Monday, December 16, 2013

An Even DOZEN Christmas Trees!

I have spent this day preparing for my Cup of Christmas Tea Party tomorrow!
Nothing like giving a party to motivate getting the house ready!

My hero - aka Louis Dean (who told me at church yesterday that from now on he would be introducing himself as LOUIS! ??) helped me in SO many ways today!
He made the chicken salad, ran the errands, had the car washed, blew all the leaves OFF the deck and OUT of the gazebo, and MOWED all of the said leaves.
WHAT would I do without him???

As I cleaned and prepared each room I took a picture of the Christmas tree.....I have one in every room...

Tree #1 in the tour - the front porch apple and berry tree in the Santa base (trash can from Goodwill!)
Actually the tree is from Goodwill as well. This was the one I used inside the camper last year.
Seems so long ago now.....

Tree #2 - The Santa Tree and the FIRST tree I did this year as it was already in the den.
It was my fall tree and I may very well be leaving it up year round!
I can see it in January with gold ribbon and bells, February in hearts, March in Shamrocks.....
you get the idea.

Tree #3 - the Living Room Tree which features gold and vintage ornaments.
NEXT year I shall have a majestic NEW tree in here and will put this one outside.
I need a BIGGER tree!!!

Tree #4 - The Kitchen Tree has gold and white unbreakable ornaments.
I am thinking little hands may want to rehang some of these.

Tree #5 is my Cardinal Tree featuring ornaments from Summer and some I picked up once she started this theme. I also use 'ice' pieces like the clear candles and such.
I may leave this tree up for the winter. I really love this one......

Tree #6 is The Children's Tree featuring ornaments from my children's childhoods.
I am offering them to Summer, Jesse, Amber or Ben anytime they want them.
These ornaments overlap trees I might add.......

Tree #7 is in the dining room making that room have TWO trees!!!
Actually next year I will put this one in the foyer since I only have wreathes in there.
So technically I guess I don't have a tree in every room.......sigh.
See Logan in the framed pic back there?

Tree #8 is in Louis Dean's bathroom and has NO ornaments!
It was enough to get a tree in there. Just saying.......
By the way, the towels hanging beside it were ones I cross stitched back in 1989 when I was dealing with thyroid cancer.
Lots of prayers were prayed as I stitched.....I still remember.

Tree #9 is the Romantic Tree in our bedroom.
This tree stays year round and is decorated in vintage and/or shabby chic style for the season.

Tree # 10 is my Hand Painted Memory Ornament Tree which is in the guest room.
 I used to paint an ornament each year.
So many years. So many memories. 
Not sure why I don't do that anymore.

Tree #11 is the Token Tree.
This is in Louis Dean's music room (which I can NOT show you!!!)
It qualifies as a tree because it has ornaments but no lights.
He's a good sport to let me put it in there!

Tree #12!!! My Snowman Tree!!! This sits in the gazebo and is one of my favorites!!

That makes an even DOZEN!!! many trees do YOU have?????
Surely more than ONE!!!


Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

wow, I am impressed. We "only" have one in our living room, a small one in the guest room and a Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the girls room.

Kathy said...

One is it for me this year. Sometimes I have two but never 12! And all of them are so beautiful!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love that you have twelve trees!! You rock! Enough of the "simplicity" stuff, I say. Bring it on!!

I can't see everything on the trees very well because of the lights...I have that problem, too, with taking pictures, but I love that they all have themes and hold special memories! Beautiful!

I want to hear all about the party! :)


Wanda said...

I love your special dozen. I have one little tree this year, but I do have an even dozen grandchildren...does that count? HaHa.
Wish I lived close enough to be invited your tea party. BTW tomorrow I'm making my fused rosemary salt and oil from your recipe.

Deb said...

I have one that isn't decorated behind this year...I'm excited to see yours in person tomorrow...

Pondside said...

Feeling like a little bit of a slacker here with my one tree! I certainly enjoyed the tour of all of yours - also seeing more of your artistic gifts. Have fun at your Tea!

Changes in the wind said...

Only one for me but maybe you should thing about painting some ornaments for the grandbabies?

Kelly said...

My goodness! You really do have a dozen trees. They are all decorated with so much personality too. I like the themes you've given them. I think I like the one out in your gazebo the best too. I have a small tabletop tree for our main tree and then some smaller potted trees scattered about. I just don't have the room for the great big ones (nor the storage).

Vee said...

Hanging head in shame...just one for me. I used to have a large kitchen and always did a Kitchen Tree, but those days are gone. I have determined that you are an elf raised by humans. I am a human raised by humans. Therein lies the difference. Ha! (You do have an abundance of energy, my dear friend.)

Susie said...

Linda, Are you kidding's all I can do to get one tree decorated.LOL I love all your trees. The ones on the porch and in the gazebo are very nice. Your man is a wonderful hero to you. But then you are his she-ro :):)
Enjoy your tea party. xoxo,Susie

MadSnapper said...

3 and 7 are my favorites.. your home looks so festive and READY for the big day

Anonymous said...

Linda, your trees are gorgeous! I love that you have so many of them and they are all so different! So festive!

Diana Ferguson said...

Great job, Linda!

Carla said...

So pretty. I think my favorite is the cardinal tree.