Sunday, September 4, 2016

WHAT a Sunday!!

I went over to Quadville to spend the night late Saturday.
Louis Dean has been so miserable with these terrible allergies that he encouraged me to go ahead and spend some extra time with Amber and the kids.
It's always an adventure waking up in Quadville!
This morning I was already up when I heard Trystan crying at the top of her shrill little voice!
Pretty soon everyone else was awake!!
The girls were all wide wake by this time so they went back downstairs with me for a few minutes

Everyone cheered up as you can see!
By now we were ALL in the guest room!!!

They were so adorable I snapped a LOT of pictures!!

Harrison was wearing the pajamas I made for him a few months ago from an old pair of Granddad's! The first picture is his 'Old Man Harrison' pose!!

The rest of them are because he is just so stinking cute!!

See what I mean?

And then there's Logan!!
She loves to write notes and even puts them in envelopes sometimes.

It started out as a letter or note and ended as a prayer which she gave her mother to keep.

We went to church and then out to Dickies BBQ for lunch!

Amber and I made a pretty good team.
She ordered and brought the food and I held court with the kids.
Win! WIN!!!

We do love those big yellow cups!!

From there Amber made a super quick run into Costco and I stayed in the car with the quads.
She just happened to park next to a field of wild sunflowers.
We now have a sweet bouquet of them on the table.
However, walking into a field of flowers and weeds was not the brightest thing I've done lately!

We all went home for naps and a relaxing afternoon. Right???
It doesn't always go as planned. It took twice as long for Amber and I to watch a movie as it should have taken what with all the times Amber had to go back upstairs for one child's drama or another's.
She is a trouper!!

Harrison was the only one to take a decent nap and I think Kailey got in a halfway decent one.
Not sure the others slept at all.

However, never one to be daunted, Amber gathered her squad up and we all piled in the car and headed to Target - every one's favorite store!

I love to hear the kids talking together. Children are totally fascinating and you just never know what they are going to say! Can you hear Harrison saying that MeeMaw is a twinkling star?

The kids were so happy and cheerful.
Do you wish you could laugh as easily as a child?

See that big old purse??
I had it hung on my arm and leaned over to get something and it swung around and could have knocked me unconscious if I had had just ONE MORE THING in it!!!

Shopping at Target on a Sunday evening with four 4 year olds and a tired MeeMaw?
Not so bad!!
In many ways it was a challenging day but we all still had a lot of fun!
Why does it work out that way?

SHE is why!!!
I am so proud of her and the way she rolls through the day dodging bullets and putting out fires!
She is pretty amazing!!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

She is indeed amazing! And does it all with no complaining and a big smile.She is so like you, cheerful and making the best of every situation! Aren't they cute talking? It is so cute to listen to the little ones chatting! The sunflowers are beautiful!

jamarson1 said...

Sounds like your having a great weekend. I hope LD feels better soon. I love your comment about your purse. I have wayyyyyyy to much crap in mine too. Have a nice week. As always you made me smile reading this :)

MadSnapper said...

I agree, Amber Is Amazing!! love the sweet voices and the prayer note. poor LD hope he feels better soon and a good thing your wild flowers are not in your house.. allergies from flowers.,.

Gypsy Heart said...

Amber is truly amazing ~ I'll never know how she does it! I barely could with 2. :) Love hearing the kids talking! If you just listen you can learn so much. Glad you had a fun time!

I feel for LD. I'm having so much trouble with my allergies right now, even with my shots & meds. Ragweed is so bad! Hope he feels better.


Estelle's said...

Y'all do make an amazing team! Love the babies and mother-daughter time! Just got some of my own and was over the moon happy! It's fall Miss Linda!!!

Cheapchick said...

Your daughter is amazing! And the kids are turning into such nice little human beings, a reflection on their family.

Summer said...

Those kids are very cute! Seems like you had a great time ♥

Linda said...

Amber is amazing & the quads are amazing. They are so interesting at this age. Fun to watch their personalities develop. Wise to keep LD under house arrest until he's completely well, otherwise he'll relapse. It just doesn't work to keep going dragging that stuff with you. It will bite you again every time. When is your surgery date.? You must be exhausted.

Susie said...

Linda, So good of you to stay with Amber and the children and go to church with them. Hope LD is getting better. I am amazed at how much the children have grown. They are well behaved and treat each other so well. I love all the pictures. Blessings to all, love you guys, xoxo, Susie

Penny said...

At last I am starting to catch up with ypur blog again dear Linda, and what a pleasure it is to read again about those darling children. Hope to catch up fully over the next daybor two X