Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pumpkins! Crafted from dryer vent!

I love  ALL things FALL!! Pumpkins especially!
Today is another hot day here in north Texas!
'Fall' may well arrive tomorrow in the form of cooler temps! The high will be in the 80's.....or so the weather channel says!

To celebrate I crafted 3 pumpkins from a length of dryer vent I found in the storage building.
( I am COMPELLED to use any and everything I find in SOME way! Far be it from ME to actually throw something away!) Louis Dean said to save his clamps, though. And I did.

I was just about out of orange spray paint. I used up all I had!

After they dried I used a wire cutter and formed them into 'pumpkins.'
Since I needed a TINY BIT MORE paint.........
I brushed on an assorted mix of acrylics I have on hand.

To finish them off you simply push a twig or stick in the center and add some leaves!
These are SUPER easy to make and make a perfect craft to do with kids.....or GRAND kids!
I may go back over these with a wash of burnt sienna.

But for now they are on a table in our gazebo where we can be reminded of the season.....
even if it IS 90 degrees!


  1. You are the clever one! I had never thought of making some from a dryer vent! They turned out great!!!

  2. These are just darling, Linda!!


  3. How clever!! I wonder how Design Master glossy wood tone would look on those. They're super.

  4. Oh Linda they are divine! I want to make some!!!

  5. That is such a cool pumpkin! A great idea for fall!

  6. What a great idea - who would have guess!
    Great Pumpkins.
    - Joy

  7. Great pumpkins.
    I am following your blog.
    I put you in my links too.
    - Rob

  8. Who would have thought something no clever could be done with dryer vent .

  9. oh my gosh those are adorable...I may have to try to make one...or more...

  10. That has to be the most creative use for dryer vent I've ever heard of! You are the diva of re-using something. I love it!

  11. okay you never cease to amaze me. That is a cleaver idea. Too cute
    You're the Fall Queen I tell ya.

  12. what a clever idea, my kinda gal, smart as a wipe :) clever clever :)

  13. I remember making these as a kid myself! They are cute, good job!

  14. I'm losing it. I read "Crafted from dryer lint" and could not believe these amazing pumpkins. Ha! They are way cool and I know some grands who would think so, too.

  15. Linda you are brilliant. I love these. What a fantastic idea :)

  16. Soooo cute. And so inventive.

    Hope you are over your "case of the blahhhhhs." Perhaps you just needed a bit of a break. Or the heat is just getting to you. Whatever, I hope you are soon back to enjoying your blogging, as much as ever.

    And meantime, I am enjoying my Not-Blogging. To each her own! :-)

    ♥'Aunt Amelia'♥
    (Not blogging... But reading some blogs... Commenting, here and there... Now and then...)

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