Friday, September 23, 2011


This is my birthday weekend and I am all about RELAXING!!

I loaded up and headed south on Interstate 45......

First stop was all about PUMPKIN!!
As in scone AND latte!

I jammed out  to Creedence Clearwater Revival as I drove down the highway!
Then I tuned in to FM 97.1  'Country Legends'......
Before I knew it I was HERE!!!

Amber had a delicious lunch all ready! Homemade Tuscan soup with big hunks of croutons! Topped with shredded Mozzarella cheese - it was totally YUM!!!
She also served a wild berry iced tea that was out of this world!

The perfect beginning to my birthday weekend doing all GIRLY things!
Shopping, manicures, SHOPPING, sipping wine, reading, decorating,
watching movies, playing with my grand dogs!

Speaking of my grand Reese!
Amber found her (part Chow and who knows what all!) in her neighborhood last week. Someone had dumped her out and left her.
She is adorable!!! SO sweet and she completely won Amber's heart!
She is now officially one of the family!  She even has a nickname - Reese's Pieces!
I took her for a walk this evening and she has pranced and danced all over the neighborhood! I think she is so happy to have a real HOME where she belongs!
She gets along great with Shiner Whiner and Jersey Girl ......and SHE is Reese's PIECES!! Just the color of chocolate and peanut butter!

While walking I spied some dried crepe myrtle branches someone had trimmed back.....
I can see these spray painted and high lighted with some metallic paint.
So I gathered a bouquet's worth!
Will go nicely with the sticks and twigs I have been gathering for a fall centerpiece!

Amber is into her fall decorating mode.
The thing I noticed when posting this photo is her right foot.
She was a synchronized swimmer for 11 years and I swear her foot stays in 'ballet pose!' I guess it feels natural after all those hours upon hours of practice!

Speaking of Amber....

.....while I am sitting here with a nice glass of wine and playing on my blog....

....SHE is cooking us up a scrumptious dinner!
Seldom does she use an actual RECIPE! Amber picks up an idea and then runs with it - coming up with unique and delicious meals!
Ingredients: Spanish Rice, Gouda cheese, onions, turkey sausage, garlic....
all cooked up and then stuffed into roasted Poblano peppers!

 Her Eggplant/Zucchini Bake......

will top slices of grilled polenta!
(I have never had polenta before...)

Amber is a big believer in using FRESH ingredients and leans toward filling but HEALTHY menus! 

The food is smelling SO good and my wine glass has slowly emptied.
I am thinking it is just about time for dinner!!!



Pondside said...

What a great birthday celebration! I hope your entire weekend went just like this!

Lynne said...

What a darling and completely YUMMY post! So filled with SWEET, SAVORY, PUPPY and AMBER LOVE! You look radiant in your relaxed mode!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet friend!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Happy Birthday!!!

And how pretty-in-pink you look, setting out on your relaxing Birthday Weekend.


Deb said...

Happy Birthday Linda...enjoy your weekend...

Courtney@SDB said...

Happy birthday!!!

Carla said...

I'm drooling while reading this one.