Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Cheese Blintzes and Organizing Stuff!

Louis Dean and I are getting caught up on our rest. I can tell because we are getting up earlier.
This morning after coffee and Bible reading, Louis Dean went back to bed for a nap while I made Cheese Blintzes.

I used to make these for Christmas Morning breakfast and I fully intended to make them this year....
but that didn't happen.

I found my old recipe for the crepes and made a cheese filling using cream cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, an egg, orange peel, vanilla and a little sugar. Apricot preserves thinned with a bit of Karo Syrup made the topping. They are really good!

We accomplished a few things today!

We had left the lights we bought on Monday in the trunk of the car.
This afternoon I organized what was left from last year and then added the new ones.

As I take down Christmas I will store ALL the lights from the trees inside and outside in here.
You can see I have some storage space left!

I was going to settle down and sew an apron that I cut out last YEAR but when I pulled open one of my sewing drawers it dawned on me what a mess they were all in!!! So I dumped all four drawers out on the floor - and organized them! Perhaps I will sew tomorrow!

Thanks to Summer and Sabrina for sharing their Christmas Vacation in Puerto Rico as well as a short stay in New York City with us. The photos are from Facebook.....

Farewell Puerto Rico....

They had an amazing time in NYC!

This will be the only way I get to see it!

So excited for them that they were able to go!

THIS is my favorite pic!!! It was really cold! But did notice Summer is wearing flip flops???

It felt just like spring here in Texas today!
Complete with Mountain Cedar in the air!


 Hard to believe it is the end of December!!


I have the window units on in both the bedrooms just in case Louis Dean gets restless and goes into the guest room at some point. Sometimes just slipping into another bed can help you go to sleep.

We have been watching back to back episodes of The Alaskan Bush People.
They are reruns but still entertaining and they won't give us bad dreams.
One more and we will call it a day!!


Deb said...

crazy warm weather but it's great for Christmas break outside fun...

Deb said...

crazy warm weather but it's great for Christmas break outside fun...

Kathy said...

Those blintzes look so good! If I were there, I would help you to eat them. Glad to hear you are getting rest. I'm doing the same. It seems this time of year just takes so much out of one. I am amazed at your temperatures. It's in the 40s here and we thought that was warm!

Blondie's Journal said...

The blintzes look wonderful...would you mind sharing the whole recipe in a future post? Do you think they could be made ahead of time and then the sauce before serving? I try to do new things at the lake for company.

Oh, my...those temps! We had a warm up today, 38 degrees and now its going back down to the 20's. To be honest, all I do is go from my car to!

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Jane x

Debbie said...

We had a warm snap here, it was in the 60's yesterday!! Breakfast looks so good, chuck makes crepes with Nutella and bananas and they are so yummy!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I bet you did a good job with those drawers. It has always relaxed me to organize. And I have a LOT to organize now! It has been warm here too. But not like there! New York looks beautiful! And your blintzes may look even more beautiful!

Linda Reeder said...

Those blintzes look wonderful!
Our decorations will come down next week and everything will go into tubs and into the attic, and then it will be time for organizing and a through house cleaning.

Wanda said...

We are getting some rest too. But somehow I just have to keep busy. So I did take down Christmas today, which is pretty easy when you have a small apartment like ours. Took several bags to the Good Will, and have several more closets to clean out.

I love crepes but haven't made them in a while. I like to make Chicken/broccoli crepes with cream sauce.

You are SO organized. I love it.

Phoebes World said...

Christmas came and went so fast...Im keeping the decorations up as long as I can...12th Night...or when the tree gives up...whichever comes first!. Thsn I will do my "Big Clean" Im planning on buying more lights in the sales ready for next year...though Im not sure where they will be put next year.
I have never tried Blintzes (Brit in the US) but boy do they look good. I will add them to my "Must Try Recipe"list. But crepes... well Im a pro. They are what we Brits call pancakes...and Shrove Tuesday in February is dedicated to them..yum!

Susie said...

Linda, I cracked up seeing those flip-flops on Summer and they were wearing winter coats. Glad you and LD are resting. I love blintzes. I told Ted I would to have Christmas In NYC one year. Maybe Kathy and I will. I know honey, it's back to sorting , cleaning and tossing again. Blessings to you and LD, love, xoxo, Susie

Nancy Chan said...

Yummy cheese blintzes! Christmas is over and new year in a few days' time! I am taking my own sweet time cleaning room by room in preparation of the Chinese new year!

Sandra said...

we are getting a cold front for two days, 61 this am, 51 tomorrow and 41 on Saturday then back to the normal with highs in 80's again. weird winter. I love your new LOOK.. that dresser and bowl just fascinate me.
that photo of Summer in her flip flops is priceless. looks like they all had a wonderful vacation

Vee said...

New iPad and still lost a comment. Hmmmm...

Yes, I noticed the flip-flops before I read your comment. There has to be a story there! Did she forget her shoes? 🙂

You are entirely too organized. Actually, I should take notes!

Linda said...

Summer in her flip-flops is certainly the star of this post. I do love cheese blintzes. At one time Fort Worth had the 'Magic Pan' that made wonderful crepes and cheese blintzes.