Tuesday, October 20, 2020

My Tuesday Treasures!

 Brenda is nearing retirement - but it's still another two years out!
But today she got off work at 2:30!
 We planned a few weeks ago to practice some Goodwill Hunting and that's exactly what we did today!

First we met for a late lunch at Fuzzy's Tacos!
That brisket bowl salad was really good!
I ate half and brought the other half home to eat for supper tonight.

We could just about make a meal on the chips and guacamole!

Then we hit up the Irving Thrift and Goodwill stores on Beltline Road!
While I did not get pics of Brenda's treasures - and I SHOULD have as this was her maiden voyage into the Tuesday Treasure Trove - and she DID, indeed, find a few treasures of her own!

It was a little after 6:00 when I got back home tonight so I hurried to take pictures of my finds outside on the driveway! I have never taken pictures to purposely include my driveway before!

I am the Queen of Cover-UP and I am still looking forward to getting new carpet.
But until then - this rug will cover up part of the carpet where Louis Dean has left his signature coffee stains. My new carpet will be such that a coffee stain will not show up as boldly as it does on my current gray carpet.

This rug will go in the guest room - the colors are perfect for in there.
The one we have in there now will go out on the new driveway where we have our chairs for our evening wine sipping.

Brenda spotted this pair of Levi's loose fitting jeans in just my size!

I didn't even try them on and they are a perfect fit!

This is a beautiful scarf!
Not that I needed one - I have a drawer full - but it is so pretty!

A dozen bronze bulbs to go on my Fall tree in the den!
Minus one that was broken.
50% off  $5.99 and then 30% off that!
Win! WIN!!

I was delighted to find this pair of Anne Klein sandals!
I walked around in them while I finished shopping just to make sure I can wear them!
$9.98 less 30%!

I could not resist this sweet Santa!
He's already positioned next to the Cowboy Santa I bought this summer on my beach trip with Summer!

As a wine lover - I scored on this corkscrew set!

Brand new! 
I admit to buying bottles with screw top lids when available - but I will always have bottles with a cork!

I spied this book as I was heading to the check out!
Love Anne Tyler!

This fun strand of Chili Pepper lights will go back to the ranch with us!

So will this set of Faberware knives.

I have a bit of a Paris theme going on in my bathroom and on my bedside table.
This will hold my make up brushes!

I have refused to buy kitty bowls from the regular store so far!
TOO expensive!
This one is heavy and I love it and the prcie was right!
$2.99 less 30%.

After two stores, Brenda needed to get home to husband Billy.
He had ankle replacement surgery exactly 20 days ago.
He's rounding the corner and doing better but he's still in pain as he recovers.
He has a scooter that he puts his knee on.
Unlike knee or hip surgery where they want you up and walking on Day #1 - ankle surgery is not ready for weight bearing for a good while.

I'm off my game in photos because I did not get one of me and Brenda!
I kept thinking about it and then forgetting!
Next time!!!!

I normally stop after two thrift stores but today I decided to go for three.
I am paying for it tonight because my feet are hurting something awful....but......

Look what I got!!

This sweet 'witch' has such detail and I didn't think to take close ups of her manicured painted nails.
I didn't pose her as well as I did when I brought her in....I really like her!!
I'm thinking about Hootin' Anni and her love of spooky witches.....
I'm not sure if I added her link to her post or not. But you know who I am talking about!

I could NOT resist this black cat!
And I had fun watching Samantha and Tabitha check him out tonight!

Okay - in keeping it real and acting my age - I am currently coming to grips with my thinning hair.
It's not falling out by the handfuls. It has been gradually thinning since I was in my 40's. I remember the day my hairdresser said, "Oh, I see you are starting to thin out up here."
I didn't pay much attention then but I have for the last few years.

Today - and every day that I go out - I was wearing a wiglet.

I like it pretty well and I added a head band with a little bling to it to help tansition from my own hair to where the wiglet is blended in. I don't even feel like I am wearing it so I guess I'm getting used to it!

Then tonight I decided to model this Paula Young wig.
Full wig. Different color than my own hair.

 I went outside to the gazebo where Louis Dean was sitting and started talking to him and telling him about my afternoon and he never noticed a thing! Even after I told him I was wearing a wig.
I have yet another one I bought a couple of weeks ago and have not yet worn it out in public.
But I will. While I am not trying to look younger than I am - I still want to look good for my age!
So it's either a wiglet, a wig or a HAT!!

Now Samantha is helping me fill our pill boxes up for a month!
Getting old keeps us humble and growing old gracefully is a trick I am trying to get the hang of!

PS.....Lillian asked me to thank everyone for all the beautiful and thoughtful birthday cards she has received! 45+ so far!
She is saving them so I can read them when we get togther - which I hope will be soon.....even if it is another 'through the glass' visit!
Thamk you all so very much for bringing a little joy to her!
She was so excited every time she's called me.
"Linda, I got MORE cards today!!"


Ginny Hartzler said...

Thank goodness for wigs and wiglets! Although your hair has always looked so good to me. But maybe you were wear wearing a wiglet! Makes me think of that old song, the lyrics were.."put your wig hat on." Your new shoes are adorable!! And the scarf is fall colors, so you should drape it over a couch or chair...depending on how the kitties treat it! The rugs look brand new. And we both know what item will be Anni's favorite here!

Bluebird49 said...

Love your wigs and wiglets! My hair is so thin, too, but there is no way to match it through the computer screen. I don't color my hair..so it is a hard thing to figure!
I love your purchases. You always find the neatest things, and both the rugs are pretty.
I hope those cute sandals didn't make your feet hurt worse.
�� I think I could probably shave my head and it would take Ed awhile to notice! ��

Mary said...

I’m so happy Lillian got so many cards! I did send her one and plan to write her a note every now & again. I imagine she’s quite lonely. I love your thrift finds. My stores here (NY) have a bunch of junk most of the time. I never score like you do. I have the opposite problem with my hair. It is so thick. Every time I get my hair cut I have her thin it out. Maybe as I age I’ll wish I hadn’t done that. You always look fabulous regardless. I had my hair highlighted and the first day it was pretty red. I was like OMG, but do you think my husband noticed, of course not. After a few washings the color was good.

Vee said...

Oh how wonderful that Lillian received so many cards. How good that the nursing home allows cards. (Ours does not.) This misery can not go on for much longer. May all the seniors in homes across the country have grit and faith that this will end.

You always find such cute clothes. I need a topper...stat!

Deanna Rabe said...

Oh thanks for the reminder to write to Lillian! I plan to do it!

You found some wonderful treasures! I really like your wiglets. I'm thinning on top due to thyroid issues and so far I can still 'fluff' it, but one day I will likely do a wiglet. I like your Emma Thompson quote and quite agree with it!

Changes in the wind said...

That taco bowl looks sooooooo good. Glad you were able to spend time with your friend and have a big shopping day. The witch was indeed really cute and I can only imagine how the cats checked out that black cat.

MadSnapper said...

my hair is thinning also, the front is ok but the back is not. i can't see it so i don't think about it. the wig look natural to me as does the wiglet... too funny on LD not noticing... Bob notices everything, not that i need to but i could never buy something and sneak it past him.. you sure got a lot of treasures, glad you found a new thrifting buddy... the rugs are beautiful and in my colors

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm amazed at all the good buys you got. You truly are the best shopper. Everything looks wonderful and new too. You have some very nice good will stores nearby you there. Ours is not so nice at all. Nice you have someone to shop with too, that makes for a lot of fun.Growing old gracefully can be fun. The trick is to enjoy life I think, as much as we can.

photowannabe said...

Like others have said..you are an amazing thrift store shopper.
I wish I could find those types of treasures here.
I had every intention to send Lillian a card but have somehow misplaced the address you posted. If you wouldn't mind I would love to get it again and send her the promised card.

Carole said...

A breath of fresh air as always, Linda! Cheers

Debbie said...

Hello dear Linda!!! I finally got my computer fixed! It's been months without one, and due to covid, I couldn't get it worked on. I am back, however, and visiting my favorite blogs. LOVE this post! your lunch looks delicious, and all of the treasures you found are wonderful! Especially those cute sandals!! I hope all is well with you, and your family. Love to you, my friend. Debbie xo

Rain said...

Hi Linda :) I love the rugs, I have one like that in the house too and it doesn't show the stains too much! :) Wow fancy corkscrew! Most of the wines I get here are all either screwcaps or plastic corks now. That brisket bowl looks yummy! The Halloween stuff is really neat! Love the photos of you too! :)

NanaDiana said...

I am so glad to get here and check up to see what is going on. I am still waiting for a new computer (tomorrow is the day). This one keeps going to blank screen and has to stay connected to a power source. $200 to fix plus one for 6 to 8 weeks. No thanks- will get a new one instead.

You got lots of great finds at the thrift store! Lucky you!!! Love that witch. She is adorable.

Why not wear a wig/wiglet. I have a friend that has worn one since she was in her 40s and her hair started thinning just as her mother's did at that age. She always looks fantastic and her hair looks better than my own mess. lol

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday night with Louis Dean. xo Diana

Susie said...

Linda, I am so happy for Lillian. That just made me smile..to think it only takes so little to lift someone up. I like the things you found. Those cute shoes. I can only wear combat boots. LOL. My hair really is thinning . I hope I don't go bald...although I kid about it a lot. Today was a beautiful day here. 80 degrees, blue skies and puffy white clouds. Ted and I got a few chores done...always a good feeling. Hope you and LD are doing well. Blessings to all, xoxo,love you guys, Susie

Hootin' Anni said...

Okay, so I was reading your comment you left on another blog where you said you found a witch at a thrift store and rushed right over, hoping you posted her & I didn't miss it!! Linda, this is such a precious find!! She's beautiful, and I'm jealous it wasn't here in corpus!! Enjoy her for me, I'll be thinking of her decking your halls. Sweet!!!