Friday, December 27, 2013

Sitting By the Fire......

Louis Dean and I are in recovery mode from all the excitement of the last few days.

We have literally been sitting by the fireplace
It's only 6:35 and we're already talking about going to bed.
We still have our jammies on!

We have sipped hot coffee, hot tea, rubbed Vick's on our chest (it is such a comforting smell!), drank lots of water, ate leftovers with little clean up. I have read my books, taken a nap, cleaned out a drawer or two in the den looking for my 2014 Country Diary that I have put SOMEWHERE but can't find.

My hands are so dry I have kept this Lavender Body Butter my niece made on them all day.
Normally I work with my hands a lot so today was a good opportunity to let them rest.

We have watched more TV today than we usually watch in a WEEK!
Right now we are finishing up a Christmas Movie we taped earlier in the season.
I think every once in awhile we simply have to STOP and just BE!
Today was that day for us.


  1. Linda, that sounds like a perfect ending to the wonderful craziness of Christmas. Enjoy!

  2. I agree there are days we just have to stop. Today was yours. Hope you get the rest you need tonight.

  3. I wish we had a fire tonight. I was just telling my husband that we haven't burned a fire in a while. The temps have dropped so it would be nice to have one. Sounds like a great day to sit in your pj's and read and nap. Maybe we'll get to do that tomorrow. It's Saturday and we don't have to do anything!

  4. I think today is that day for us. We are exhausted. Oh that the bod would keep up with the brain. Glad that you enjoyed a day of rest.

  5. I think this is a great day for you both:)

  6. What a great idea! I should sit by the fire too, but it's 78F here, SO NO FIRE...just sitting by it, lol! Yes, it's always lots of work, I usually have to do my C'mas, help my mom with her C'mas Eve luncheon party and yesterday was her 84th. b'day and I had another small lunch for us! I love C'mas, but happy it's over, lol...Big hugs sweet friend.

  7. Sounds like your day is from "A Wonderful Life"....What a perfect day. I just purchased a large 2014 calendar for the top door of the refrigerator. I live by that calendar.

  8. That sounds wonderful! We are enjoying the holidays with our extended family, but I will definitely be ready to get home and take a few days to recover!!

  9. Good for you, Linda! I think our bodies and minds tell us when we have had ENOUGH! And if you need to do it again tomorrow, go for it!


  10. I haven't accomplished anything today. After all the hub bub of shopping, wrapping, prepping, cooking, party, cleaning and more cooking, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and then collapse.
    We all deserve a day of doing nothing and staying in our jammies and watching TV. You two give and share so much.