Saturday, December 17, 2016

Friday Crunch and Dinner With Friends......

After getting up and getting with it nearly every day this week, it was nice to sleep in and spend extra time over coffee this morning. Afterward I sent Louis Dean off to do errands and I proceeded to make batch after batch of popcorn crunch!

ALL of it has been put in tins and ready for gift giving.
As I was cooking the third batch of the candy coating, I had a surprise visitor!
Stephanie's daughter came over to introduce us to her boyfriend.
I was still wearing my red Rudolph sleep dress, no make up, hair pulled back and not even a pair of earrings on!! AND no fragrance!! Still, it was exciting to see them and I gave them a quick tour of the house - a tree in every room - and I totally forgot about the syrup bubbling away on the stove!

It's not suppose to turn brown!
I dumped it out on one of the waxed paper lined cookie sheets in a large flat circle.
Little did I know that it would turn out to be pretty good candy!
I just wish I had thought about putting the pecans on it while it was still soft.

I cleaned the kitchen up and then did my now weekly vacuuming.
I recently started doing the entire house once a week - usually on Friday. Then I put the Rain Bow up and out of sight until NEXT Friday.
Then I showered and dressed for my dinner party tonight.
It was a small party but with two of my favorite people!

I ran a bit late what with all that popcorn doing so I set out some cheese and crackers and chips and dip. The chips are Multi Grain Tortilla Chips from Costco and they are delicious!
The cheese dip is from there, too, Tex-Mex Smoked Gouda.

It's always good to catch up with friends!
Brenda and I went to church together and then later worked together.
She and I try to have lunch at least every month,

This is her wonderful husband, Billy, and a nicer guy you will never meet!

We had a nice dinner and lingered long at the table.
I love it when that happens. Good friends, good foods and good conversation.

We ended our evening together in the gazebo.

Another lovely Christmas memory to add to this year's collection.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your table is so beautifully festive! It shows what an artist you are. What a happy surprise about the accidental candy! Yes, that should be it's name from now on!

bj said...

I love that kind of popcorn...I might make some you have a recipe or do I just google it?
Hoping your Christmas is one of the best...

Mummers AKA Summer said...

I'm away but still close at hand when I reed your blog! Brenda & Billy are good people, what a precious gift of friendship that ages just like a good wine which soothes the soul. So enjoyed being "home" the other day, it was a joy to walk through the house with Rayne and seeing all of Christmas �� through the eyes of such an beautiful child, course I may be just a bit biased. Hugs from one Momma to another.

Kathy said...

I love when accidents become happy surprises. Now you have something new to make for Christmas give-aways -- candy! So nice to have good friends come to visit. What a treat!

Hootin Anni said...

Mmmmm, caramel and pecans...why didn't you add the pecans? [kidding]

I'm sure they enjoyed your tour even without make-up and earrings!!! That's not important, it's YOU being YOU instead that's important in life. You're beautiful without all the 'get up'.

Your dinner looks delicious,and good company.

Phoebes World said...

So glad you enjoyed your surprise visit...and had a wonderful dinner. Good friends and family make for a happy life....earrings or no earrings!
You have inspired me to make popcorn this weekend...and I really must make up a cheese board..and I will call in Costco today and get some of those crackers they look lush!
Phoebe x

Estelle's said...

You entertain with a sense of easiness and thoughfulness Linda. Csual dinners with long time friends can be just delightful! Have a wonderful weekend! Big hugs!

MadSnapper said...

soon you might need and assistant to keep up with your appointments because you have so many friends and family to meet with and have fun with. you are truly truly blessed

Jackie See said...

Linda, your home is just so cozy! Rainbow vacuum? I have one and I love it. I use to vacuum on a certain day of the week, then the hubs retired (for the 3rd time), no schedule anymore! Spontaneity is his middle name! Lol.

Susie said...

Linda, I am chancing leaving a comment today. I love how easy you go with the flow. I miss being with good friends...I guess I m going to have to do more planning. I want to wish all of you a great weekend. We are dealing with ice today. Blessings to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

Vee said...

Putting the vacuum away for a week just makes me grin. One is likely to find the vacuum anywhere around here.

I love the way you plan and have friends over to share a meal and pleasant times together. Smart woman.

Glad that the possible disaster in the kitchen turned into an unexpected good thing.

Diana Ferguson said...

Pics of your gazebo always make me want one!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

OK I am on my some for me????

Have a Merry Christmas :)

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Sounds like a wonderful 'accident.' Popcorn crunch sounds delicious!

I love your sweet spirit of hospitality even with unexpected visitors! And a nice dinner party. Your idea of smaller get togethers this year is great. Speading out the fun!

Wanda said...

You know how to entertain simply and elegantly..That's a gift. Everything looks wonderful.

The gift of hospitality is such a wonderful give you have.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That popcorn sure looks good. It's nice to spend time with friends and share lots of homemade goodies. Enjoy your weekend sweet lady! Hugs!

Linda said...

You made the first layer of English Toffee. You should have topped with a layer of melted Hershey bar and a layer of ground pecans. English toffee is a favorite around here.