Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bubbles, Tea Party and other things.....

Quadville was a blast yesterday!

When  I arrived Amber was just getting everyone ready to go out on their playground!
Love their little Croc shoes!

The new bubble machine is a winner!!!

Just LOOK at how handsome our Harrison is!!!
He has THE perfect personality to be a brother to THREE sisters!
He's talking in complete sentences these days! As in LONG sentences!!!

I'm not sure Amber fully understands how much fun we have with the quads on our Quadville Wednesdays!
SHE thinks we are helping!!! WE know we are having PRECIOUS time bonding with four PRECIOUS children!!! Win!! WIN!!!

I usually try to do something special every week with the quads.

Yesterday was a Tea Party Day!

Reece's Pieces and Oatmeal Cookies + Herbal Tea = TEA PARTY!!!

Of the four only Logan had the knack of sipping her tea straight from the tiny tea cup with NO spills!

Kailey not so much but she had a good time!

I still have the ceramic tea set I made for Amber's first birthday.
When the quads get a bit older I will give it to them.

Later in the afternoon Granddad played some good music!!
He feels certain Kailey is going to perform with him any day now!
He went home while I lingered in Quadville to help with baths.....

A FULL tub of BABIES!!!!

After the day is done I always enjoy the 'down time' with Amber and Mike.
I love Trystan, Kailey, Harrison and Logan!
I also love AMBER and MIKE!!
We usually visit a bit and watch a TV program and unwind before I drive the short distance home.
It IS a short distance because they purposely bought a house that was near enough to BOTH sets of parents! SO much closer than Katy, Texas where we lived in our camper for seven months to be near them!

When I pulled up in the driveway Louis Dean was sitting there with a glass of wine for me.
He wanted it to stay cool and wasn't sure when I would arrive so he set it in a bowl of ice.
That HAS to be THE most romantic thing in the world!!!
I do love that man!!!

Today has been a stay at home and putter day!
We BOTH slept til nearly 10:00 am!!

He went to work outside and I worked inside!

We met in the gazebo for a LATE lunch around 2:00.
Tuna Noodle Casserole with LOTS of seasoning along with fresh home grown tomatoes and onions!

Fast forward to this evening - just a short while ago!!

We are watering our beloved neighbor's flowers while she is jet setting her way around Europe!
THIS is the view of the OTHER side of the fence!

We get to harvest the tomatoes and Louis Dean loves nothing better than home grown tomatoes!!!

We MUST get some of these solar lights!

This is a reality pic from our gazebo tonight!
Note the bucket of Pine Sol and the pots in the chair we need to take down to the camper!

We DO so love our gazebo 'sits!'

I close this journal entry with a Throw Back Thursday pic from Facebook.
July 4th 2004!
10 years ago and just 5 days after my granddaughter, Faith, was born!!


  1. I can think of nothing better than tea parties with the grandkids. I did that for many years. Now my grandkids are adults and we share a Starbucks. HaHa. I am amazed at the way those girls can sit with their legs spread out and back. You look so darling sharing tea with them.

    The Gazebo looks divine, and your honey is such a cutie, and how sweet with the cool wine.

    What an enjoyable post!!! Loved every minute of it.

  2. Your gazebo is beautiful, magical, and romantic! I love the tub full of babies, multiple cuteness! Is that an automatic bubble machine? How cool! Louis Dean, Kailey, and the guitar are just adorable.

  3. Another great visit to Quadville. I love hearing them ask for "more tea". I love homegrown tomatoes too, but haven't been able to grow any for awhile since the groundhog came to live in my back yard and eats them all.

  4. Happy 4th of July! Those babies are getting so big!

  5. I love the tea party! I see that Kailey is wearing her jeans:) so very cute!
    God has blessed us all, you & LD are such a good fit as are Amber & Mike. As you say win, win:) hAve a great day! Lovz

  6. Rub a dub dub four kids in a tub! Always fun to see what is going on in your world...was that ten years ago? You guys just don't change (except for Faith). Have a great 4th!

  7. love the throwback pic... tea party, music and a spa tub full of fun... what a life... i like that little lit up toad stool

  8. Those kids keep you young and go-go-going!!
    Happy 4th, GF!

  9. Linda, I love all the pictures. It's sweet you sat right in the floor with the little ones and had tea. You are making memories to cherish. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie