Monday, September 5, 2016

A Family Gathering on Labor Day 2016!

I went home Saturday night to check on Louis Dean and then returned to Quadville about midnight so I would be there to begin our Labor Day Adventure this morning!
Louis Dean was still sick in bed and Mike was returning from a hunting trip so Amber and I loaded up the quads and headed over to Aunt Summer's house!!!

The quads were so excited to go see their Cousin Rayne!!!

Here they all are heading up to the door!
You should have heard them as they ran up the path!

It was a fun day complete with lots of beverages ranging from a wine cocktail of sparkling wine with flavored soda and lavender infused simple syrup along with fresh fruit and mint, Sangria, iced tea and lemonade.

My sweet daughters! 
Amber and Summer!!
Summer is my first born daughter and Amber was born 22 years later.

Rayne was helping Kailey on the racer.
I loved how helpful and protective Rayne is with her younger cousins.

Summer and Sabrina have a wonderful back yard!
There was fresh sand in the sand box back there by the sunflowers!

Cousins......I love that they have this relationship!
I just developed relationships with MY cousins in recent years.

Sabrina made a delicious Puerto Rico meal!!!

The kids' table! They are all looking so grown up!

Happy Labor Day!!

Rayne was in Puerto Rico on her birthday so we celebrated it together TODAY!

I gave her a modern version of Lite Brite!
I think it was a big hit......

all the kids loved it!

Even Aunt Summer!!! Lite Brite was a favorite toy from her childhood!
When I ordered this online and it arrived in a FLAT box, I thought there was a mistake!
The Lite Brites of the past were large SQUARE boxes!
This one worked just as well.
Things change.....

The quads LOVED playing in Rayne's room!!!

Can you believe this awesome bed???
Summer BUILT it!!!

This is the back side with a slide.
Oh, all the kids were in heaven!!!

I have to tell you how popular Aunt Summer is with the quads and ALL of her family!

Summer just brings joy into every life she touches!

Fun!! FUN!! FUN!!!

Memories were made today.

I just LOVE this tiny snippet of a video!
I laughed and then that ending just squeezed my heart!
That's MY Summer Dee!!!!
I can not TELL you how much fun she is!!!

Thank you, Summer, for being YOU!!!
To know her is to love her!

Amber got a little bit of down time while the kids played.
She really needed this!

It was a wonderful family celebration and we all enjoyed every single minute of it!!

I returned home this evening and Louis Dean is still hacking and coughing and not feeling well at all.
I unloaded and unpacked and went straight to bed for a nap. 
Louis Dean napped in the guest room.
We are thankful for that guest room!
It comes in handy when one or the other of us is ill.
Tonight begins the count down to my surgery on Thursday.
I was given a medicated soap to shower with before bed tonight and the next two nights following plus the morning of the surgery.
I must change my sheets every night.
Or so they said.
I will change them tomorrow and sleep on the right side of the bed.
Then Wednesday night I will sleep on the left side of the bed.
Louis Dean will remain in the guest room.
As the nurse told me, "We take infections seriously!!!"
I will show up for my surgery in sterile form!!!


Jutta said...

Summer is so much fun!! 😂😂 And those kids are so fortunate to have her in their lives.
I sen my best to LD - and of course to you too! Lets hope you will stay healthy and he will get better soooon! 🙏🏼❤️🌻

Ginny Hartzler said...

Summer is so upbeat, no one could ever be sad around her. Now I wonder who she gets that from...ha ha!! I feel so badly for Louis Dean! Perhaps he should go back to the doctor? Keep us informed. That bed is amazing!!!!

MadSnapper said...

what a wonderful wonderful labor day party and birthday party. love that bed. and it is really good for cousins to be close, my closest cousing that I was raised in their back yard, called me yesterday and we talked an hour. of course at 72 we were catcing up on who died or is dying. LOL...

Susie said...

Linda, You have a wonderful family. Your daughters are beautiful mommies. I can see where Summer entertains all the kids. What fun. I looked at the quads and Rayne in their last photo ...they seem so much older. Your babies are growing up my friend. I am going to be praying for your surgery to go smoothly and that LD will soon be well. Blessings to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Linda, what a beautiful family!! Looks like all enjoyed a special time for Labor Day. Love all your great pics and that bed is awesome. Summer looks like a lot of fun and her smile just lights up the page!! Prayers for your surgery and LD to get well.
Thanks for stopping by. Hugs

Changes in the wind said...

What a wonderful day it was. Hope LD gets to feeling better soon and that all will goes well for your upcoming surgery.

Linda said...

It was nice to get a look into Summer's world. Those quads are so lucky to have an Aunt Summer. That bed she built for Rayne is beyond wonderful. You can tell by the house and back yard that Rayne is a well loved little girl. She's really sweet in the picture of her helping Kailey on the scooter. I just love reading about Summer. Hope LD is feeling better today. Time for you to start landing your airplane now in preparation for your surgery. You may be on your own if your nurse is still sick.

Bernice said...
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Bernice said...

Sorry for the deletion of post. Just wanted to say what a wonderful weekend you had,Thank you for sharing. Rayne's bed is amazing. Summer is such a fun loving person, all of your daughters are pretty amazing. Hope LD is feeling better. I will be thinking and praying for you tomorrow that all goes well with your surgery on Thursday, I will be in hospital as outpatient undergoing a gaggle of tests tomorrow, what a better way to take your mind off what you fear then offering prayers for someone special who is about to undergo surgery:)

Carole said...

You make me smile every day - thanks for sharing your lovely family with us all. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Vee said...

Sounds like a wonderful day with everyone having so much fun together. So sorry about Louis Dean still being under "the weeds..."

Your life sounds like it will become a bit labor intensive with all the bathing and sheet changing. Praying for God's richest blessings. He's got this!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

So fun! That bed!!! Summer is amazing! I just realized that both your girls have season names!

Gypsy Heart said...

Fun times! That food looks delish! I'm sure the kids had a blast...and that's a good thing, right? :)


Penny said...

What a fantastic day at Aunt Summer's house! Wonderful memories made x