Sunday, December 1, 2013

The New KID in town!

It has been a FALL day in the country - even though this is the first of December.

FALL was noisy today!

Louis Dean spent several hours fishing this morning - caught no fish - but was smelling AWFUL when I went up to check on him! I had to sit 'down wind' from him!!!
He said it was his bait! I can see why the fish weren't biting!

I spent some time working on Sherry's house!
She LOVED what I did in her bathroom and we decided all the woodwork would look good 'distressed.'
The first step is to sand it. I then painted it white.

The scariest step is the staining......

But wiped off and buffed - it looks great!

The woodwork on her house is the olden kind.
REAL wood and beautiful.
I am so happy she redeemed the old instead of buying the newer but not as good a quality as what she already had!

Trim Sherry gathered from what was on the original house.

I refinished them to match the door frames. 
I call them 'door jambs' but that may be an obsolete word now.

HERE is the new KID in town!!!
His name is 'Billy' but may be Leroy now!

I am so happy to have the camper down here on the ranch so we can enjoy the pleasures of country living!

Yeah!! That's our little camper back there!

I helped Sherry by doing the refinishing of the woodwork.
SHE was doing the harder stuff like tape and bedding.
Louis Dean helped his son do some work on the flooring........
as in 'underneath the house making it sturdy' flooring!

This lapsed over into the night!
It gets really DARK in the country!!!

Cell phones work down here so Louis Dean called me (I had gone back to the camper to rest) and said they were nearly through.
This led to me taking an impromptu picnic of guacamole, chips and wine down to celebrate!
I don't know how far it is from our camper to the new house but it takes just a few minutes to walk it.
It was nice to sit and revel in the projects accomplished!!!

 We said our good nights and parted company while I left LD down at  the house to bathe.
Remember the fishing bait he used???
It was still pretty potent!


Cheapchick said...

Okay, what kind of smelly bait was he using?

Deanie W said...

Sounds like "STINK" bait to me:(
You did a great job on the woodwork! I love the farm animal photos:) especially the smiling or screaming horse ! Was that embellished or the real deal?
Sounds like a great holiday weekend:)

Deanie W said...
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Pondside said...

What a big job that is - and it's turning out beautifully.
It's a good thing there is a bath in the house, or poor LD would be sleeping outside!

MadSnapper said...

love the new KID and that silly horse face... made me laugh. the sound of the leaves on the tin roof took me back in time. my grandmothers house had a tin roof

Vee said...

Oh that looks so fine! You just don't know how to take a break! LOL

Is that horse? Mule? Making fun of your wee home away from home? What a cute picture!

Judy said...

So glad he could wash off that fishing smell! It looks like you had a working vacation...but you don't know how to sit still anyhow, do you? Good job on the woodwork.

Susie said...

Linda, I like the old timey looking woodwork. Good job. Funny about the goat and it seems the horse was laughing. xoxo,Susie

Wanda said...

That is a great look...Your busyness just doesn't end does it...What a Doer you are. I think the new kid is darling.