Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Somebody Needs a NAP!!!

We had so much fun today in Quadville!

Kailey was literally asleep at the lunch table!

The quads have grown so much in just the seven days since we had last seen them!

While they enjoyed a good nap - Louis Dean, Amber and I had our traditional hamburger lunch and a Hostage episode......two actually!

Cold weather is arriving soon so Amber wanted the quads to run around outside and play while it was still warm!

So she found a cool park where they even had swings that could hold two babies at a time!

How cool is THAT???

Amber is looking pretty awesome!!

It was a great day to be outside!

Tonight Amber cooked a scrumptious dinner of grilled chicken and fresh veggies while I made a good garden salad with everything in it from cheese, olives, strawberries, diced apple and and even half an orange.
And I made garlic toast using a loaf of Louis Dean's homemade bread from the freezer.
The babies eat so well! They had everything but the salad.....instead they had some diced fresh fruit and cheese!

This is the cutest video of Kailey and Logan feeding each other!

We eat our dinner after the babies are in bed.
Our Wednesdays are special.
Amber always has a movie and we all kick back in the comfy living room and relax.
Tonight's entertainment was Red 2 - complete with buttered popcorn!!

It has been a good day in Quadville even though the babies are in their 4th cold of the season.
I think they may be building up and immunity since this one seems to be a bit easier on them.

We will be home before the cold weather hits and will probably hunker down and stay there all weekend!


MadSnapper said...

to funny on Kailey sleeping and I love the doubled up babies in the swings.. a great way to swing four babies at one time

darlin said...

Wow, are the quads ever growing. They're all so precious and adorable! I can totally understand why you all eat after the babies are in bed, no time when four wee ones have to be fed at the same time!

The park is awesome, love that swing!

Enjoy your weekend, if you think it's getting chilly there we're down to -30 here and it's FREEEZZZING cold! A good time to get baking and setting up my tree.


Kelly said...

I always enjoy seeing these adorable videos of the kids! It's like I'm actually there! The one of Kailey falling asleep is precious. I think it was a good idea for the kids to go out and run around outside before the cold weather gets there. Kids need fresh air and freedom to get their energy out! Amber does look great! So glad that she's doing well.It has been very warm here the last couple of days, but I hear that it will start getting cold next week. Tomorrow the high will be 73, but then it drops to 45 by next Tuesday! We must be getting a cold front. It's probably the one that's heading your way.

Susie said...

Linda, I love the babies playing and having fun outside. All of you look like you were enjoying it. Amber is a great mom, bless her heart. I think she learned a lot from you. I hope you didn't mind me mentioning you in my blog yesterday. I really like your decorating, it makes me wish I could do all that. Take care, be safe if you venture out. We are in for some snow/rain/ice...the works. I wish it would miss us though. oxoxo, Susie

Vee said...

I'll be back to watch the vids on the PC! I'll give up Jeopardy for that. You guys hunker down now!

bj said...'s cold here and heard ya'll are REALLY cold.
Stay by that fire, snuggle and DRINK THAT WINE. :)
Amber looks AMAZING....:)