Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Morning in Fort Worth!

My siblings and I get together each Christmas morning in Fort Worth at Nita's to celebrate.
Our children are always invited and we general have a few, but most of our children have children of their own and are busy establishing their own family traditions. The nucleus of the group is the four of us that grew up together plus our friends and family that join us.

Andie is Deanie's granddaughter and a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan!

Louis Dean went out on Christmas Eve to get the ONE gift he personally picked out!
(Other than the fragrance he bought for me!)
I think his gift was a big hit!!!

Leah is Nita's daughter and her handsome husband is Patrick!
They just moved into their brand new custom built home on Christmas Eve!!
And they STILL carved out time to spend with the family!
Back in 2003 when I was going through a tough time in my life, Leah took Mother and me to see Christmas lights. She would often spend time with her grandmother and me and I will never forget her kindness and how much it meant to us.
Leah is a real treasure! 

My brother and Michele.
He still calls her his lovely bride!

Louis Dean has had some allergy/asthma issues the last few days but he rallied enough to enjoy this Christmas day.

We had a feast for breakfast!!!
Breakfast Pizza
Cinnamon Rolls
Sausage Gravy
Scrambled Eggs
Fancy Rolls with Sausage and Cream Cheese
Sausage Balls that were out of this world!!

There was plenty to drink, too!!
Homemade Eggnog
Chocolate Milk

We all milled around and ate and visited.

One of our favorite honorary 'cousins' joined us for the first time!
I think enjoyed herself and we hope she will come back every Christmas!
She just added to all the fun!!

Nita has the coolest things!
She bought this massage machine with arm straps that will rub out every knot you have from your neck all the way down to your lower back!

Notice Andie is wearing a different shirt???

Patrick and Leah - forever newlyweds!

Just like Lonnie and Michele!

Our Trish! I think someone was a little tired!

Handsome Larry!

I know this picture is blurry......but I look better when I'm a little blurred!!

Time for our Chinese Christmas Tree!

Andie and Trish ended up with the Santa painting.

Nita won the quilt Leah had made.
Might I add, that Leah and Patrick sold their home and built another one all within a couple of months and she STILL managed to sew a quilt!

Deanie ended up with a set of good knives while Gay got a Shiatsu massager!

We all had a good time!

Would you like to know a secret???
All our names start with L.
Linda, Lloydine, Lanita and Lonnie in birth order.
Nita and Deanie shorten theirs.

Deanie is doing so much better this Christmas than she was last year.
She still has a long way to go in her recovery. The doctors originally said it would take a year.
Now they say at least two and maybe more. We are grateful she IS improving.

Leah actually designed the quilt with Aunt Deanie in mind......
so Nita graciously gifted it to her.
I think Nita got the knives so it was Win! WIN!!!
Nita got Leah's first quilt.
I got the second.
Now Deanie has one!
What do you bet Leah designs a manly one for next year with Uncle Lonnie in mind?

We came home and I went straight to bed for a good solid nap!
I can't believe how WARM it is!!!
It was 80 degrees in the house when I woke up this morning so I turned the A/C on!
When I got up from my nap, it was cool in the house but still warm and humid outside.
We went over to visit Reaoma for a few minutes and took her some sugarplums and cinnamon rolls.

It's been a wonderful Christmas Day!
I will journal about Christmas Eve tomorrow.

Wishing a final Merry Christmas to all and to all a GOOD Night!!!!


Linda Reeder said...

It's always fun to hear about other family's traditions. I have two sister and two brothers, but distance prevents us from being together very often.

Vee said...

Happy times! What a cute couple you and Louis Dean make! (I am not buying the "I look better blurred" line. =D

Knowing you two, I believe that there will be more happy times throughout the week...

MadSnapper said...

one thing I know for sure is your fun is always, always focused on Family... everyone looks so happy and I love all those gifts.. great family pics, all of them

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

It looks like you all are focused on your blessings! Such a good way to live!

Merry Christmas to you and Louis Dean!

jamarson1 said...

Merry Christmas! I love that your names all start with L. We are all J's in my family:)

Jan said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I can't get over how strange this weather has been. Last Sunday was in the teens and yesterday in the seventies. What next!?

Ginny Hartzler said...

I have been waiting to see your Christmas Day post, you post FAST! Our day lasted all day, and there was no time for a nap. So here I am, still dazed with my feet up and drinking my second cup of coffee! I will post our Christmas later this evening after I have recovered. Wonderful pictures!! I do not remember what Deanie's health problem is, did you post about it? The quilts are wonderful, a gift truly made with love! Oh no, Louis Dean is still suffering with allergies! So sorry, I had thought he was better. Zyrtec works wonders! I hope you will be posting Christmas with the Quads soon!!

Linda said...

You need to shut LD up in the house a few days and see if you can get ahead of that allergy/asthma thing. We don't need him housebound the month of January because he's ill. Not sure why I wrote all that because I see on Facebook you've had him out today buying Christmas lights! Poor guy, he 's a saint. I've been sneezing my head off since midnight. Doesn't feel like a cold, probably just something in the air. Your Texas weather is probably not good for LD.

Gypsy Heart said...

What a great family celebration! Interesting that you and all your sibling's names begin with L. :) I absolutely am amazed that Leah & her husband built a new house, moved and she still made time to complete that beautiful quilt! I'm trying to remember if I ever had that kind of energy ~ :) Deanie always looks beautiful (all of you do!) and that she's improving. I can't remember if you posted about her illness. Poor LD, maybe he's just exhausted! Lol! You two have been like worker bees all month. The mountain cedar is in the air and that adversely affects me and my daughter. She is really having a difficult time right now.

Thank you for sharing your holiday gathering with all of us!


Penny said...

Happy Belated Christmas wishes Linda. I think this is such a nice christmas tradition, and I would have been thrilled with any one of these wonderful gifts. The quilt is simply stunning. X