Thursday, October 1, 2020

Welcome Home Kitties and Hello, October!

 Yesterday was the very last September Morn for 2020 and it was as wonderful as the other 29.

I made a batch of Fruitcake Cookies and baked up two tins full leaving plenty of dough in the fridge for later. One tin will be gifted to June this weekend as she celebrated her 89th birthday on September 25th.

While I baked and fussed around in the house - Louis Dean cleaned the kitchen pond.
I love the sound of the water.
We were both really tired when he came in and we both took really good naps.
His was 5 hours long!!

I went over to the Bells last evening to pick up our little kitties - while Louis Dean slept on!
Amber's foyer is all decked out for October!

I love her metal pumpkin where she has her oil diffuser changing colors and blowing smoke!
So clever!

I wonder if there will be any trick or treating this year?

The kitties are home!!
They have grown since we last saw them but Samantha is still smaller than Tabitha.
They played a bit and ran around exploring the house again before we all went to bed last night.
It's so good to have them back!
And it was so good of Amber and the family to take such good care of them!

We have already booked them back in the Bell Boarding system for later this month when we go to Abilene to the Paramount Theater.

The Paramount Theatre is located in downtown Abilene, Texas at 352 Cypress Street. The Paramount was built in 1930 by H. O. Wooten, adjacent to his Hotel Wooten. Opening night was May 19, 1930, with the film, Safety in Numbers starring Carole Lombard. Wikipedia

Louis Dean and Ellen used to go see movies there.

This is the movie we will be seeing.
We often talk about going and when he saw the email from the Paramount - we just bought tickets and made a plan.

This morning I let the kitties out of their kennel and - sure enough - Samantha ate first.
Look at that precious little Tabitha patiently waiting.
I went right to the kitchen and brought a bigger bowl!

I mailed off the honey packages today.
If the 'unknown' friend reads this - please send me your email so I can get yours to you.
It took a long time at the poost office becasue a lady was mailing a really large box and it was going to cost $80. She said it was for her boss and it was a return. ??
Then she was asked about insurance and such and she had to decide on the $78 or the $80 price.
I couldn't bear it any longer and I said, "Call your boss." She had to run out to her car to get her phone and we all stood patiently in line. A long line. When she got back to the counter and called her boss, she asked, "Do you want insurance or not?" Angela, the postal worker, said, "Tell her the cost!!"
As in the $80!!! Instead the boss must have said no to the insurance and the lady hung up.
We couldn't believe it! Then she turned around and said her boss is a doctor and she is very busy.
And she thanked us all for being so kind.
Wonder if the lady doctor was surprised at the amount of $$ she had to pay for a returned item?

My main accomplishment today was the post office and buying groceries at Aldi!

The quads are coming for the weekend and I wanted to make sure I had some of their favorite things to eat! Trystan loves Pesto pasta and Logan loves the olives. I got all sorts of things including the stuff to make dilly bits. We are going to have so much fun!!
I love Aldi!! I got a LOT of groceries for not much $$.
Our pantry is stocked and so is our fridge and freezer!!

Tonight I  put together two meatloaves - one to take to Brenda and Billy and one for us.
Billy had surgery today - his right ankle replacement!
In the morning I will make candied carrots and company mashed potatoes to take to them for supper.
Amazing what doctors can do these days!

While I was putting the food together, Louis Dean was working on the jungle outside the kitchen.

We are trying to get a handle on all the overgrowth.
Seeing that raccoon the other night has motivated us!
I was slipping back behind the pond area to cut some of it when Louis Dean said, "Watch for wasps nests!" That very moment I was eyeball level with a nest full of active wasps!!
I got out of there without getting stung or hurting myself!

He dealt with a good bit of debris before it got too dark to see.
We will be back at it tomorrow!

I'll close tonight's journal entry with Tabitha......
I have seen Sherry crack an egg over her critters food - cats and dogs.
So when I was putting up groceries today, I saw that one egg had cracked.

I put it in a dish beside the food and got Tabitha to try it.
She wouldn't touch it until I dumped it on top of her feed.
Then she went to town!

I found Samantha and took her in to see what she thought about it.

For once she was second to eat!!

We do love our sweet little kitties!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

I love all those little bats on Amber's wall!! And the metal pumpkin & smoke is brilliant! I have heard the egg is good for dog and cat's fur.

Vee said...

Glad that your family of four is reunited. Those kittens are darling!

Stacy said...

I love that pumpkin at your neighbor's! I'm glad you shared the secret of her "magic." Gosh, the kitties are growing up fast and they are so cute. Have a wonderful weekend!

Changes in the wind said...

So happy you have your kittens back:) Wouldn't think of the raw egg on the cat or dog food but it is probably good for their fur. Know you are excited to have the quads come and stay and look at all those goodies just for them.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Always enjoy seeing what you and LD are up to!! Looking forward to seeing a quad post. I remember when they came every week. Landon and Kendall will be here after school next week so I need to get my pantry ready!! That is what Nana's are for!

Susie said...

Linda, Hope those kittens will be mousers. :) The pond looks so nice. Thankful you did not get stung by the wasps. Amber decor is cute and fun. Oh happy days...the kids get to come visit. I know you will love every minute. Blessings to all of you. Stay safe. xoxo,love you, Susie
p.s. Luke is home and doing very well. Thanks for the prayers. :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like you'll be having a wonderful weekend with the quads there. Plenty of good food on hand for them will make it special. The kittens are delightful and I image you're happy to have them home. Enjoy the days ahead and have fun !

Sandra said...

I love your swweet little egg eating kittens too... and Ambers house looks beautiful and festive... Big has had an egg for breakfast every day since we got him 2 years ago, until Aug 11th and he refuses to eat egg now, not boiled or scrambled or raw, i even hid it in grits. glad you got away from the wasps.

photowannabe said...

Reunited and it feels so good...
Fun to have your sweet kitties back. I love how polite and patient Tabitha is waiting for her turn.
Enjoy the Quads this weekend.
Can't wait to see the pictures.
I love how you always make things so special for them.
Rest when you can and get ready for your FUN..

Bluebird49 said...

Love Amber's foyer! Glad the kitties don't mind moving about.
Enjoy the grandkids!

Carole said...

I didn't know cats liked eggs... learn something every day!

Deanna Rabe said...

The kitties are sweet. I know you both and the quads will have a wonderful weekend!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

So nice to see that you and Louis Dean, Samantha, and Tabitha are all back at home safely. Those kitties were sure as happy to be back as you both. Your upcoming trip to that wonderful theatre to see a great classic film sounds wonderful. I can't recall whether or not I have seen that film, but know it's a good one! You are sure to have a fun time with the quads!

Rain said...

Hi Linda :)) Oh the kitties! Glad you have them back home! Amber's decorations are awesome, I love this Halloweenie-time of year! The Man Who Knew Too Much is one of my favourite movies, I love Jimmy Stewart!

BeachGypsy said...

Howdy there Linda, my green eyed friend! Hope y'all had a great weekend...did the kids come??? If so I bet y'all had a ball! So glad you came by to see me and thank you for your sweet compliments, you made my day! Thanks for the kindness on wearing the leaf necklace in honor of my Mom, My Mom WOULD'VE LOVE THAT for sure. I see candy corn!--I love candy corn. Well I USED it's awful sweet and hurts my teeth, LOL. Glad the lil kitties are home safe and sound. Sounds like they did great on their big adventure but I bet they are glad to be home too. They sure ARE GROWING!