Saturday, September 3, 2016

It's The WEEKEND!!!!

It is a weekend to celebrate!
Friday evening Amber loaded up all four kids, supplies AND her beloved 90 pound dog, Jersey, and headed over to our house!!!

I love Trystan's expression!
You would not BELIEVE the story Amber told us of the challenge of getting everyone ready, things packed and all loaded in the car!!
They were all smiles here!!!

Shall we just say that this is the beginning of hunting season?

The kids were glad to be here and I was happy to see them.
(Louis Dean remained in bed all day and night Friday.)

A few minutes after they arrived, our dear friends, Kimmy and June dropped by!
They heard I had Pumpkin Muffins!!!

June was met by a warm loving Jersey Girl!

Kailey loves June!
After they hugged, Kailey lifted her shirt to show June her Super Hero Zipper Scar!!!
The she looked right into June's eyes and asked, "Did yo pray for me?"
June assured her, "Yes, I did!! Every single day and I STILL pray for you!!"
Kailey's whole open heart surgery experience has made her a very real believer in the power of prayer!

Dinner was served outside!
Smoked sausage, fried potatoes, green beans, fruit and garlic bread.

After we ate and did the dishes, we had popcorn and a movie!!
This one held even mine and Amber's attention!!

We left Granddad quarantined in the guest room while Amber and two of the quads slept in the den and I took two with me in the bedroom. Can you even guess which two went where??

I am happy to say that I and my two slept very well waking up at 9:30 this morning.
Breakfast was pumpkin muffins and I am here to tell you that first batch disappeared in no time!

The girls helped me bake up another round!

You can tell by this photo that our Kailey is filling out nicely now that her heart problem has been repaired! Just look at those calf muscles on her!!!
Three sisters all born at the same time and still all so different in personalities and build.

Granddad came OUT of his room this morning!!!

He took a hot bath and proclaimed himself 'better!'
Not well and not good but better!
He took every precaution to protect the kids even though he is not considered contagious.

I've just thrown this pic in for good measure because I liked this salad so much!'
Simply a Suddenly Salad box thing with additions of diced celery, mushrooms, sweet peppers, and olives. It was SO good!!!

Once again, lunch was served outside on the kitchen deck!
Here they are chowing down!

And here they are in Picture Mode!
Love how Logan has taken to posing lately!

While they played nearly all afternoon......

I finished sewing their new pajamas.

Notcie the lower right one of Logan's.
She dearly loves all things homemakerish!
She told me today, "MeeMaw, you have such wonderful things!!!"
She was talking about my sewing machine, button boxes and stuff.
She stood beside me as I sewed and rummaged through my box of 'stuff.'
She found this strawberry patch and asked me to cut her a string. That means a length of thread.
It squeezed my heart to see her trying to 'sew' with a straight pin and a piece of thread.
I found a large blunt ended needle and fixed it for her. She knew how to pull the needle through the patch back and forth and felt like she had really sewed something.
I will always remember this afternoon and this conversation.
As she sat beside me with her needle and thread and strawberry patch, she looked up at me and said,
"MeeMaw, I want to be just like YOU!"
I will never forget that!
It will help me be the BEST me I can be with the help and grace of God.

Amber loaded everything and everyone up and headed back home!
I do so appreciate her going to all the trouble to come over.
Nothing's easy when you have FOUR kids the same age - AND a big beautiful black lab dog!


I am happy to say that Louis Dean was feeling well enough to sit up with me and have a glass of wine together. Then we both took naps.
Hopefully he will be on the mend before too many days!!


Nita said...

What a beautiful relationship you have with all of the kids, but what a sweet thing Logan said , she truly is your Mini Me ! You will never receive a more heartfelt compliment than what Logan said today and you will never forget it ! So special .

Linda said...

Wonderful to see Kailey doing so well. I do believe Logan really is a mini-you. Glad to see LD improving. I've found it makes all the difference in the world if you stop right at the beginning and spend about 24 hours in bed. I know that's what he did and that's good. Bob winds up in the hospital when he gets one so we try to keep him safe. It happens though no matter how careful you are. I want LD to go for a complete recovery before he starts working hard again. Very important.

Kathy said...

What a sweet compliment from Logan. And at that age kids really mean what they say. So great that Kailey is already realizing the power of prayer. I hope and pray she continues to grow into a young lady who loves the Lord with her whole heart. Hope LD continues to recover.

Ginny Hartzler said...

What a wonderful post today! I am thinking Louis Dean likes to hunt? Is The Ant Bully very good? What ages would you think it is for? I am always looking for movies for ours. Your story of Logan and the sewing is what grandmothers are all about! And I know this will stay in your heart and mind forever!! So something good came out of the surgery! "All things work together for good"! Her belief in prayer at such a young age is so wonderful! The P.J.'s are so cute!

Gert said...

What a wonderful time you all had. My granddaughter has twins, which I would think would be s handful I can't even imagine quads . Bless your daughters heart... What a great grandmother you are. Logan proved that to you...sweet... Those p.j.'s are so cute!


Jutta said...

Beautiful priceless moments!! 💖🌻

MadSnapper said...

You totally lost me with the 90 pound Jersey. wow what a gorgeous dog.. dogs are my first love and the bigger the more I love them.. I did not know they had this big dog... I love the pic of the 3 girls with backs to the camera and the pjs are adorable. what a sweet story about the strawberry. Amber deserves a gold metal for getting all five of them to your house

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Those kids are precious! My heart nearly burst with what Logan said to you! I love seeing Kailey thriving and what a powerful lesson in prayer!

Amber made what could have been a tough time at home missing daddy into an adventure at Granddad and Memaw's!

Happy Sunday to you and Louis Dean!

Arlene G said...

Linda...what a fun weekend!! And won my September Garden flag giveaway. Please send me your snail mail address

Susie said...

Linda, I do believe in the power of prayer. So happy you had a good time with Amber and the children. Praying for LD to get well and stay that way. :):) I did not know that Amber has a big dog. I thought they had a cat.LOL. I almost cried reading about Logan trying to sew and saying that sweet remark to you. It touches the heart. You can be proud girl. Blessings to all, xoxo, love you, Susie

Vee said...

Thank you for including the precious conversations...I am certain that these darling quads get to the essence of things pretty quickly. I know that they are a great blessing to so many. Very glad that Louis Dean is on the mend and feeling like being up. More prayers!

Gypsy Heart said...

Precious moments for sure! Please tell Kailey a LOT of people prayed for her...and continue to do so. Logan's "sewing" and conversation are treasures! They are such a precious and blessed foursome. Glad you had a good time, as usual, and hoping LD is much better!


Cheapchick said...

I hope that LD starts to feel much better soon, it is lousy to feel sick all the time as I am sure you know. The kids are beautiful, love that picture of the girls helping make muffins.

Nonnie said...

You have so many treasured moments. I love this post. Those precious kids, Kailey learning the power of prayer and your conversation with Logan. That is so very sweet. You are a blessed woman. Your daughter is Superwoman and seems to have your genes for sure.

Diana Ferguson said...

Glad your hubby is feeling better! Fun times with those kiddos...

bj said...

so busy
so much fun
and so much LOVE....XOXOXO

PATI CLARK said...

Love 🍷 Sangria !!!!

Cheryl said...

It's so wonderful that you are able to spend special time together with your daughter and the four treasures!! (You always make things special!) Glad that your LD is feeling a bit better...hope he continues to be on the mend.

I rejoice with you at Kailey's successful surgery and smooth recovery!! What an awesome gift from our Father!!

Bev said...

Wonderful weekend... I love your faith...and that the children and living it!!...they have a wonderful heritage...hugs