to eat left over pizza from lunch.

We still have an evening fireplace outside to do followed by  popcorn and small bottles of Dr Pepper from the Dublin plant. It's a tradition to sit on blankets out on the front lawn and watch night fall and count the people who DON'T stop at the stop sign on the corner.
Most people DON'T stop! The first time we did  this Louis Dean said something about people stopping.
Faith said, "Daddy does." Then a beat later she said, "Mama don't!"

I'll close this post with a few of the Throw Back Thursday pics I posted on Facebook.
These are from MiMi Camp 2009.

Back then we took the kids one at a time for a week.

It really helped us get to know them better and spend quality one on one time.

Doing it that way was more fun for all of us I think.

More individual attention and a chance to spoil them a bit.

Levi was just three then so his was a 'Day Camp' experience.

Wasn't he adorable??
They ALL were!!
Having them one at a time cuts out the bickering between siblings that happens no matter what you do.
As I am getting older - and Granddad is already there! - I think we will revisit that concept for future MiMi Camps. We have had a lot of fun but do not think for a minute that it hasn't been a lot of work, too!
I am one tired MiMi.

We will close out this year's camp with a bang tomorrow by visiting Burger's Lake! 

Now I better get that popcorn going!


Susie said...

Linda, I can see how the children have grown in the years since your first camp. Oh I know you are not kidding about being wore out. We love them to pieces, but carrying for young children is a job as we age. I laughed at your first sentence today...I knew you all slept well. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Deb said...

you have had an action packed week....lots of fun...

Deanie W said...

I love the rule " Don't wake up MiMi" !
I taught that to my children but not grandchildren ! Sounds like a great idea:)
They will Love Burger' s Lake it is very nice. I hope you sleep really late on Saturday:)

Ginny said...

You have so much energy, you must be totally healthy! And your whole family is beautiful! Getting everyone together is so much fun, but I think it would be easier to do one at a time. That way it is all about them, they feel very special, too.

Angie said...

I was just talking to my husband today about how I'd like to set aside more one on one time for our kids. We are always doing things as a family and while that is wonderful, I love the idea of having a date with each individual kid. Just something special that is chosen for them!

I can't imagine how tired you are Mimi! Hope you sleep well tonight. Sounds like you have another busy day ahead!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

You have definitely had a lot of fun! I love your rule...don't wake up Mimi. I think I'm too late to implement that now. We are having 'grand camp' next week.

Changes in the wind said...

What a wonderful tradition you have created...they will always remember it.

Sandra said...

almost over, and I wish i had a mimi camp when i was little or one for my kids when they were little

Bev said...

When I read Mimi camp day 5... I WAS EXHAUSTED!!!!.... yes one on one is great...we did that for their birthdays for a long time...but the older they got....we the younger ones missed out...but such is life... You are a great mimi!!