Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am OUT of Decorations!!

Oh, DEAR!! I finished emptying all the boxes and everything is all out and pretty! I still have the gazebo left and NO decorations. No problem! I'm certain to come across some at a garage sale or thrift store - OR a Hobby Lobby sale soon! In the mean time I will enjoy what I have accomplished!

These Pilgrims have hung on my kitchen cupboard doors for YEARS and YEARS!!
Amber and Benjamin made them back in 1997 I think.
Ben's is blond (because HE is!) and Amber's is brunette.
The eyes have fallen off and I am wondering if I should glue some more on or paint some in.
The Pilgrims are made of paper plates, paint, cardboard, fabric and felt.
I made some like these with my grand kids 2 years ago.
Every fall I do a craft project with them.

Last year it was Pumpkin Cans.....perfect for trick or treating!
And, NO, the pumpkin does NOT have white legs!
That's ME taking the pic!

This year we will make Scare Crow's from clay pots.
I'll make me a new one as well. This one has been broken and glued several times.
Three gran kids and seven clay pots for one scarecrow! Think we will make ONE as a joint effort!
Plenty for several pair of little hands to work on.

The lights stay up year round framing the kitchen sink area.

I love this little light!!

My planning area! I must have a calendar to schedule things or I will SO forget!!

This would be another good craft to make with the GK's....
painted mason jars. You set a small glass candle holder inside the top.
Perhaps next year!

The table is set for dinner! Pinto Beans and Cornbread are on the menu tonight!
The whole house smells delicious!

The living room is done!

I keep a fragrant candle smells so like 'FALL!'

The den is prepared for the cooler weather of  fall but we continue to use the air conditioner!
When NOT in use I have a pretty curtain on a spring rod and this covers the A/C unit up nicely!
The fireplace is draped with fall fabric but I am SO looking forward to the first fire of the season!

Until I have a real fireplace glowing I will just enjoy my little candle lights!

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking successive autumns."

George Eliot


Amber said...

You got it all done! I can't believe Jersey was running around your house *while* you were decorating, and she still didn't get into trouble!

I love the look of "home" because that's what it will always be to me. You did a good job decorating and I wish I could be there for dinner tonight! :)

PS - I would put some eyes back on those pilgrims, one way or another. They sorta creep me out without any peepers!

Deb said...

pinto beans and corn all time favorite meal...everything looks great Linda...

Marie LeJeune said...

Yes you need eyes. I'm glad you put a note about the pumpkins with the white legs. I so thought they were the pumpkins until I read your comment. Lol

Nita said...

Linda, your home looks very warm and inviting. Beautiful job has always!

Carla said...

WOW! Impressive. I walked over to the other building today at work and told my friend she would have to give up her fall harvest queen crown. You were the winner! LOL

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so nice. You did a great decorating job. My little humble abode will never be decorated quite so nicely. I'm just not good at things like that. I love your craft project for the Grandkids this year! Very neat. My daughter would probably love that idea.

Dinner sounds delicious tonight. Funny thing is that is what is on our menu for tomorrow! I made homemade veggie soup & mexican cornbread tonight. There was enough cornbread left over for dinner tomorrow so I decided on pinto beans, kraut & mustard greens. I may go all out and even fry up some bacon.

Hope you are having a great Thursday dear!!!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Linda, your home is just so quaint and charming! I love your decorating skills, you are a natural! Your menu tonight, oh my, sounds delicious!

Oh, I'd put eyes back on those little guys too!


connie said...

Hi Linda - Thanks for coming over and being my very first visitor!! It was so nice of you to do that... and me asking you to, ha.
Love your home and the decorations. It looks so cosy.
I also like your banner - that is what I am after next.
Now I am going to spend some time reading your blog and see what you have been up to.

Lynne said...

I was out of town on Friday and Saturday, and laying laminate flooring all day yesterday, so I have missed some of your Fall decorating. I'm ashamed to say that with all of the renovation around here that I don't have one piece of Fall up yet. (It will most likely be next weekend.)

Your home looks fabulous!
Just filled with sentiment & charm!
Happy Fall!