Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Loving This Country Life!!

We slept so well last night! A/C off.....windows open to the chilly fall temps!
This morning it was.......
coffee and reading, housekeeping and Louis Dean repairing the camper awning, getting dressed and heading out to town.....Mart, Texas!

I love seeing all the country critters......this horse was along side the road out from the ranch.

We were on the road again - going to the big town of Mart!!

I love it when we go on the 'back roads!'

ALL the roads around here are back roads!
It wasn't the road we thought we were on but we did see a pretty field of yellow flowers!

We shopped the Dollar General for supplies.
I forgot we needed toilet paper, paper towels, Glade plug ins and coffee.
Of course, once I got there I bought a lot of other things!

Back to the camper under the blue sky!
It was mostly a winter looking sky all morning until afternoon when it blued up!

I had put a crock pot of soup on before we left and it was ready to eat when we got back to the camper. We ate while we watched an episode of LOST. We are still in season 4.
Naps followed. He in the bedroom and I in the girl bunk.

I woke up at 6:30 and decided to walk around to all my favorite places down here.

Louis Dean pointed out this honey bee hive in the wall of the shop next to our camper.
Reminded me of the time my mother had honey bees in her chimney.
They took out 7 Home Depot sized buckets of honeycomb!
Not sure how much is in here but we will tell Dean about it in case he doesn't know.

Can you see and hear these Honey bees???

My Country Look!!!!
That apron came in handy.
I have pockets for my phone and camera and really good socks to wear with my oversized pair of Crocs that work out well with my swollen foot.

Hello, Billy goats!

Pretty chickens.
I had so much fun going around and seeing all the critters!

These are the geese Sherry brought down a few months ago.
LD and I sure miss Larry, Curly and Mo. They were the geese that the mallard chased after he got tired of them chasing HIM!
The coyotes got them all but we still have fond memories of them!

The honking geese!

The Chick Chick Chickens!

I gathered their eggs up in my apron!
Breakfast in the morning!

Goats, chickens, ducks, geese.....

I love them all!

And I love how they all just roam around the place.
Best keep our camper door closed or they will walk right in and make themselves at home!

Such a peaceful place down here. 
No traffic.
No noise other than nature.

The tank aka Lake Tomaguchi...

I zoomed in to take this pic of our campsite.
Louis Dean had been out spraying around the place for bugs, ants and spiders.
It's wonderful that our so not new camper is amazingly air tight.
I never come in to cobwebs, bugs, ants or even dust.
Every tiny hole or crevice has been stuffed with plastic bags or caulking.

The meadow is one of my most favorite places.

You can even hear the buzz of the bees!

What a blessing it is to be able to disconnect from life as we know it and come down here to rest and recover from the faster pace we live at home.

The peacock didn't spread his feathers for me but he's still pretty!

These chickens are on TOP of the peacock cage.

Cluck Cluck!!

Look at the eggs they laid!
Lots and lots of eggs in the coops.

I took this photo from inside the coop!

They decided to come in and see what I was doing.

THIS is what I was gathering. 

The sky as I walked back up to the camper.

Ever changing but always beautiful.

It's been a wonderful day down here in the country.

I don't see many sunrises here but the sunsets are amazing.

The view from our camper door this evening.

I made a fresh garden salad for our supper and we sat outside watching the starry sky with a glass of wine. I bought this bottle of Pineapple wine at HEB yesterday and added a splash to Louis Dean's Sangria and my Chardonney. Delicious!

My left toe is doing very well.
By this time the bones are knitting theselves together.
My bone to the cadaver bone to the bone graft....
I can feel it as it tingles with the new growth.
It wasn't swollen before but it is now.
Still, not as much as the right one was.
That one was much more fragile.
It's a good thing to be down here in a 31 foot camper with no real work to do and lots of time to rest keep my feet propped up.


Linda said...

Yes, yes, rest and keep your feet up. I love any kind of birds and that includes chickens, geese and ducks. I do not like coyotes. I know they have to eat but it hurts my heart when they eat something I'm on first name basis with. I see a black chicken/rooster with a fancy top knot. The goats are always my favorite. Nothing beats the sounds of country at sunset, unless it's country sounds at sunrise.

Ginny Hartzler said...

You do need to rest that foot! and I know that if you had stayed at home, you would have done too much! Yes, I see the bees! Maybe you will go home with fresh honey! OOHHH, farm fresh eggs. I bet they are divine! You are cuter than cute in that outfit! Your soup looks delicious!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love hearing and seeing your country time. I know how relaxing it is as I have that at the lake. You really take advantage of it. It's so real that you talk of how busy you are but don't hesitate to mention that you sleep in or take naps. I'll tell you, Linda, I've been so tired lately, maybe from my meds, I don't feel so alone when I read your posts and see that you know when to hit the hay as well!

Continue having a ball!


Kathy said...

I am so glad you taking time to rest and recover. And what better place to do it. Have fun while you are there. Love that you are living the country life.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Sounds like you're both having a good time!

Glad your weather has cooled, too!

Susie said...

Linda, The animals and fowl all look great . Do you hear the peacock in the mornings? They can be worse than a rooster. Glad you two are loving your restful time. But it sounds as if LD can't ever just sit. LOL ...That fellow is a working...he needs to learn that Merle Haggard tune "working man blues". Blessings, love you guys, xoxo, Susie

Arlene G said...

I love that meadow too Linda...isn't it good to just relax and enjoy the quiet. Of course the country is never really quiet if you have animals but you know what I mean. Have a good visit.

MadSnapper said...

to funny you are on the road again to a town called Mart.. made me laugh.. to bad it is not named thrift mart or shopping mart. LOL... your farm life is wonderful except for the bees, I could not sleep next to a known bee hive. they terrify me..

Changes in the wind said...

A wonderful retreat and it cost only a tank of gas:) Enjoy....

Nancy Chan said...

Hi Linda, do rest and take things easy. I am loving and enjoying your retreat in the countryside. Lovely critters make great company. So wonderful to have fresh eggs for your breakfast. Beautiful sky and cool weather!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Such a treat to be away and out in the beautiful countryside. Love seeing all of the critters. You cannot beat fresh eggs and that meadow is glorious. Do rest up Linda.

Debbie said...

fall/autumn air is the best!!! no a/c, no heat...i love this time of year!! i just got a dozen farm fresh eggs and i can't wait to prepare and eat them. their taste is always amazing!! you look so happy linda, good for you!!!

Bev said...

Looks so relaxing!! I think the chickens are my favourite.... Looks like they have lots of animals!!..

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

this is fantastic! I want to be you when I grow up!!!

Carole said...

PIneapple wine! What next! Great that you are loving it. Cheers

bj said...

so glad you are there, to rest those feet...
never heard of Pineapple wine....cool

Curtains in My Tree said...

What a wonderful day you showed us city folks.
I sure hope that foot heals painless and quick

Curtains in My Tree said...

I forgot to tell you how cute you are in the apron
also I want some of the fancy tasting wine

Diana Ferguson said...

Great place to retreat to enjoy the slower pace. Take care of that foot. Enjoyed your pics!

Linda said...

What a great place to rest and relax. I hope your foot heals fast!!!!

Penny said...

That wee toe looks very hot Linda, I hooe it is not too sore. I just lobe that photograph of you with your apron on, it is like an old fashioned painting! X