Monday, December 12, 2016

Saturday Art and A Family Style Sunday! Our Weekend......

I have had such a good weekend!
Saturday Summer and Sabrina planned a Painting Party in Downtown Garland for a group of family and friends that are as close as family.

We had a ball!!!

My sister, Luann, drove from her home in Haslet to mine in Irving and then we rode together to Garland. Luann is always on time! I am not. Unless I am with Luann.
She and I were the very first ones to arrive!

The teacher was still setting up the the table.

We had a visitor!!

And, man, did we have food and drinks!!!
The teacher said this was the best snack spread she had ever seen at a class!

Even our special guest helped himself!

It was such a fun and happy evening!
Summer, Luann and I are all related and Sabrina, Linda and Lisa are longtime friends from childhood. We make a good group. Back in September a few years ago, we all spent a long beach weekend together!

It was wonderful to see Summer enjoying herself!

She and I sat down at one end of the table.

This is Lisa......

and Linda.....

and Luann!

You can tell we had fun!

We had a party of six - perfect!!

Summer and I paint fast and slipped outside to get some fresh air.
Fresh COLD air on that night!

Here we all are with our paintings!

Teacher Linda is in the middle.

We had plenty to eat while we painted and I think all of us drank at least some wine.
After class was over, we carried our things back to the cars and then walked down to the square.

It was beautiful!!!
The lights were synchronized to the music.

Just a great evening!

Summer had the great idea of us all having coffee before we headed home.
At least all the drivers ordered coffee.
Designated RIDERS sipped another glass of wine!!

I'm not naming names but you can see the wine glass in front of the smiling lady!!
Have I said we had so much FUN??

Luann spent the night with us since it was so late when we got home.
By the time I got up this morning, she had already left to get home in time for church.
Louis Dean and I got ready to go to ours.

After church the kids love to run across the meadow to the parking lot.
Good way to loosen up after sitting still in church.

Amber had invited us to spend the afternoon with them in Quadville.

Mike took the chalk board down from the fireplace and they are enjoying using it now.
Harrison had gathered up some kindling and sorted them according to size.

You can see how excited he was to get to help start the fire!

We had the most relaxing day!

It's a joy to listen to the children play and watch them being sweet.

You can see Shiner in the background as he is walking out of the family room.
He is still in pain and he loves spending time inside with the kids.

The quads are faithful in praying for him and they are tender and gentle in playing and petting him.

Amber dearly loves having everyone around the dining room table.
She fixed a delicious meal - as always.

Later the kids took naps while she and I watched a TV program and the guys watched football.

We enjoyed just hanging out together and when Amber said she was going to Target to buy groceries - I jumped at the chance to go with her! It was daylight when we went in.....

and dark when we left!
Buying groceries for a family of six is not easy!

She bought spiral notebooks for each of them and colored gel pens.
The kids LOVED them and thanked her - repeatedly!
They are just about the most grateful children I have ever met!

We had a great time in Quadville today and came home at half time in the Dallas Cowboys game against the Giants. Alas, the Giants won.

It's late and I need to get to bed.
Tomorrow is Quad Monday!!


Vee said...

Busy, happy couple of days! Glad to see that Summer is feelling more like herself. (Hope that this is true anyway.) Man! Amber gets a work-out pushing that cart around... Nothing finer than hanging around a fire and wish that I had one to hang around on this blistering cold and snowy day. Wait! Where's my fake fire?

bj said...

What a fun painting the I need a stocking picture for our Summer House. :)
Fun with the fast they are all growing...sure hope Summer is feeling as well as she looks in these photos....xoxo

Sandra said...

I can't even imagine the cost and the work of feeding and caring for a family of 6. Amber deserves a metal. we have a painting place like this here, can't remember the name, but I see it on FB all the time, my friends go there a lot. I don't like evening things and the paintings they do in daytime are not something I would want.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I now believe that artists give the BEST parties! And I know ht the Elf on the Shelf would NOT be a designated driver! gosh, all of you are so talented! And the food table looks delicious. I had seen those lights in your second picture, and hoped you would refer back to them! Our city is small, so we have nothing like his. How is Summer feeling NOW? She does look a bit more relaxed and more pain free. Or maybe that was just the wine, ha ha! It is so good that Mike is teaching Harrison the safety rules of fire! I believe I will be making my 20th trip to Target today, my favorite store! Can't wait to see the Quads and your Christmas crafts from Quad Monday!

Bev said...

You always have special times....what a great weekend it was!!

Linda said...

Great to see Summer's smiling face. I hope she's feeling better and will be able to enjoy the holiday season. Harrison has got to be the most precious little boy ever and Mike wins the super dad award for patience. The picture of the girls loving the dog makes me sad. It's very touching but it's going to be so sad if Shiner doesn't get better. I'd rather someone just shoot me than face putting away that basket of groceries Amber purchased. Bless her heart.

Jan said...

What fun! Time with family and friends is always well spent!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

What a delightful weekend! Fun, family, friends!

Diana Ferguson said...

Hi Linda! Busy and fun weekend there.

Latane Barton said...

Linda, you just are having too much fun!

Judy said...

How fun to have a painting party! I agree that time with friends and family are just the best.