Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Quadville Fun and Texas Trash!

It was a wild and crazy day in Quadville!

I wore my Grinch hat when we went upstairs to the babies after they woke from their naps.
Logan was the only one who wanted to wear it!

It looks good on her!!!

After I snapped this picture I was reminded of Lily Tomlin when she played Edith Ann on Laugh In back in 1975! 

We love watching the babies play!

They are relatively calm to be FOUR of them.....

but then it is WILD just a few minutes later!!

Logan is an acrobat!! We already know Kailey is! Guess it really IS like a 3 ring circus!!

In between all the playing I managed to make a bag of Texas Trash! 
This is a tradition my mother started years ago!
She would make a literal TRASH CAN (lined with a black trash liner) completely FULL!!
Everyone wanted to be on HER gift list!!
She managed a answering service and gave out containers of 'Trash' to all her employees as well as to the family. My kids in particular LOVED it!! Amber and Ben even begged her to make it mid year when our supply ran out! I called her on the phone this afternoon as soon as I had pulled one pan full out of the oven.
Mother said, "Years and years and years!! I wish I could again."

I made pasta for dinner tonight.
The babies got macaroni shells with their sauce and then Amber gave them some spaghetti to play with!!

Boy, did hey have FUN!!!

THEN I gave them dessert!!!
It's angel food cake with strawberry Jello and Cool Whip and fresh sliced strawberries.

They enjoyed themselves and guess what Wednesday Pasta Day means????

It's a BATH day!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

I love Wednesdays, favorite post to read. Smiles.

Jutta said...

Oh my goodness what a joyful mess! And lots of cleaning afterwards, not just the kids but the whole room in where they had their lunch. You truly do not count your efforts. Way to go!
And to me too Wednesday posts are definitively The BEST!
Thanks for sharing Linda!!

MadSnapper said...

i was releived when i got to the Texas Trash part, from the title i was expecting for find something R rated.. LOL... i love the acrobat stunt, that is cute little horse. looks like toy r us in their living room..

Kelly said...

That Texas Trash sounds pretty good! I guess it's like Chex Mix huh? I remember those baths being given after dinner. It's a wonder that any food gets in their mouth at all, isn't it? They are all so cute. I bet they will love Christmas morning coming up soon!

Anonymous said...

The quads are too adorable! Love the messy face! Definitely bath time! Please do post the recipe for Texas trash! :-)