Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Morn.....

At last! September Morn arrived!! It is my all time favorite day of the entire year! Today's
very first 'September Morn' was  indeed super special!
I stayed up last last night - or I should say this morning!
It was 2:30 before we went to bed! I got a head start on my decorating!

I finished the front porch and foyer before Louis Dean and I sat out for an nightly glass of wine.

Then - since I was UP so very late - I slept til after 10 am!

This morning I was going into the kitchen clutching my Neil Diamond CD -
(see my hands holding onto his face?) when I heard a familiar voice!
AMBER was here!!!
I was so TOTALLY surprised!
She and Mike had driven up last night so he could get an early start on his hunting trip!
Her husband's family live here in Irving as well so they spent the night over there.
This is hunting season and his dad and brothers all love to hunt together.
My grand dog, Shiner, is a professionally trained hunting dog!
AND he got his first bird - and the first bird of the group - this morning. was Amber right in the kitchen along with Jersey Girl - her black lab.
Could NOT leave that grand dog at home when she could come visit ME!
She is a huge dog but SO sweet and minds so well.
She and Lucy are the best of friends!

I popped the CD in and it has been playing ever since. I LOVE 'September Morn' best of all but play other selections in between 'repeats' of SM!
Then we sat in the gazebo and visited over coffee.
What a delightful surprise!
Amber knows how special this day is to me.
I have been decorating for fall beginning on September 1st for over 35 years.

AND I always bake pumpkin muffins! I love for the house to smell and look like fall from the first day of September!! I used to make Fruitcake cookies on this day but I am out of the candied fruit. During the holidays I need to stock up on tubs and tubs of it so NEXT September I won't be caught short on candied cherries and pineapple!

Amber was so tired she decided to take a little nap! Jersey and Lucy both went into Guard Dog mode!

This is my foyer done in a pumpkin patch theme this year!

Have I mentioned I LOVE fall???

I was as cheery and smiling as this little guy.......
even though it was 103 or more today!

My 'Autumn Tree'.......

Amber helped me load this wreath with some fall foliage.
The wreaths hang year round.....
I just change them with seasonal leaves and such.

Louis Dean helped me do this one. He is TALL and I am SHORT!

I picked up the bee hive vase at Hobby Lobby last month and it was perfect for a few fall stems!
AND I lit a HUGE fragrant candle in the den as I was decorating.
That's another tradition!

This vintage doctor's bag sits on the stone hearth to the right of the fireplace.
It stays lit with little 'fairy' lights year round.
Today I just piled on fall leaves to cover the pine cones and faux berry vines underneath.

Changed the section of my little seasonal book I display!
AND I changed all my calendars!! YES! It is September!!!

The table that sits between Louis Dean and me looks 'Fall Festive' now!!
I have had such a good day!

So from MY house to YOURS......

Happy Fall, Y'all!!!!


Marie LeJeune said...

You decorate so well. Definitely a skill I don't have. Love your pumpkin patch theme. Now for some cooler weather. Xoxo

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

W O W !

Can you EVER decorate - the Queen of Autumn.

Great that you shared.

- Joy

Deb said...

you are definately a FALL person Linda...awesome....I can't get into fall till the weather gets cool...and that might be awhile...

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

It's all so great! I want to come trick or treating there!!!

Kathy said...

How great your house looks! Love your decorating ideas. Especially like the doctor's bag. So cute!

'Auntie' said...

What a lovely surprise, on your special AUTUMN Day! You do have sweet kids. :-)

And I love her black lab.

Oh I want your treeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. -moan- I know. Get one for myself already!!! :-)

As "A Vintage Green" said... You are the QUEEN OF AUTUMN, my Dear!!!

Nita said...

Linda, what a beautiful job! I know you enjoyed every moment, Smiling the whole time. Happy September to you and it's also your Birthday month!

Marsha Young said...

Linda - Love your creativity!

And we say Neil D. in concert a couple of times and he really does put on a great show.

Ahhh September Morn. :) Enjoy your weekend. ...Marsha

Carla said...

Okay you win! I name you the Fall Harvest Queen. My friend here has nothing on you. She would be jealous. Really nice!