Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Family and Friends are This Tuesday's Treasures

 Tuesday started early for me. I had my alarm set for 8:30 and, as is so often the case, I was awake before it went off. Summer arrived before 10:00 and we were out the door by 10:30!
I ran by the bank and  then drove across the street to unload the Goodwill things from my trunk at the donation door before we headed to Lewisville to pick up my friend, Dee.

Summer, Dee and I met up with my sister, Luann, in Southlake at The Corner Bakery.
We had such a nice time visiting and catching up with each other.

I had to look twice at this photo! I thought there were TWO of me! 
Dee and I are both of the same coloring!

Luann was looking especially pretty today!
Sweet and sassy! That's Luann!

Summer is tech savy with iPhones and she was helping both Dee and Luann with theirs.

While they were working their phones, I looked over at the gazebo and decided to do alittle walk about.

Can you see them on the other side of the pond?
Southlake is such a pretty place!

Summer rode with her aunt and Dee and I met up with them at Central Market.

A great photo op place!
Summer is so cute!! Can you believe she is 57 years old??
She is so happy to NOT be in such a fog of pain.
Pain is still a companion she has to deal with but it's not the monster it used to be.

We ALL got our picture taken!

Dee found THE most interesting pumpkin!!

And there's that cute sister of mine!

Luann knew what she was going to buy at Central Market!!
She shopped with a purpose!
I didn't buy a single thing!

Luann headed home and we went over to Trader Joe's in Southlake but there was such a line to get in, we didn't even try for it. So we dropped Dee back at her place in Lewisville and then Summer and I drove over to Fort Worth. I had my heart set on shopping at Trader Joe's so we went to the one on Hulen Dr.

 We waltzed right in and I found all sorts of good things.

My favorite wines (Sauvignon Blanc) are from New Zealand.
Monkey Bay, Oyster Bay, Sunshine Bay - ANY Bay is good with me!
See that tub of chocolate chip cookies? They are DELICIOUS!!! 
Crispy and tastier than any I can make!
I had so much fun at Trader Joe's!
This was my first visit there this year!
As we were checking out - I noticed a really long line of shoppers waiting to get in.
Our timing was perfect!

We headed to Lillian's next......

and did a double take at this truck!

How funny is this???

At first glance the kids looked real!
That guy must have a huge sense of humor!

I had called Lillian from the parking lot at Trader Joe's to tell her we were on our way and to get her grocery list for Walmart. Only she said she didn't want anything. Said she wasn't hungry and didn't eat much anymore. I asked her what she might be hungry for and she said, "If you go by Braum's, I would love a small hamburger with everything on it and a small chocolate shake." DONE!!

Our main purpose for this visit was to deliver an Internet extender so she could use her new iPad in her room. The router is so far away that the signal won't reach the hall she's in.

We arrived and took the extender to the door and gave it to the lady who came to the double glass door. 
Then we handed her the bag with the hamburger and shake in it and that's when it went all wrong.
Apparently they have a rule that everything must be prepackaged. So they can wipe it all down before delivering it to the room.

This did not set well with Lillian!

She simply could not understand WHY she couldn't have the burger and shake!

Lillian kept saying, "I can't BELIEVE this!"

So, as happy as my day was with Summer, Dee and Luann.....
it was a heart breaking visit with Lillian.
Not one visitor since I was last there on March 10th.
I have brought food from Walmart and so has her granddaughter.
But not one hug or embrace. Not one step outside this prison nursing home.
Not one hand touching hers.

Summer and I both came home with heavy hearts.
How long can this go on?

And I can't BE with Lillian even though I WANT to be......

The home does not allow any food from take out, restaurants or even home cooking.
NOTHING that is not sealed up in packaging from the factory.
NO deliveries. Nothing but packaged goods.
Not even fresh fruits and vegetables.
I am at a loss as to how I can be a blessing to Lillian.
She has lost so much weight.
But on a brighter note, she had a cute haircut and was wearing earrings and a bracelet and a cute outfit.

Praying the rules loosen up soon so we can be with our elderly loved ones....
while they are still here.


Kathy said...

I read about poor Lillian on fb and now more about it here. How sad for her. And for all of the elderly. The last time our church was able to go to the nursing home we visit was in early March. We were so fortunate to have extra time with the ladies that came to our Bible study. They were telling us about when they were younger -- their families, their weddings, etc. We sat there and listened and made comments about how things were in the past. They were so happy to have someone new to tell their stories to. And then nothing. I hope things open up SOON! I think Lillian needs a hug!

Such fun you had with your friend and your family. That is a great picture of Summer in front of the fruit stand. So glad her pain has lessened.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh my, Poor Lillian! I do understand why they are doing this. So many nursing home residents are dying that they are being extra careful and dong everything they can to be safe. Once the virus gets in a place like this, there is almost no way to contain it. But her mouth must have been watering for that burger and shake! That pool and fountains is so pretty! We have only one Trader Joes about a half hour away. And every time we go, there are long lines standing outside under tents. I haven't been able to get inside all year.

Bluebird49 said...

Trader Joe's sounds exotic. All four of you ladies looked good shopping. I was just sad Lillian couldn't get a shake and a hug!💕

Susie said...

Linda, So happy that you enjoyed your family and friend Dee. Summer loos really happy that picture...not like she is smiling in spite of pain, as we know she can do. Such a brave girl. So sad for Lillian and so many others. Maybe we all could send cards . Blessings, xoxo, love, Susie

Donna Simpson said...

So sad about Lillian. I thought the rules had been loosened here in Texas for nursing homes. I have a friend who was able to go in and see her mom in the Houston area. I wish her daughter could take her out and home with her.

Deanna Rabe said...

This makes me so upset for Lillian. We now have treatments for this virus that work, and yet we still lock up the elderly like prisoners! Sigh.

I know that took the joy out of your day. At least you can talk on the phone and hopefully her new router will help her be able to access the outside world with her ipad!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Oh Linda, how heartbreaking....I agree, this is not good for those dear souls. My sister in law brought her mother home to live with her after covid rules were in place at her assisted living. She does have sitters to help but at least her mom is with her family. Loved the pictures of you ladies at the park. And Summer does look like she is doing well. I know she can cover the pain with a smile but there is a difference. Enjoy your goodies from the grocery store.

Vee said...

This must end and the story is repeated with very single person in a care facility. I think normal, thinking people are going to have to storm the gates...write to everyone we can think of...start demanding that our seniors be given some compassion. Isolation is in itself a killer. They know this. I knew that about three weeks into it and told my family that I would rather die of you know what ten times than to be isolated that way. It is so ridiculous. Never again for me!

Summer is, as always, an inspiration. No, she does not look her age and that says a lot about her because of all that she has been through. So glad that she has found some relief.

A good week to you!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

People in nursing homes do have it rough. The human touch is so important and they need it more than most. I wish I had an answer, but I'm at a loss. Glad you had the good expiernces to balance things out a bit, but it does make one sad to see such treatment. We'll keep her in our prayers.

Robyn said...

I have too tell you I was really enjoying your post and seeing all the photos but Lilliane, now my heart is breaking... All of this is so wrong. They are holding our elderly hostage and have turned their home into a prison. The isolation is horrific for them and those who love them.. This MUST stop. I"m so sorry :(

Sandra said...

So sad about that hamburger. I know she really wanted it. I hope maybe they made her a hamburger inside. And idea you could buy a box of Frozen White Castle burgers at Walmart and take the Frozen box and then they could zap it in the microwave. I love the background at Trader Joe's in all your pictures and all of you look really good and you truly do have a look alike if y'all had had on the same kind of mask and the same glasses that would be hard to tell which was you with the mask on

Debbie said...

that was a great spot for everyones picture, you wore the perfect color shirt!!! poor lillian, that must have broken her little heart. she does look good and her outfit was so cute!!!

your presence is lillian's blessing, she is so lucky to have you!!

Wanda said...

It just breaks my heart about Lillian and your visit. The only thing she wanted and craved she couldn't have. It's just wrong. Will be so glad with we can put Covid behind us. Especially the elderly, the rest homes and care facilites.
But on the brighter side, I love Trader Joe's and we have one close. I've never had a real long line, but it depends on the day and the time. Don't go on Saturday...haha

What darling pictues of your fun day out with the girls. Summer looks wonderful. So glad she is able to manage the pain better now. Happy smiling faces. The park is beautiful...
Sending love and Hugs.

Cheapchick said...

That's terrible, I hope they change the policy. My Mother in Laws facility made it work 20 feet away outside visits, they created a gazebo, mandatory masks, only 1 visitor per day all prebooked, at least you could talk at each other outside. Couldn't touch but still, it was better than through glass.Very sad. Once everything was set up and rules discussed they left people to be. Hugs

photowannabe said...

My heart is so heavy and breaking...isolation can be the real killer for those in Homes. I cry for Lillian and those in there. She looks like she has lost so much weight and it must feel like prison to her. Even fresh fruit can't go in..me thinks that's going too far. Things can be washed. Ok, I will stop ranting.
Summer looks wonderful, I'm glad the pain has lessened.
It looks like your day was fun too.

Carole said...

You didn't buy anything ... are you well? Re Lillian and others like her - it seems to me there is a gap in the market - the big fast food providers should be able to make and package up their treats so that Lillian can have a treat... Have you asked them about it Cheers and stay well

Rain said...

I feel such empathy for Lilian...not a hug since March. I can't go a day without one. :(

You gals looks very cute in your photos, nice photo op place! And it's really nice to hear that Summer doesn't have as much pain as she used to. :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That made me feel extremely sad too. It surely does not seem right or fair. And I'm glad you are such a good friend to Lillian...I'll keep her in my prayers. What a shame...a crying shame. Take care! And thanks for sharing all the happy moments too. We love you and your sweet family! Hugs, Diane