Thursday, October 29, 2020

An Amber Day and a Thursday!

I am so enjoying being home these last couple of weeks!!
My house is all decorated and just glows golden !

Wednesday I was up at at 'em early!
I headed over to Ambers and we rolled through Starbucks for her green tea and my Pumpkin Spice Latte before going to one of our very favorite stores.....

We sat in the car and sipped our drinks and nibbled on the vanilla bean scones we both love so much!
Treasured time!! One on one with no one else talking but US!!!

We walked in Hobby Lobby all wide eyed at all the Christmas things! 
SO much that we were completely overwhelmed!!
ALL Christmas was 50% off - and the lights were 25% off.
I bought a few boxes of those as I have already gone through the stash I stocked up on after Christmas last year! 

***Note to Self***
Buy MORE of the 100 count and 50 count strands of lights!
And NONE of all the rest!!!

We browsed around for a good while admiring everything and then we got down to business!

I bought the batting for Louis Dean's Texas flag denim quilt for his birthday....
and large and small jingle bells to make cat toys with.....and art brushes and lights....and sewing machine needles and labels and get the idea.

Amber was shopping for costume pieces.
All four of her kids will have such cool costumes for the little Halloween party they are having!
She will send me some pics of the kids and I will share them with y'all!

We had so much fun!!

Amber had a great Italian dish for our lunch!!

She used Bucatini noodles from Italy and roasted broccoli, and spinach to make this amazing dish which she thought up and which was a big hit with the family the night before.
Good thing for me that she made enough for us to have for lunch!

The Italian meal went perfectly with our movie for the afternoon!!!
I do love Liam Neeson!!!

We finished our movie - which was excellent - and started up an old favorite - Under the Tuscan Sun!

I noticed Lindsey Duncan played Kate in Made in Italy.....

And I recognized her as Kathleen in Under The Tuscan Sun!

We stopped the film and did the school pickup - and swung by the vet's office to get our two kitties.
They had their spaying and chipping done Wednesday morning and were still groggy at 3:00.

Granddad drove over to join us later in the afternoon and delivered the goodie bags our sweet neighbor, Tamara fixed up for the kids. Remember her awesome garden? She has shared some of her veggies and plants with the kids and when they come over here, they always want to know if we can walk around the corner and visit 'our neighbor!'

Here are the girls with their treats!
Notice Under the Tuscan Sun still playing in the background!

We got home before dark bringing our 'babies' with us.

This morning (Thursday) they were more alert.
I left them out all night in the guest room but found them up on the top bunk when I went in there this morning. Since we are supposed to restrict their movements and no jumping - I will put them in their kennel tonight.

They are such good kitties.

I'm certain they don't LIKE the cones they must wear but they are not fussing about them.
I took Samantha's off for 2 mminutes and had to put it right back on her!
We've kept them in the guest room all day but let them out this evening when Louis Dean came in from working outside.

I am loving these leisurely mornings when we linger over our coffee and our reading.
After two chapters in Jeremiah - and I will be so happy when we finish this book but I do realize Lamentations comes next - we read a chapter in Now They Call me Infidel.

After all that heavy reading, we started on a light hearted fun book to cheer us up!

I had another cheery thing happen!
This photo does not do the necklace I received in the mail today justice!
It is a honeycomb, honeybee and a drop of golden honey!!
Amy sent this to me and I absolutely love it!
I know Amy from my years at Crestview Baptist Church.
I knew her grandparents - salt of the earth kind of people.
Amy was a teenager back then and I was a much younger woman than I am now.
She and I have both 'grown up.'
She found me on Facebook several years ago and we have kept up with each other ever since.

I wore one of my wigs all day today - just to see if I could.
I sent pics to both of my daughters and they gave me a thumbs up.
I do need to buy a packet of blonde bobby pins to anchor it well on my head.
I prefer wearing the lightweight wiglets - I have two - one is real hair colored the shade of my own and one is synthetic. I actually like the synthetic one best.

It's been another really good day around here.
I have picked pecans, bagged up a sack of trash from the Sanford and Son area in the back yard, made breakfast of steel cut first time to buy this kind.....did my routine housework....write a couple of cards and generally kept busy all day long.

Louis Dean has been working on his deck.

Laying down on the job from time to time!

He worked all afternoon and into the early evening.

And he got it DONE!!!

And we ended our day with a good steak dinner complete with baked potato, simple salad and a couple of pepper poppers!

I think it's a good idea to go to bed on the early side!

I actually don't Pin much but I will be playing Words With Friends......
and checking for comments here before I actually close my eyes!!!


Chandy Johnson said...

Go Granddad! Looks like him and Chris both have been staying BUSY as always. Your day with Amber looked like so much fun!!! Miss yall! Love you

Deb said...

Hi Linda. What a fun post. Your day with Amber looks great. I love spending time with my daughters as well. That deck looks great. Louis Dean is doing a great job. Have a good weekend.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love hobby Lobby! And haven't been in so long! Ours is in a nearby city that is totally overrun with Covid. But I was finally able to get into Trader Joe's last week! Previously there had been a line all the way to the end of the parking lot. They had set up big tents to protect the people from the sun. I got two cartons of meringues, theirs are so good! I can't wait to see the Quads in their costumes! I will be posting our grands in their costumes, too! The necklace is awesome, and you look beautiful in the wiglet.

MadSnapper said...

The wig look totally natural. I really like it and I like your wiglets to. Play for all the shopping and yay for a day out with Amber. Louis Dean doing a great job on that dick and I know you're glad it's done

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your new wig does look sensational! And what a fun trip to Hobby Lobby. I could sure use a shopping trip after all these months. Way to go on the deck L. D. ! It looks great!

Vee said...

You look great! The kitties look well...they'll soon be out of those cones and back to doing what they love best. How sweet your friends are to the grands. Hobby Lobby is no longer a place I frequent, but if I need any lights...

Louis Dean is a dynamo. Look at that deck coming along.

Changes in the wind said...

A day with Amber is always a treat and the two of you got a lot done with all the shopping and such. LD amazes me at all he accomplishes and how he seems to enjoy it. The kittens aren't sure about those contraptions around their neck and am sure they will be glad to have them off.

Vee said...

Wait! I returned to reread and the deck is finished! Wow. I am truly impressed. Hope that Louis Dean can move today. ☕️

Beth said...

The deck looks fantastic! LD is so talented. What a blessing he is to you and your family.

Deanna Rabe said...

I had a fun day out with Rachel yesterday. It was just groceries and a stop at an Amish owned natural foods store, but it was sweet to be with her. We got a mobile food order from CFA and ate in the car.

I've never seen the first movie you shared but I really like Under the Tuscan Sun. I'll have to check them both out soon.

The kitties will heal quickly and the cones can come off!

Love to you friend!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great day you had. It's good to get time with your daughter, always ! Glad she deck is done ! ours Dean is a good workerWe finally had the sun peeps out here today. It's been a wet week here and am tired of staying in.

photowannabe said...

Special times with family are such treasures. I'm glad you could do so much with Amber and get ready for the holidays.
LD amazes me. Awesome job on the deck. You will enjoy it so much.
The kitties seem to be adjusting to their collars..
Love that special necklace too.
Enjoy your weekend...I know you will find plenty to do.

Carla said...

Love them mother daughter days. The girls are growing up so fast.
I love your "good night pic" It fits me to a tee most days. LOL