Monday, September 5, 2011

The Temps Have Finally FALLEN!!

I have had the best holiday weekend! The temperatures have 'FALLEN' as we are entering into the first full week of September! I cannot tell you how GOOD it feels to finally be able to walk outside without feeling like you are stepping into an OVEN!
We have turned the central A/C off and opened up both sets of French doors to air the house out and breathe in some of the aromas drifting through the neighborhood!
They are grilling next door and behind us and we can smell the hot dogs and hamburgers! The sounds of voices and laughter float over the fences. I love it!

Amber and I spent a few hours together - actually SEVERAL - watching back to back episodes of 'Suits.'
I really like that program! I'd recorded them on the DVR but had not watched any so it was a new show for both of us. I kept my hands busy stringing beads and
she was designing and crafting jewelry for her Texas Take Etsy Shop.
We like to stay busy even when we are being still!

Saturday we hit up Hobby Lobby and went to church at Fellowship then gathered Lucy and Jersey Girl up and headed to the dog park here in Irving.
That wasn't too successful since the park was so CROWDED and some of the dogs were pretty aggressive. We ended up at the local school yard and had a great time! Jersey loves to fetch the decoy Amber throws and Lucy simply loves to RUN!!

They got along so well!! Now Jersey is a BIG girl! She weighs about 80 pounds!
My house is 'highly occupied'.......meaning crowded with all sorts of breakables and decorations! She was SO well behaved! NO problems. As a matter of fact when we would kennel Jersey - Lucy would scurry in behind her so they could stay together!

I continued to decorate each day adding one more room to my DONE list!

Amber is a great cook and featured a recipe recently in her blog.

She decided to make this for our Sunday evening meal.....

 and I had the dining room table all set with fall decor!

I do a good fall cleaning to each room as I decorate for this favorite season!

Everything looks prettier when it is sparkling clean!!

I like to serve dinner at the dining room table! Louis Dean - on the other hand - loves to eat in the den. I do have a table out there as well!

My Autumn Angel watches over the dining room!

It is like meeting old friends once again as I unpacked and hung up the pumpkin garlands. Lots of my things are showing their age but I love them and display them anyway!

I worked on the kitchen this just the sewing room and gazebo are left! I will be doing them within the next few days!

Amber took the dogs out in the front yard and did one final play time with them!

Lucy and Jersey are SO entertaining!

Louis Dean took a break from his never ending home repair and upkeep chores to enjoy a glass of iced tea and a real 'Dog Show!'

We had the very nicest visit with Amber and Jersey!
I don't think I have had  this much 'hanging out time' with her here at home in years!
We loved every minute!

But all too soon the holiday weekend is over!
Amber loaded up and pulled out of the driveway a few hours ago.
She was off to pick up her husband who just returned from a hunting trip and they are heading home. Louis Dean and I are experiencing an 'empty nest' feeling.

Thankfully the cooler weather should stay with us a few more days and we will continue to enjoy that! We will be mowing our yard again since we decided against working in the 105 degree heat last week. However, as we count our blessings, I am listening to the news about the 60 wild fires burning in Texas. The strange and drastic weather events of the last few weeks have caused a great deal of concern and loss to so many!

Prayers that rain will soon find its way to TEXAS!


Bev said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Glad it is cool for you. We are finally have warm weather! I think the warmest its been all summer Temps are in the high 20's we are enjoying a late summer:)

Pondside said...

I'm so glad that your temperature has dropped, but worried about the wild fires in parts of Texas. What a summer of extremes this has been!

Diana Ferguson said...

The temps are so wonderful this morning, but our hearts are heavy for the fire victims. Isn't it just awful to hear the reports this morning?

Amber said...

It was a great time! Y'all were SO SWEET to let Jersey stay all weekend. I think we both had fun. ;)

There are lots of fires, we passed through many of the towns and could smell it immediately. In The Woodlands, we actually saw some of the charred land and some burning fires from the highway. Tons of smoke, too. Really saddening. Some people we know lost their houses and everything to the fires in Bastrop.

Keeps you real and thankful for what you've got and prayerful for the well being of others.

Lynne said...

Happy September, Linda!

We have been keeping up with the news of the fires in Texas and praying for rain to come your way!

You are so far ahead of me with your fall decorating! We will be tearing up the floors in the dining room, the kitchen and the entry this week. I have a feeling that my Fall boxes of decor wont't be out for a couple weeks!

Your home looks wonderful! I am also impressed with your lush green grass! It's hard to keep the grass green without rain!

Have a great week!

'Auntie' said...

Oh I am so glad that your temps have fallen some!

But still wish for a change in the weather pattern, over TX. It is so, so, so scary. Especially the fires... -sigh-

Oh and have I told you what a nice blog-look you have going? It's fall-enough, and yet lots of white, around your posts. Very nice!

How could I have forgotten to comment on your blog-look? I am the Queen Of Noticing New Blog Looks! :-)

Deb said...

what a difference a few days makes....awesome weather...hopefully the fires will end soon....