Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pigtails, Laughter, TWO Daughters and Costco!

This was our regularly scheduled day in Quadville.
It's always fun to wake up in a house where children live!

This is Kailey after waking up from her 2 hour nap.

And Harrison! They always wake up in such good moods.
Putting them down for their naps isn't hard either. They are more than ready for a rest and since they love routine it is easy peasy!  While THEY napped this afternoon, Louis Dean and I watched a couple of recorded TV programs. Or I did! I caught Granddad sleeping through most of it!

I left him sleeping and went back to the kitchen for one last batch of snacks to make for my tea next week.
I can of potato stix (Or you can use chow mien noodles)
1 package butterscotch morsels
1/2 cup peanut butter

Melt the chips in the microwave, stir in peanut butter and then add a can of potato stix and toss to cover.
Cool on waxed paper. Break up into smaller bits. DONE!
Easy Peasy!!!

After naps and snacks I fixed the girls' hair in the cutest pigtails ever!!!

Their mama arrived from having HER hair done and we all loaded up and
 were off on an outing to Costco!

I took one buggy with Logan and Kailey 

while Granddad pushed the other one with Harrison and Trystan.

Amber orchestrated the event and whipped out bottled water with a straw and cookies when the babies grew just a little bit tired! They held up well! 

I think the babies enjoyed getting out! They certainly drew a LOT of smiles from the other shoppers!!

Summer spent the evening with us in Quadville and it was so nice to SEE her again!!
After spending a week together on the beach in September and then another week together in California in October it was GOOD to be together again!!
No one smiles like my Summer Dee!!

I had BOTH of my beautiful daughters with me!
This just warms a mother's heart!

To celebrate the occasion Summer brought a bottle of wine......
it was one of the bottles she bought at a vineyard we toured so that made the evening even more special!!
We all worked together in unloading babies, groceries, putting things up, preparing dinner, feeding babies, doing baths and getting the quads ready for bed. It was a LOT of work but divided up like that made it a whole lot easier!!

Aunt Summer brought out the giggles in the babies - especially Trystan and Harrison!!
I wish you could have heard them belly laugh!!! This little video snippet was when I was feeding them the cake I baked yesterday for dessert.

It was a great day and an even GREATER evening!
I am also happy to inform you the girls kept their pigtails - and in Trystan's case - a ponytail! - right up until BATH TIME!!! This is a record!!!


Jackie See said...

They are just so darn cute!!! I love getting a peek at them in the morning, it makes me smile all day long! You all look so happy standing with them in Costco! Adorable!

Lynne said...

Talk about two busy days! You are all amazing! When I need to tap energy, this is my first stop!

D.Wilson said...

Cute,cute video's. I can hear the love in your voice! Happy you got time with both your girl's. It's a treasure and not always able to get all children together with the busy lives we all lead. Merry Christmas!

Vee said...

Love those pigtails! Must get to the PC go see the videos. Ohhh...more wonderful treats to try. I did make up the saltine candy yesterday...very yummy!

Linda said...

The pigtails are sweet. Great post, Linda.

Susie said...

Linda, It's nice tha can nap too. :):) It's a huge handful for I know she adores having all of you there to pick in. Hugs to everyone. Nice that Summer came to visit. xoxo,Susie

Amber said...

Cute videos! And sleep sacks are no longer effective in keeping Harrison in his crib...he was running around his room this morning when Jo Ann went to get him up!

Wanda said...

What brave souls....the Quad's at Costco...but they are darling, and I bet you did get the looks and smiles.

Your daughters are just as lovely as nice to see them. My daughter's (three) are not blogger friendly so I can't post pictures of them. It's kills me, but I must respect their wishes. My son however, is a different story..I think I could post him in his underwear and he wouldn't care. Every family has it own way of thinking and doing...Don't you know. But I envy you, and love all the family pictures.

Anonymous said...

Linda, the quads are so adorable! I only have the one grandson and he wears me out. You must have discovered the fountain of youth to keep up with yours!

Carla said...

You write the greatest post.