Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Quad Monday and Tuesday Traditions!

It's all smiles on Monday mornings around here when Amber arrives with the quads in tow!

This Monday was an especially GOOD one!

We started out with art appreciation and, since we are in the Christmas Season, AND since Louis Dean is teaching the children to sing Away in the Manger, it is a perfect time to study some famous nativity paintings.

Then we decorated small cloth bags our dear friends, June and Kimmy, gave them.
Here is Logan sewing a pom pom to her bag.

Kailey discovered that if you used a blue marker and go back with a yellow one over it - it makes green! She loved doing this!

Trystan has got to be THE most photogenic one in the bunch!

And Harrison is just the sweetest one of all.

The finished products!

The weather was perfect on Monday so the kids begged to play outside.
Kailey carried her tea dishes out there and used 'real' water for the tea and imaginary tea food!

The other three just wanted to rake and play in the leaves!

Since it was so nice - we ate lunch on the deck.

As always, good naps for everyone followed!

While I made the cookie dough for Gingerbread Men last week, we ran out of time before we could bake and decorate them! The kids reminded me, so that was the first thing they wanted to do when they woke up. I let them do their own thing with the decorating!
Logan and Kailey.....

Logan and Trystan.......
later there was Logan and Harrison!
She stayed right with it!

Then it was back outside to play while dinner was baking in the oven.

Granddad put new bulbs in the flood lights so they could play in the dark.
Can you see two of them still out there in the leaves?

Kailey continued playing with her tea dishes.

My dinner was a huge success!!
Chicken and dressing, company mashed potatoes, peas and carrots and crescent dinner rolls - rolled out by Miss Trystan herself!
Trissy said, "This is really GOOD food!!"
Dessert was the Gingerbread Men!

While I did the dishes, Granddad turned on Paw Patrol - his favorite program although he also watched a new one with them that night, too.

Trystan wanted to play with the Manger Scene instead of watching TV.
Amber arrived to take them home and it always makes my heart happy to hear them say they aren't ready to go!!

This morning there were THREE of us to do our Tuesday Traditions.

Sherry had the day off and joined us!
Our movie was Rules Don't Apply - which was interesting.
It had lots of famous actors in it - all older ones now.
Ed Harris is still a heart throb but I remember him well in Apollo 13.
Guess we all have to get old.......

We made two thrift store stops. Union Gospel Mission and Goodwill!

I had to come home when the trunk was full!

Louis Dean acts surprised!
He really wasn't!

He's a sweetheart!

My treasures:

Two fall wreathes - not bagged and stored away until next year!

A Halloween shoe - also bagged and stored away.

Pillow shams for the camper.

A lighted wreath - I added a bow and put it in the little cart right there on the porch and that is where it will 'live.'

Two more wreathes - one is in the den and I'm using the right one on the dining room table.

More treasures.
The LED lights will go down to the camper.

A pretty pink Santa.

I needed another Texas plate!


Now this is how I used all this stuff......

The old fashioned plastic garland was added to the existing garland.

It gives it a more Christmas feel.

There was enough to use on both pieces in the den.

I like it!!

I used this in Louis Dean's bathroom.

The pink Santa is standing by my pink poinsettias.

The rest of the debris filled this window box out by the gazebo.

I added some colored lights which makes Louis Dean happy!!

While LD and I took a break in the gazebo, he spotted a little bird who had flown in by accident.
He soon found the exit but we enjoyed watching him.

Continuing on with my Tuesday......

the wine is poured and the turp and oils are ready.
I also had visitors tonight!

My dear friends, Debbie and Val, came to visit, snack, have tea and smell the turpentine!

Thanks to Val for these photos!
We visited while I painted.

It's important to hold your painting away and see what's what!

We ended our evening out in the gazebo.

I'm truly enjoying this Christmas season!
No big parties - just small gatherings all month long!


Kathy said...

How I want to visit you on a Tuesday. We don't have such good "debris" in my thrift stores. LD is a good sport for sure. How nice to have people visit all month long.

Vee said...

Now I am quite sure that is the expression Louis Dean wears when he opens the trunk and finds it empty!

You sure know how to enjoy the season and the days. The children are, as always, darling. Love the poses Trystan does, the sweet smiles from Harrison, the absorption of Logan and Kailey at their play. Another lovely quad Monday followed by a terrific Tuesday. Someone did a lovely job taking photos of the artist herself.

Arlene G said...

Another fun day with the little ones, making memories they will remember the rest of their lives. I still tell my kids about the things I did at my grandmother's house!! And those them. I may need to check out some thrift shops for my little house.

Changes in the wind said...

Love the bags the quads make....they are too cute!

Estelle's said...

I don't know...Harrison is little darling....all the babies are precious! I love the comment from your LD..."I'm depressed" he unloads the trunk of "stuff!" I think this brings you joy! It's all good!

MadSnapper said...

Festive thy name is LINDA... your house looks so pretty and I love those little bags they decorated. the quads are truly blessed to have you in their lives and of course the very surprised looking LD to... tell him I was NOT surprised when I saw that trunk. LOL LOL

Diana Ferguson said...

Fun! I wish I could take a tour of your home. Love the bags the quads did. Blessings to you.

Linda said...

I look forward to your posts. They always perk up my spirits. That picture of Trystan is totally adorable. It also occurred to me how often Kailey does a different activity to the other three. I don't think conformity is going to be one of her strengths. I so identify with that little girl.

The new debri is wonderful. I would love to use LED lights. I only own one string and haven't been able to figure a way to use them much less as many as you use. Plugs are always a problem for me, what to do with all those cords and plugs.

Ginny Hartzler said...

So funny...both you and I featured the kids painting Christmas bags and stockings! The Quads did such a good job!! You are teaching them to mix colors to make non-primary colors! Yes, I can just barely see the two outside playing in the dark. I would not have noticed if you had not mentioned it! I love everything you got! Now I want to leave the house immediately and go to the mission store and Goodwill. The pink Santa may be my favorite; you put him in the perfect place! And I do love the wreaths! Hey! I see MY painting!!

NanaDiana said...

Aren't those quads just the sweetest little heart-warmers ever? How wonderful that you and LD have such hands-on time with them. That is just a blessing. Love that you do so much with the kids, too- baking and crafting. You have a busy life---but a good one. xo Diana

jamarson1 said...

You keep busy! Glad your having a great holiday season;)

Wanda said...

Oh are amazing. The energy you possess to do all you do for your quads must make the Angels in Heaven sing.

Loved scrolling down and up and down again at all your pictures. Love them. Merry Christmas.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love reading about these days! The kids are great and what precious memories you'll all have of this time in their lives!

Your Tuesdays are great too! What fun to have girl days out!