Monday, September 19, 2016

It Was a Good Day at MeeMaw's House!

Louis Dean and I were eagerly awaiting the grand quads this morning!
We were dressed, had our coffee and had set out different activities through out the house for them to do today. I like to have a few plans in place and menus in mind and then we just wing the rest.
Seems to work every time!

They have ARRIVED!!!
I love how excited they are to get here!

Trystan performing 'A Teenie Tot, A Teenie Tot a Teenie Ta Ta!!'

Kailey doing her Dallas Cowboys Cheer!

Harrison spelling EEK!
This is what is written on their Halloween plates Amber uses for meals.

Amber spied a frog in distress!
It was desperately trying to get out of the kitchen pond so she gave him a hand.

Or rather a board!

It's fun to see how excited kids are over all sorts of things.
We released him to the safety of the flower bed alongside the deck.

All kids love to cut and craft and DO things.
They stayed occupied while I prepared lunch.

It was a FUN day because the quads seemed so excited about EVERYTHING!

What does Baby A say when he wants his mother?

After lunch we fell right back into our normal routine. I do the dishes while Louis Dean gets out the blankets and the kids go through the house finding a pillow of their choice. ALL are available and they can pick any one they want! They also bring a book or two to the den and read quietly until I get there. I read a chapter of On the Banks of Plum Creek - and Louis Dean slept right through it!!
Later he asked why I didn't read! Poor guy! Guess he was really sleepy.
We ALL slept as we usually do - myself included. I think we took  good solid 2 hour naps.

Then we took up right where we left off. Granddad put s the blankets up, the kids take their books and pillows back and then it's time to PLAY and have a snack.
No tea party today but they did get to have pumpkin muffins and a couple of pieces of small candy.

I MUST ask you a 'mustage' question!!!

It was so HOT today that we never went outside to play at all!
The heat index was 107!

We brought different toys in from the big patio toy box outside and they played in just about every room of the house.

The girls all practiced their sewing using real needles and threads.
I'm teaching them the correct terms......instead of 'string' it's called thread!
They wanted to make pocket bags. They sewed some stitches and then I machine sewed around the three sides and stitches ribbon on for straps to go over their heads.

It's hard to get a good pic of all four because someone is always moving!
Harrison filled his pocket bag with cars, Kailey put a New Testament in hers and I'm not sure what Trystan and Logan put in theirs.

Dinner tonight was served shortly after 6:00 and at the big dining room table. 
For the first time, I served the drinks in small pink glass cups with handles.
Not ONE spill!!!
The kids noticed no lids and I told them they were getting old enough to drink like everyone else.
They are 'Big Kids' now!

Kailey is never very far from her Granddad!!

Amber was here to pick them up shortly after dinner. The only dessert tonight was gold coins of chocolate they found in a candy dish on the buffet.

As a special treat they were allowed one more piece of candy and were rummaging around in the candy bowls on the living room coffee table when I told them I had a very SPECIAL candy they had never had before. Would they like a piece of THAT???
Oh, BOY!! Would they!!!

It's pastel soft melt mints - my favorite candy of all and a gift from Summer.
I had put them in a turkey dish used for cranberry sauce and they had no idea I had CANDY in it!
I told them now I'm going to have to find a new hiding place for them!

The weather had started to change and there was thunder and lightning all around.
We helped them in the car and said our goodbyes complete with hugs and kisses and fist bumps!

I love how they always call out 'good bye' - loudly as they drive away!!!
It was a really good day at MeeMaw's house!

Louis Dean settled down in the den and before long we heard the rain just pouring down!
We both had the same idea at the same time!
Wine in the gazebo!!
It cooled down as we were sitting out there and the rain lasted a good 45 minutes or longer.
Still record high heat scheduled for the remainder of the week but I really did appreciate the rain watering my yard for me!!


Kathy said...

I just love that you and LD have so much fun with the kids. They aren't little anymore. It seems as if once they get in school they grown up so quickly! They are funny with all their jokes. We got rain here too today. We sure need it.

MadSnapper said...

I think we will all breathe a big sigh of relief when this heat goes away... I loved all the videos, they just sound so cute and full of joy...

Susie said...

Linda, I love how excited the children are to see you and granddad. Plus how well they play together. I pray they will always be close to each other and share their lives. You need to read that chapter to LD or he'll be behind .:):) Glad you had your sweet quiet time together in the gazebo. Blessings to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

Changes in the wind said...

Another special day for all.

Bev said...

What a fun fun day!!

Gypsy Heart said...

Special times to create treasured memories! It's so heartwarming to see them so excited when they arrive. Glad you had a good day and yes, the rain was so welcome!


Ginny Hartzler said...

What a wonderful day! You ALWAYS make their days wonderful. I do love the Cowboys cheer. She has it DOWN! The little pink glasses are adorable! I think my favorite picture is them and you with the turkey dish full of mints.

Linda said...

Absolutely love the expression on Harrison's face looking at the frog. So cute. Sorry it's so hot in Texas. I used to experience cabin fever when we had to stay inside with the air conditioner. It's 56 degrees at the moment here. Today will be in the low 70s. Temps are dropping cool enough we're beginning to see the leaves change color.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Hi Linda, such a treat to visit and see the kiddos. They are so darn cute! How sweet to see the frog and put it back in the pond. These darlings would melt anyone's heart.

Vee said...

Must see those videos before day's end. The children are so cute and it is wonderful that they love visiting you so well. I know that you love to show them a good time and to introduce new foods and new books and new experiences.

bj said...

This sounds so much like THIS Memaw's house and times when all 10 grands were little...we made huge pallets in the living room and we all slept much fun...and I miss their little selves but sure enjoy their big selves, too. :) That's the joy of being a Grandparent...I did it so easy when I was 50 and 60 but now at 78, I'm thankful to have them

Blondie's Journal said...

So many good times. I'll take your cue and have projects for all the little critters I'm waiting on!


Hootin Anni said...

My favorite of the photos is Kailey with her grandpa! That one just melts my heart. And then, the 'special treat' photo. So, so sweet.

They're such darling, active children who enjoy being with you two! Ad you two with them. A big happy happy family.

Oh yep....HOT here too!!!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

It was a great day at Memaw and Granddad's! They are so cute and busy and creative! How great you are to have a routine with them and I'm so happy you are both well and able to have them quads over again!

Penny said...

The quads just loved being back in the familiar routine with Meemaw and Grandpa. How adorable. I love the little pocket bags they made, they will be so proud of them. X