Monday, July 7, 2014

MiMi Camp 2014: Day 1

We were packed up and ready to go by 3:00 just as we had planned!!!

Three happy faces in the back seat of the truck!

We would all chatter and sing as we drove along UNTIL it was time to change highways or make a turn.
Then we had to be quiet and help Granddad find the right road!
We took the 'back roads' way down to the ranch!
We made only one pit stop at a small town convenience store and bait shop.
All the kids got a treat and Granddad bought worms!

Shortly after that we arrived!!!

The kids were so excited!
I unlocked the camper and stepped inside to flip on the A/C.....
oh, my.......
Remember the leak in the bedroom ceiling?
The one we thought we had finally fixed?
Let's just say the bed was ruined! The comforter, sheets, blankets - all messed up!!
Not sure I will ever be able to get them clean!
I stripped it all off and then proceeded to unload and put up the groceries.
Alas, I could NOT get the fridge open!
It had totally frozen up! Defrosting THAT took some time!!
Sam made my heart squeeze when he said, "MiMi, we are just bad luck to your camper."
He was remembering LAST year when we had plumbing troubles!
I assured him we would get this taken care of - after a fleeting thought of loading up and going back home!!

We left Louis Dean and his son to finish defrosting the fridge and the kids and I went out to explore!

I took some Gala apples and a couple of hamburger buns with us because I knew we would soon see some critters! The horses liked BOTH the apples AND the bread!

The kids were pretty fascinated with the place!

These are rescue horses that Dean has provided a home for.

More critters!

We kept Lucy on a leash at first - there has been a flea infestation down here - but she was treated before we left home so we soon turned her loose!

The kids fed the fish in the big tank.

We looked at all the pretty flowers.

They even fed the goats!

All three of them kept saying, "We LOVE it here!!!"

Lots to see and do.

When gathering firewood, Levi rescued a caterpillar from a branch destined for the firepit!

Sam ventured into the hen house to get this one egg.....
but Levi posed with it......

Then Levi gathered up enough for breakfast in the morning!

When we got back to the camper we found the mattress on top of the truck drying out!
It is still there as I write.
We cooked hot dogs on the campfire and had potato chips and bottles of water for our first camping meal.
Dinner was roughly around 10:00 pm!
Faith is in the girl bunk and Sam won the draw for the boy bunk tonight.
Levi will get it tomorrow night.
For tonight Levi and I will share the sofa bed.
Louis Dean and his son are still outside by the campfire and I'm not sure WHERE LD will be sleeping tonight!

As usual.....we are on a great adventure!!!


Kathy said...

It's always an adventure with you! So sorry about the mess you found the camper in. Hopefully it will get all straightened out. In any case, it seems as if Mimi Camp is a success! Love all the pictures of the kids on the ranch.

Ginny said...

Oh, how horrid! But you have a way of soldering through, and turning everything into an adventure! The horses are really gorgeous! And I love your shot of the camper in the twilight.

Vee said...

Oh how disappointing! Hope that something is figured out. John uses some fifty-year caulk for the dreaded leaks that can happen. He's a big believer in that stuff.

May your camping trip become a fun adventure soon with everyone having a cozy place to sleep.

Sandra said...

oh no on the leaky roof... am waiting to hear where LD slept last night.. i would love mimi camp excpet for the camp out part...maybe an all day visit? those horses are amazing and i love goats and that black and white chicken is beautiful. is there no house on the property?

Changes in the wind said...

Sorry this happened...I know you work so hard to have things just right but you handle the disappointment in style:)

Sweet Tea said...

You are the queen of making lemons into lemonade. What great memories your grands will have of this yearly camp. Fun stuff!

Susie said...

Linda, I think LD woke up at the Radison and ordered room service. LOL Just Kidding....knowing that man thru your blog...he was probably in line at Lowes' buying roof fixing things. I hope camp goes well. The kids are good sports. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Amber B. said...

Oh no! Hope y'all are able to get it fixed. Sounds like a good first day, otherwise. See y'all Wednesday!

Wanda said...

It's not the difficulty....but how you handle it....You should write a book on handling difficulties with grace, smiles and fun and hard work.
What a special kids don't have a clue how much fun this kind of life glad you are sharing it with the younger generation.. That's priceless.

Angie said...

Sounds like those small setbacks didn't phase the kids at all. They look like they are having a great time in the photos!