Monday, December 5, 2016

Quad Monday and a Music Lesson

It's calm and quiet in my little corner as I sit here to write tonight.
The kids left a few hours ago and Louis Dean has already gone to bed as he has an early appointment with his doctor in the morning. I am actually enjoying this quiet time with the classical music station on and a candle lit by my side along with a glass of pinot grigio.

I set out different play areas with various games, toys or crafts to interest the kids before they arrive.
I also try to plan ahead what meals I will be making. I've learned to go easy peasy on those!

Logan is the little artist - and my Mini-Me - so she headed straight for the craft table.

On Sunday, Kailey was concerned to see the tea dishes in the Christmas store house.
Upon arriving, she immediately asked me if I could get them for her.
She loves to play with them just as her mama did when she was her age.
Later tonight when she was picking them up, she said, "MeeMaw, I picked them up but I sorted them, too!" I showed her where I was putting them in the guest room so she would be sure to find them next week.

Harrison and Trystan are Best Buds and they played Hide and Seek for a long time together!
Trystan would stand in the living room and count - "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8!"
From under the table in the dining room, Harrison would call out, "Nine! TEN!!"

With the kids all occupied, this gave me a chance to finish decorating the living room tree.
It's a new thing to actually accomplish something when the quads are here.
They are growing up!

While I prepared lunch, Granddad and the kids watched part of the Aladdin movie - the animated one with Robin Williams. It is LD's favorite.

Trystan absolutely LOVES to play with the manger scenes so she watched from her spot in front of them. As soon as she got here this morning, she asked me to put them on the hearth.

After lunch, I read the Christmas story to them and then it was a glorious hour and a half nap for all of us! Later when I asked the kids what the favorite part of the day was for them - a couple of them said, "Naps!" Ha!

As soon as we all woke up, they scattered through the house doing whatever they wanted.

The girls discovered the loom and loops I had set out and they fashioned a very long strand of garland from them - all on their own!

I was so impressed! 
They draped it on their Christmas tree in the guest room.

Louis Dean's music room is next to the guest room and that's where I found Harrison.
He was singing Away in a Manger and was even holding the words to the music.
He is learning to spell, sound and read so Granddad showed him some key words to look for in the song.

Yesterday, Granddad had promised them he would let them hold some of his musical instruments and he was true to his word - after Harrison reminded him!

Louis Dean likes to tell the story of a famous musician who had many children and they all played music. He was on the Johnny Carson show one time and was asked how in the world he taught so many of his kids to play music? He said, "I didn't teach them to play! I just tuned up a whole bunch of instruments, put them on the bed and told them to leave them alone!"
I think that's Louis Dean's philosophy.

This afternoon's 'lesson' was on the mandolin and tambourines.

Two got to 'play' the mandolins and then they switched to the others.

they all enjoyed playing music!

I think LD did a great job introducing them to new instruments.

He has more. MANY more!

The best part of it all is that THEY asked!

Even at dinner tonight, they had music on their mind.
They used their silverware against plates and glasses to make notes.

Tonight's prayer......

It's been a really GOOD day!!
Hope yours was, TOO!


Ginny Hartzler said...

What a great time was had by all. They are really growing up, and learning to go off by themselves and do what they please. They will have a real appreciation of music for sure, and I bet at least one will play an instrument or sing, or both! How beautiful the tree is!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

They are growing fast!

I'm glad they get this time with you and LD! How wonderful to learn music with your granddad!

Kathy said...

I think it is wonderful to teach children about music and art at a young age. So many schools around here are cutting those programs because of funding, but I think it is as important to a person as learning to read and write and do math and science. I'm so glad you are introducing the arts to them.

Susie said...

Linda, I love seeing the children wanting to learn music. It's wonderful. I hope they will sing their Christmas song,and you tape it. :):) They are growing up. They like to be helpers too. What a blessing. You and LD are interesting and entertaining grandparents . Blessings to all,love, xoxo, Susie

MadSnapper said...

the prayer is just so sweet and I like how they each have something they are drawn to but love to play with each other. I enjoyed the music lesson and did not know about the two strings being the same note. my son David, 51 now, loved my mothers Nativity scene. he played with it for hours, movein them from place to place on the mantle even when he was 13 and 14 he would walk to the mantle and re place them when no one was looking

bj said...

I am sure you realize that you are the grandest Grandmother and he, the Granddad to be making memories for these sweet kids that will stay with them all their lives....xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Cheapchick said...

Your house looks so festive, almost done decorating! So cute that the kids just occupy themselves and know where all your toys and treats are.

Bev said...

Wonderful day!! Love your life!! you are so blessed and such a special lady!! Loved that picure of LD an Harrison holding the music...

Vee said...

What a delightful day you describe...had to chuckle that you were able to do something because they were happily busy on their own. It does give one pause about what amazing parents they have! A pleasant evening to you...paint night I'm thinking.

Carole said...

I can see it now - the famous Quad Four topping the charts! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Nita said...

What a great job Harrison did saying prayer ! I love that Louis Dean has shown them the world of music. These little people already understand we have a great big world full of interesting opportunities .What a wonderful thing to see.

Carla said...

LD has played music for those Little Bells all their life. I'm glad that LD can teach them about it and that they love it. LD could have a whole band.