Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Not One of Our Better Ideas!

This has felt like an odd sort of day! Partly because we are home alone.......all the excitement of having Amber and Jersey left when they did. Even Lucy is at loose ends. We went to bed last night with all the intentions in the world of getting up and out in the yard this morning. Somehow that didn't happen - at least not this morning! We sat in the gazebo reading and writing in my journal and then read an extra chapter of the Johnny Cash biography. Still at loose ends. Then Louis Dean had the bright idea of taking me to the movies! He does NOT enjoy going but knows I do! We tried to find a film we would both like.....I wanted to see 'The Help'......he didn't. He finally chose 'Apollo 18'.......bad mistake! We SO did not choose wisely!! That was the worse movie I have ever seen and I am saying so as a Public Service Announcement! Save your time and money! It was so bad it was FUNNY!! Everyone in the theater - and there were not that many of us! - were all of the same mind. Since we were at the Movie Tavern and ordered food and drinks we stayed long enough to finish those off and pay our tab before we left. We are not the least bit interested in how it ended!

The only good thing about going was it got us out of the house. We came home and took a nap! The nap might explain why we ended up doing some yard work this evening. Louis Dean mowed and I edged. Tomorrow we will use the weed eater and blower thus dividing the work into two sessions which is smart! Our energy level isn't what it once was.

In between all this we have continued to watch the news in regards to the fires spreading over Texas. The entire state is in drought condition! We can water twice a week for two hours a day now. Amber said they could smell the fires on their way home last night and even saw some of the flames and burning areas. Everyone here knows someone who has been affected by these wild fires. I have mixed feelings about the cool breezes blowing as Lucy and I walked this evening. These same winds are spreading the flames down south and east. As I checked the weather forecast  just now it looks like no rain is likely until sometime next week.

Continued prayers for those in our country recovering from the storms caused by Irene and the flooding and tornadoes.....and now for Texans fighting the fires.


  1. I don't think the weather not normal for the season(s) this year. Too much heat or rain or storms. Good thing you took it easier today. I can work in the cooler part of the day (not very fast anymore) and then I do quieter things in the heat of the day and then I pick up a bit in the evening.
    - Joy

  2. Wish I could send you some of our rain. We had heavy rains today and it is supposed to rain the entire week. Our ground is saturated from Hurricane Irene and so there is a lot of flooding.

  3. it is hard to get back to normal after a holiday weekend...the cooler weather this week is nice...but headed to the 90's again next week they say...I found a cool thrift store at Story and 183...I think it is called Gospel Mission behind El Chico...

  4. We went out front and could see the big bellows of smoke. Was rather scary. Wasn't sure how close by the fire was. Matt called us asking if it was near us. He could see the smoke from his house. You can smell the smoke every time you walk outside.

  5. Just because your film choice didn't work out, this time... Don't let that stop you from more impromptu outings. :-)

    Yes, the weather patterns are a mess in this country. We have too much rain, and you need it so badly. Ugh...

  6. What a day...we all have days like that...

  7. Sounds like you all had an off day. It happens, hopefully tomorrow will be much better. I hate getting all excited about something to be disappointed. Thanks for the info on the movie though, I'll be sure NOT to watch it.

    My heart goes out to everyone in Texas battling these fires. It has caused so much devestation. I wish I could bottle up all the rain we have had in KY and send it your way.

    Have a good night!!!