Monday, November 21, 2022

Deep in the Throes of Decorating!!

  Saturday afternoon Tabitha and Samantha were glued to the kitchen French doors watching something intently! 

It was like they were watching TV!

Oops!!!! Something was eating some of the possums food!

I can't tell if it's a mouse - a very large fat mouse - or a rat!
I hope it was a mouse. And there was more than ONE!

Louis Dean went right off to Home Depot for mouse and rat traps, came home, loaded them up with chunks of cheese and set them out.

The thing is - I got worried about the big neighborhood cats we have that wander over here looking for a handout. I had put the fat from the brisket I had cooked into a bowl and looked out to see a large tabby cat scarfing it up. If we have big cats and possums - won't THEY take care of the mice and we need not have to use the traps?

SO Louis Dean went out and gathered them all up and stored them away - just in case we need them.

I worked nearly all day cleaning and decorating the guest room.
This is the spread I have used in our room the last couple of years.

Since this is the cats' room, too, I draped a Christmas cloth over their kitty litter house and food and litter containers.

The bunk bed is a perfect place to use this runner.

Normally I put most of the Santa things in the den but this year I am changing things up and I have a couple in here along with some books.

I love reading my Christmas books during December!

There's at least one Christmas tree in every room and I love this one being in the window.
None of the trees are decorated yet - I'll do that once the house is all done.

More books - one of them being 'A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts'  by sister blogger, Terra Hangen.

I took a break from decorating and prepped the onions and celery for Thanksgiving's broccoli-rice casserole that I will be making this year. Nita is famous for hers and always made a huge one for the dinner as well as a smaller one for Lonnie and Michele. Nita loved hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas morning. I have to work hard not to cry and I am trying to focus on gratitude - for Nita being in my life for as long as she was. 68 years, 8 months and 1 day. We loved her so much.

Sunday we went to church and it was wonderful to be there instead of watching online.
Ed Young's daughter, Laurie Young Hughes, just wrote a new booked called Where is God in This?
She delivered a powerful message and it blessed my heart and encouraged me.
The oldest daughter, Lee Beth, died a year and a half ago and as the family were gathered around her in the hospital room - in person and on FaceTime - Ed led them in a praise song - 
as Lee Beth was entering heaven.

How Great is Our God!
She closed the service as we all stood and sang How GREAT is our GOD!

I am so thankful we get to be a part of the Fellowship Church Family!

Thanksgiving is coming and we made a run to Sam's for frozen broccoli among other things.
Could not find chopped so I will have to do that myself!

I am now knee deep in the throes of decorating and I barely come up for air before I go plunging back into the pile of debris! I have pretty much trashed the entire house now save for the bedroom, guest room and bathrooms.

Sunday afternoon I worked in the foyer.
Again, in the spirit of doing things differently, I chose a gold/angel/nativity theme for in there.

I hung wide gold mesh ribbon on the front door and embellished a wreath I usually put up in the den after I take Christmas down.

The nativity scenes do always go in the foyer but instead of greenery, I used gold garland.

I could hear the Cowboys game on TV in the den and cried Uncle and stopped to watch the last half!

Then I went on to bed and left Louis Dean to cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs!
That's my brother Buster's team so it's mine too.

Today has been chilly as has the entire weekend!
So appropriate for decorating, don't you think?

I made my last grocery shopping trip - this time to ALDI to get the rest of the needed items for Thanksgiving. I'm planning on dipping some pretzel rings in white chocolate bark.....and a big tray of pepper poppers....

and making a big pot of cream cheese corn.

I've been checking the porch all afternoon looking for my Snapfish delivery and it finally came!
I had JUST looked out and shut the door when I heard a knock and could see someone walking away!

My cards and canvases arrived and they look really good - thanks to my daughter Amber!

I opened everything up and checked them - only a smaller canvas of the Christmas Puppies painting i s missing so it may be in a separate delivery.

With all the decorating going on there's not much time to cook!
This was our late afternoon tea break.

I worked a good while on the living room and it isn't finished yet but it's well on its way!

I still need to paint more on this painting but I hung it up anyway.
I pretty much have a Santa wall in the living room now as well as in the den.

I bought a new tree that has colored lights and white ligh6ts and they fade in and out.
Louis Dean did a good job of putting it together and getting the lights to work.

Candle lit!
The room is clean!

While I have been in here writing, Louis Dean has been in the kitchen prepping the jalapeño peppers for me. That's true love! He's my Knight in Shining Overalls!!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

I love your skinny tree; it is beautiful. You are so creative, I would never have thought of putting the runner on the bunk bed. I'm afraid to say that does look like a rat, see the telltale naked tail? But I'm glad you did not put the traps out, it is an awful way to die.

Rita said...

Everything looks so festive!
If the body (not counting the tail is bigger than about 3 inches long then it is likely a rat. The tail looks like a rat but the face looks like a mouse. Hard to tell how large it is in the pictures. Either way--you don't want them in the house!

Donna said...

Oh My Word Sweet Lady!! Are you sure your name isn't Ms Santa Clause??? I LOVE everything you've done!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Donna said...

PS- Your visitor is a Field Mouse...bigger than the small attic variety but smaller than a rat...and cute

Anonymous said...

That is a good way to look at it, Miss Linda, that you had the gift of Nita in your life. I only knew her through your blog whereas you had the gift of her for more than 78 years, how precious.
Also, I have to say that I am always impressed with how well balanced your meals are - some veggies, some meat, some carbs. A nice mix that, I think, keeps things healthy. It is inspiring me.

Susan~aredheadonthego said...

Linda your cards look terrific. I treasure receiving them in the mail and save them. One year I even got two! Double the heartfelt love!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jan

MadSnapper said...

Yes it is a mouse and keep an eye out for them getting in your vehicles under the hood and chewing up the wires. It would be a problem putting the traps outside when we get rats in our garage we just put it in the garage and nothing else can get to it. Ours are not cute they're the huge tree rats and they only come in when it rains a lot. Your house looks like Mrs Claus lives there I saw that somewhere above and forget who said it but I agree! You could charge admission for people to come and bring their children to go to the North Pole

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Everything is looking Christmasy and lovely! Wish I had a pepper popper...oh they will be good! Enjoy your week. Try to rest now and then!

Changes in the wind said...

Love the runner on the bunk bed. Would never have thought of doing that. Hope the cats and all take care of the critters. "Knight in Shinning Overalls" is perfect!

Hootin Anni said...

The overalls are his armour!!!!
And of course, all of your decorating is sublime!! So, so beautiful. I especially like the table runner on the top bunk.

Betty said...

Your house looks lovely I truly wish I had your energy. I can relate to your emotions about Thanksgiving without your sister, though my brother in law Bob ( who you kindly prayed for) was not part of my every day life I grieve for him especially with the holiday season approaching. He always made a cranberry orange relish but I am comforted knowing he is with Jesus free from pain and watching over us. I hope that it will help you knowing your precious sister is doing the same.

Chatty Crone said...

I don't know what that critter was but I didn't like it either! lol
My goodness you have been a busy beaver. That much work would overwhelm me. I seriously don't know how you do it.
Nice of him to help you with the poppers.
Love the new tree!

photowannabe said...

Wowzers !!!
I'm exhausted just seeing all your gorgeous decorating.
Lady, I think you outdid yourself this year.
Love the color palette a lot.
Bless Louis Dean and his pepper poppers.
What a job.
Can you loan me some of your energy?
I just can't seem to get my motor going this year.
I know your Thanksgiving is going to be wonderful even though there is the tinge of sadness.

LC said...

You go girl! Amazed at your creativity and ENERGY! Hubby will be getting our tree and decorations out of the attic today. He already has some of the outdoor lights up.

Carol said...

I love seeing your home for the holidays. It is always bright and cheery- very festive!

Vee said...

You sure do make everything sparkle! Enjoy the preps! It's not going to be an easy Thanksgiving, but it sure will be a blessed one. Hope that something takes care of those critters! 😳

Carole said...

Hi to BoP (Ball of Positivity) and KISA - what great folks you are. Cheers

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It is such a wonderful delight to see all of your holiday decorations going up, Linda. Years ago, we decorated quite a bit more than now, yet never started until after Thanksgiving has passed as it was a tradition growing up that department stores waited until then, unlike now.

Linda, Grenville and myself send our best wishes to you and Louis Dean and your family for a very Happy 🦃Thanksgiving. Thank you for all your positive posts throughout the year. There have been some sad times for sure, but you always keep on and that is what is most important.