Monday, September 26, 2011

The Makings of a Quilt....

I am knee deep in denim around here! I enjoy 'redeeming' old jeans and whacking them up for quilt squares.

There is something so satisfying in tackling them with my Cutco scissors!
I use an old ceramic tile as my template and a black marker to trace around it.
Makes for a good therapy session!

I sew them into strips and then sew the strips together.
I am so NOT a perfectionist! If it is CLOSE - it COUNTS!

I am making this full size quilt for my son in law's brother. He is a graduate of A & M University....
TWO years ago!! It takes me awhile to get around to some things!
I have just joined the Quilting Ministry at Fellowship Church so I figured I need to wind up some projects in order to start more! I have another recent college graduate as well as a step son to make a quilt for.
Today I finished the top to this one! Now to sandwich it together with the batting and maroon sheet I am using as a backing. This is a 'MAN' quilt as I used sturdy pieces from men's work jeans for the most part.

I have been busy today keeping everything from the sewing machine to the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer HUMMING! I had a bit of 'Damage Control' to do today after being gone all weekend and Louis Dean being 'HOME ALONE.' He milked it for all it was being gone. He baked bread and cooked and totally enjoyed himself! However, he was ready for me to come home. Makes me feel good. Even Lucy and Maggie missed me!
It is always a good thing to be wanted!

"Finished is way better than perfect!"


Bev said...

I have BAGS of old jeans...wish you were closer... I'd give them to you:) Haven't done a jean quilt in awhile... I started doing serger quilts....still easy to do...easier to cut than denim! Have fun!!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Lucky recipients of your quilts. Great projects too.
- Joy

Luann said...

Thurs night our VFW ladies group will be giving some quilts to deserving Vets. We have a group of ladies that make them with patriot theme to tell the Veterns how much they are appreciated. I love that the old crafts are kept alive.

Carla said...

I still haven't finished emptying the boxes in the sewing room but I have found all the jeans that I want to cut up. Soon very soon.
So enjoy your blog.

Kelly said...

I love the idea of making a quilt out of denim! It's such a great material for a man's room. Looks like it's coming along nicely. It's great that you're in a club to do something you enjoy together too. With the holidays coming up I bet you're going to be even busier!

Mama said...

Finished is way better than perfect -- I love it!!

I have a dresser full of jean legs that I'm saving for a quilt. I started more than two years ago. lol