Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Color of FALL!

The color of fall here in North Texas is mostly brown. This is not the part of the country known for its fabulous fall foliage! Now that the weather has cooled off some we may get a little bit of yellow in the trees. I have visited New England in September before and never dreamed the leaves could be such vibrant colors. I plan to take Louis Dean 'Leaf Peeping' for a future fall vacation. He would love that!

So - while we do not have the REAL DEAL on leaves - I do so love to celebrate the season using a lot of ORANGE! THAT is the color of fall to me!

Last night I peeled up a few pounds of ORANGE carrots to serve with the delicious baked ham Louis Dean had cooked.
This ham is the kind you must COOK - not simply HEAT!
They are only available here at Christmas and Easter. LD buys a couple extra ones and hides them in the freezer until he gets HAM on his mind!
We sat on the porch watching the wonder of RAIN in TEXAS as I cut up the carrots.
I felt like a farm wife sitting with an apron full of vegetables. It felt so GOOD to be outside and experience rain again. I even walked along the curb splashing ankle deep in rain water.

I cried 'Uncle' today, though, and have turned the A/C back on.
It was fun to have all the doors flung wide open and see my lighted pumpkins through the doorway.
They say the triple digits are gone for good this year. It was officially the HOTTEST summer EVER in Texas! 70 days of 100+ temps! We are all breathing a sigh of relief that it is in the 80's today and low 90's for the next few days following. Hence the A/C humming again! But, HEY! It is not 100!

Since my favorite fall color is orange - I am wearing this new little number I picked up recently at Stein Mart to church this evening.

Topping it off with a little brown shrug since Fellowship has such EXCELLENT air conditioning!
I am NOT complaining! I enjoy the feeling of being 'chilled.'

I close this post with a picture of my super CUTE Mother!!
We ate at Red Lobster yesterday and does she ever LOVE those Cheddar biscuits!!
She wanted to make sure SHE got the last one and forgot she still had a biscuit on her bread plate!
We laugh and laugh every Friday!
I told her all my 'Louis Dean' stories of the when I went outside to check on him and found him jiggling a plastic jar of clanging things. I asked him what he was doing and HE said, "I am cleaning my pennies! They were real dirty!" I never DREAMED he would be doing THAT! Of all the things we need to do around here - cleaning his penny collection took top priority!

I also told her how he couldn't get to the A/C condensation pipes to clean them out. So what did he do?
Cut a hole in the house right above them and whacked the pipes off!
I never know what he is going to do next and he requires a great deal of supervision!
By the way, he reattached the pipes and fixed the hole with what he calls 'an inspection cover.'

Never a dull moment!


Kelly said...

I can completely empathize with you having to deal with such hot weather this summer! We, too, had unusually hot temps that lasted what seemed forever. We really need rain. I thought we were going to get some this weekend, but don't think we are now. At least it's finally cooled off though. In fact, our A/C has hardly come on in the last 24 hrs because it's so much cooler. I know Texas gets SLAMMED with the heat every summer! Your mom is so cute. I love those biscuits at Red Lobster too. Wish I could go there tonight!

Bev said...

ummm I'm hungry for ham.... Cute outfit...and what a nice time with mom!

Elaine said...

I don't know how you handle the heat.I have a hard time when it gets humid and warm her in the 80"s

love your orange colored pictures.. i could go for some home cooked carrots right now.

Amber said...

Very cute outfit, mom!! And glad the ceiling hole has been, well, fixed. ;)

Kathy said...

Glad your temperatures have finally dropped and you are getting some rain. I pray for you people in TX. Love your orange outfit. It's so pretty.

Linda said...

Your seasonal colours are beautiful, Linda, and that outfit oh-so-elegant.
I always cook a ham at Christmas, for Boxing Day. It's certainly a long process - bringing up to the boil once, changing the water, boiling again with onions, bay leaves and peppercorns, then roasting with a glaze of brown sugar and honey. I serve it with baked onions and a fondant sauce.
As you know, air conditioning is a mystery to me, so I may not appreciate the full beauty of Louis Dean's 'solution'!

Vee said...

You could write a book about your hubby and his foibles.

Your mother is so cute. Do you have the cheddar biscuit recipe? You could keep her very happy.

Lovely orange dress and you have just the coloring to carry it well. I bet it looks fantastic on you.

Hooray for rain in Texas!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

You splashed along the curb, ankle deep in rain water!!! Oh that is so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!

And it *says it all,* in regard to your rain-less summer. :-) Hoooray!

Yes Ma-am, we do have purrrrdy Fall Colors up here in the NE, for "Leaf Peepers" to come and enjoy. Leaves are not yet fully turned, in our neck of the woods. But... They... Will... Come... Both the colored leaves, and the "Leaf Peepers." :-)

Gentle hugs,
♥'Aunt Amelia'♥
(Not blogging... But reading some blogs... Commenting, here and there... Now and then...)

bj said...

O, I am so so glad Fall is here, cooler weather, but not COLD, by a long shot. Yesterday...90 degrees.
I just can't get into fall decorating when it's so dang hot.

Your mom is a precious doll.
You are so blessed to still have her.:)

That dress is look cute in it, I'll bet.
Now, go see what that LD is doing...he shouldn't be left alone for long. :))
xo bj

Deb said...

unfortunately we still have to run the a/c for a while longer...I was able to open the windows for a few hours earlier in the weak it was nice...raining right now...awesome...