Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

Everything was ready and the tables were set!

All the work we did on Friday made for a relaxed Christmas Eve.

The food was ready to pop in the oven. 
The desserts were set out and I had a table full of appetizers to nibble on before dinner.

We had set 4:00 as our time to gather.
I have a saying:
You can ALWAYS be late!!
But don't EVER be early!!!
I was completely ready and waiting at 3:30!
I poured a small glass of wine, sat down in the gazebo and put my feet up to read a bit.

Ben was the first to arrive followed by Jesse and his family.

Meet my newest grand dog - Angel!
Leigh Ann held her much of the evening and she is just the best puppy!

Benjamin, Levi and Faith.

Kailey was fascinated with Angel.

By 5:30 the house was full of family!

Louis Dean waited patiently in the living room to play the guitar for Harrison to sing Away in the Manger.

I LOVE this pic of Logan!

We decided to sing some carols before dinner and Harrison got in place with his 'paper.'
Granddad had printed a copy and went over a few key words for him earlier in the week.

Louis Dean couldn't sing since he'd had an allergy/asthma attack.
This Texas weather is ridiculous!!! Second Christmas in a row to need the A/C!!

Faith sat with the quads in the den for dinner.
This is the first Christmas for the quads to sit at a table.
Last year we used the small chairs they sit on outside and put them around the coffee table.
They are growing up!!

The rest of us ate together in the dining room with Sam and Levi at the 'grown ups table!'

Then it was time for gifts!!!

Amber does a good job of giving them out to everyone and does it in an organized manner!

Faith is really interested in baking so we were all excited to see her open her presents.

Levi is into wrestling so he was happy with his gift from Aunt Amber!

Aunt Leigh Ann and Faith knew just exactly what the quads would love!!

It was so much fun watching everyone!

Every gift seemed to be a perfect match!

Gift cards for teenagers are always well received!

Even Angel received a present!

It was a wonderful Christmas Eve! No stress. No tension.

We all simply enjoyed being together.
Uncle Ben was so popular with ALL the kids!

My two sons.....

Jesse and Angel......

Louis Dean and I put our gifts to the quads in the gazebo as they were hard to wrap.

We set out the Jeep and American Girl dolls for the girls.
Remember when I bought them for $5 each at Goodwill?
New and still in the box!

Harrison was excited about all his cars!!

I think we did good!

Faith had given the girls her American Doll Camper.
We bought the Jeep to pull it with but it didn't have a trailer hitch on it.
Late on Christmas Eve's Eve Louis Dean stayed up to make one!!

Gifts done everyone gathered in the den to watch some of the wrestling DVD together.

Well, not everyone!!
I had cleared the table and set out all the desserts.
Trystan loves the Sugarplums!

Harrison had Red Velvet Cake and drank his tea from a tiny wine glass.

Kids settled down with a few favorite gifts and played.

Benjamin......the son of my old age.

My two youngest.

There are 19 years difference between Amber and Jesse and 21 years between him and Benjamin.

I am so proud of them!!
Our family was not complete though.
We missed Summer but knew she was having a wonderful time in Puerto  Rico!

Christmas Eve 2016 is a wrap!!!


Kathy said...

What a wonderful Christmas Eve filled with fun and family. Harrison did a terrific job on "Away In A Manger." Sorry to hear LD's allergies are giving him problems. Ours are too. You would think they would go away in winter.

G Dazeez said...

So much joy in your beautiful home! Our weather has also stirred up dust and allergins, hope LD feels better soon. Merry Christmas !

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your sons are beautiful! You did GREAT with these awesome gifts! Harrison did so well singing. Picture #8 of Logan, she looks like an angel! Your tree and rooms are so beautiful! The picture of all the kids sitting in a row is just divine! And also the tree with Louis Dean & his guitar is such a beautiful picture!

Sandra said...

I can tell you that I feel like I have been to a family Christmas party. I smiled and laughed all the way through this and enjoyed everything that all of you did with all the presents and the family. Such a perfect Christmas. You sure have beautiful children and grandchildren

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

What a precious time you had with your family. For some reason I can't see the videos right now but I'll keep trying. I want to hear Harrison sing!

You have a beautiful family.

Debbie said...

WoW linda, your home is one of the warmest homes i have ever seen. filled with so much joy and love - it looks like everything was perfect. you are blessed, i hope (know) you had a wonderfull weekend!!!

Susie said...

Linda, What a great time you all had. Harrison was so cute singing. Bless LD's heart, helping him learn his song....and making a trailer hitch. :) You both have such good hearts that's why you match. Blessings to all, xoxo, love you, Susie

Bev said...

What a fun Christmas...such a lovely family!!

Vee said...

This comment box is so crazy! I have lost no less than three comments on this one. The other one was fine. I'll hit publish and comment on that...

Vee said...

Yup, something whacky in Blogdom...kay, enough of the dark side, I want to talk about the Narnia magical evening you and your family enjoyed. You make it so special for everyone and how wonderful that they all come together and enjoy one another. Faith is a natural with the quads! Wonderful carol songtime, too. And the new puppy is adorable. You sure have great-looking kids and grands!

Penny said...

What beautiful photographs of a wonderful family evening. You certainly know how to spread the love, Linda, what a a super family you have there X