Friday, December 20, 2013

A Christmas Kind of Friday!

We picked Mother up this morning at the salon and headed straight for Stein Mart!
Louis Dean is in dire need of CLOTHING!!!
Praise God for the great customer service at this awesome store which features excellent quality clothes at affordable prices!

Meet Indy - the 'angel' who worked with Louis Dean.
He is a law student now -  fresh out of the military!

It takes a special person to handle Louis Dean!
He did NOT buy this floral jacket but he DID get a sports coat and THREE pair of slacks!

The salesman and I bought thought this was an interesting shirt!
Louis Dean didn't go for it!

Mother and I looked around the store allowing Indy (our sales guy) and Louis Dean to do their work.
I DID have to remind Mother we were NOT there to shop for US!!
This trip was all about Louis Dean!

After our shopping and errands we took Mother home.
Today we brought my Christmas Tea Party with us for our lunch!

The 'Name List' comes in ever so handy when talking!
We had chicken salad, crackers, chips, cookies and DESSERT!!
I packed some of the angel food cake/Cool Whip/sliced strawberries/Jello I served the quads the other night.

Remember this??
I didn't mention anything about the dessert except that the babies "really enjoyed it!"

AFTER we finished eating I put on a slide show of recent pictures and videos.
THIS was her reaction when she saw the babies with their hands in the dish!

She said it just made it sweeter!!!
My mother is a good sport!

I spied this book on a table at my sister's.
She and her husband have SUCH an interesting house!!!

Like this chalk dog wearing a Santa hat!!

It was a good Friday!

We laughed, shopped, had lunch, talked and then laughed some more.
Mother is very fortunate to have her children living close to her. She gets out of the house to shop and have her hair and nails done as well as doctor appointments. Nita makes sure she has everything she needs and Deanie takes care of the doctor visits, medicine and finances. I do the fun things with her and let me tell you I am GRATEFUL for my sisters and all THEY do!!

On our way home this afternoon we stopped by an elderly friend's house.
I call him Brother Ray. We went to the same church for many years.
Amber had a Christmas card for him and we brought a bag of treats from my Christmas Tea.
He and Louis Dean talked music! We have been neglecting Brother Ray since the whole Quad Experience!
We hope to do better now. The young and the very old - two ages that do not last all that long!

It was 68 degrees when we went to bed last night and 68 degrees when we woke up.
It has since dropped nearly 30 degrees!!
I made a pillow for the oldest grandson this evening - only one more to go!

The red slippers in the pic above are now on my feet! They are warm and fluffy!
Guess where this pile of house shoes came from?
Remember how my mother always 'needs' a new pair of slippers??
Well, apparently none of them really met her expectations!
The ones I got her last week hit the target so she sacked all of these up and gave them back to me!!
I don't think I will need to buy new ones for a very long time!!


Vee said...

May I just say that I breathed a sigh of relief that LD didn't go with that jacket. =D Nor the shirt neither. Phew!

What a fun wonder that your mother loved it. (I think it's wonderful how you sisters work together to make your mom's life good for her. That's love in action!)

You sure do have some temp swings down there in Texas. Our temp is climbing and that isn't means freezing rain for the weekend. Ugh. Hope that you folks fare much better!

Hootin Anni said...

Reading about how good your Friday was, made me feel warm inside! Loved the smiling faces you've shared Linda...


MadSnapper said...

that is one cute dude helping LD and i am sooooo releived he did not buy that jac ket. i enlarged the photos and when i saw those flowers i thought oh no... i do know they are IN right now because the men on TV are wearing them... glad he did not go with that shirt...the photo of your mom watching the videos is priceless.. i like those red slippers and now you are set for life.

Pondside said...

Congratulations on getting your husband into a menswear store! I would consider it a huge fete to get The Great Dane shopping!
I love to read about your Fridays with your mum and can't wait for my parents to move out here so that I can take my mum out for fun afternoons.

Susie said...

Linda, Ld will look good in his new things. Glad he didn't want that blousey looking shirt. LOL . Your mom seemed to enjoy the video . Your food went a long way feeding many. So good you went to see your older friend. Wow what a pile of new house shoes. :):) I knew your mom could not have worn them out. Bless her heart. When I see the joy you have with her, Makes me miss my mom. Blessings to all of you, xoxo,Susie

Carla said...

LOL that was a wild shirt. While LD is quite the character I have a hard time seeing him in that shirt. I love your Mom's expression watching the slide show.
Y'all have such a spirit for life. Your post as always made me smile. Bless y'all