Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weekend Blessings

I continue to rest and recover in the comforts of hearth and home.

The house is all clean and decorated for fall just as I planned for it to be.
Now I can enjoy looking at everything while I get over this toe surgery.

Summer has been sending packages just about every day this month.
This one arrived first - September.

"September is a novel to be savored, a curl-up-under-the-covers kind of old fashioned read hardly anyone knows how to write anymore. It is a book to be savored and cherished - not just in September, but in any month of any year."

The second package!
The iced tea has come in handy while I've been recovering and the Zyrtec is VERY important if you have ragweed allergies as we do.

Fragrant candles glow in every room and that just makes me smile.

I didn't sleep much Thursday night due to the hydrocodone pills but I did stay in bed and rest.

And I kept the candles burning all day long.

By Friday evening the pain block from surgery had totally worn off and I was back to taking the pain medicine again - even though it makes me itch like crazy and act like a mad woman.

"Day 1 after surgery started off so well I skipped a couple or three doses of pain meds. Not a good idea! I prepped dinner while Louis Dean went to the grocery store and shortly after my pain block from surgery yesterday hit GONE! My party was over and I grabbed a pain pill! I also noticed the bandage done at the hospital was so loose it was coming off! There was also a lot of bleeding that had soaked through all four layers of those stretchy brown bandages. Plus it was still bleeding. Both from the incision and the place where they took the bone and skin drafts. I took those off and put on two brand new ones. By now my pain level was hitting the 7 mark.
LD finished up dinner while I moaned and groaned from bed. Thankfully the medicine kicked in and we are enjoying a good meal in the den together as we watch reruns of Alaskan Bush People."
Facebook Post

I think by Saturday afternoon I had gained ground and was ahead of the pain once again.
Praise God because I am NOT my normal happy self when I have to take those strong pain pills!
Louis Dean was so grateful to see 'Me' again!!

He was so sweet to not only make a sandwich lunch for me - he even prettied it up!

We even ventured out to the driveway so I could show Louis Dean that the birds are back!!

I had filled the feeder several days ago but it had not been visited.
The honeysuckle bush used to be full of birds and it's been kind of lonely to not see them flitting around and hear them tweeting around the feeder.
Still not sure why they left but now they're back!!!

By late Saturday afternoon, I was taking milder pain meds while still elevating and icing my foot.
Win! WIN!!!

Summer and Rayne arrived to visit and their timing was perfect!

We all worked on the puzzle for awhile......

I just LOVE this picture of Mummers and Rayne!!

I kept my foot up and the icing machine on as I worked on one side of the puzzle....

and Summer worked on the other side.

Rayne played on the floor nearby with her new parrot.
Louis Dean cooked up a good spaghetti dinner for us and after we ate....

Summer, Rayne and I went out to the gazebo.

This is Rayne's look as Summer was explaining about my knee replacement after Rayne had noticed my scar. She said, "That's just not possible!!! Maybe your toe but NOT your whole KNEE!"

Saturday night was so special!! We had a great time together!
Louis Dean and I both went to bed a short time later.....and as we walked down the hall and hugged each other in front of the bedroom doors.....then he went right to the guest room and I went left to our room......I was reminded of our dating days.
They didn't last long.
eHarmony 'matched' us on April 19, 2005.
We met in person and had our first date at the Fort Worth Zoo on April 30th.
Louis Dean said he hadn't walked as much as he did that day 'since Hector was a pup!'
He proposed the first time (in a light hearted way)  as we walked out of the zoo.
On May 27th, at a nice Italian restaurant in Brownwood, Texas, Louis Dean proposed as he opening the box holding a diamond engagement ring. As I said 'Yes!' the couple sitting close to our table starting clapping and said congratulations!
We were married on June 26 and have lived happily ever after ever since!!
But back to our parting in the hall.
Since LD lived 169 miles away, he would drive down and we would have Saturday together and then he would spend the night before getting up early enough to drive back to Brownwood for a Sunday School class he was in. Back then he would hug me and said, "My intentions are completely honorable." And they were.
And that's the way we have been going to bed the last week or so after he came down with that allergy attack and now since I have had this surgery.

I think I have really turned a corner with my situation.
Last night (Saturday) I slept for 12 hours getting up only 2 or 3 times.
It was midnight when I closed the bedroom door and noon when I opened it today.

Football was already on the TV when I walked into the den.

I settled down with my feet propped up and then put the icing machine back on.
Louis Dean brought in two boxes that were on our front porch....

More September gifts from Summer!!
An assortment of exotic teas, purse size Vicks VaporRub, Melty Mints and socks!
Oh, those SOCKS are awesome!!!
Underneath the boxes is a brand new flannel nightgown!
Back in 1984, I bought flannel gowns for both Summer and myself.
I wore these for over 30 years losing one to its aging condition last year and the other one this year.
They started out heavy and ended up being as light as air.
It's good to have a new one.

We had a good day watching football all afternoon and are about to watch the last game of the day tonight. Too bad the Cowboys didn't win but it wasn't because we weren't in here rooting for them!

Before I close I want to show your the things Rayne gave me last night,
She picked them out all by herself.

Summer gave me the mirrored C years ago and Rayne gifted me with the golden glittery pumpkin and the Leaves are Falling plaque.

I think Louis Dean and I are BOTH in better shape as we close out this weekend!


Susie said...

Linda , I truly believe that saying in your post.Don't wait... I loved seeing the pictures of Summer and Rayne. You and LD are so perfect for each other. I am glad God gave you both a second chance. Remember to take care of yourself and don't over do. I am praying for you and your family. Hug LD for me. Love you guys so much, Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Nita said...

So glad you've turned a corner with your pain. Sounds like Summer and Rayne were good medicine for you. Stay down and make yourself well and strong. I love you dearly !

Linda said...

Well LD didn't have many week-ends to practice his honorable intentions, that was a short courtship. I would have been very concerned if you'd been my mother. There's a lot of risk involved in marrying a big, tall, overall wearing man from Brownwood, Texas! I'm enjoying reading about all your pampering. You can certainly see the love in both Summer & Rayne's eyes, a very sweet picture. I'm very proud of both you and LD for slowing down to let your bodies catch up. See if you can't keep that up.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

So glad that you are both doing well! Your daughter truly loves you, Linda! Rayne's reaction to your knee replacement is so cute!

Vee said...

So true those parting thoughts. I am glad to read that you are BOTH on the mend. It is no fun being under the circumstances. You show us how it's done! Summer is such a sweet daughter pampering you with these wonderful and useful gifts. I really like the plaque that Rayne gave you.

Vee said...

That doesn't read correctly at all. I can only hope that you know me well enough that you know what I meant to say. I may be hoping a lot since you're on meds. Ha!

Gypsy Heart said...

A great evening, indeed! Summer is amazing to be sending you all these packages. I'm so glad you've slowed down and I do hope you will continue to do so. Wishing both of you healing from the allergies too! I do my shots 2x a week, take meds daily and still having issues...not fun!

You were a brave soul to get married that quick, girlfriend. That would scare me to death! :) Looks like a wonderful match so perhaps all the ads for eHarmony are correct.

Take care!
P.S. Could you please tell me more about this icing machine?

Ginny Hartzler said...

This last quote is so true! I hope you have been through the worst of it, and it is all downhill from now on! Summer is amazing!! What wonderful gifts. What a story about you and Louis Dean! AND he can even cook! I think you are both eHarmony's finest and best achievement!

Bev said...

Oh Linda... I love your story about you and Louis Dean!!... sorta sounds like Brian and was a short time getting to know each other...and in a month it will be 44 years...

Judy said...

Love your story. And I must have the best attitude. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

MadSnapper said...

that is one ginormous puzzle. I can't take pain pills at all, the only thing I can take is aleve or ibuprofen. they make me crazy and they did my dad to. cheers to both of you feeling better and better each day and God bless summer for those presents. a bottle of zryteck is a fantastic gift...

Changes in the wind said...

So glad you are healing well and your Summer girl is a keeper:) Louis Dean too:)

BeachGypsy said...

Keep on healing!! Great so far!

Pondside said...

Linda, your doctors must love you as you have the nicest attitude! I am so glad to read that were able to stay ahead of the pain and that you are recovering little by little. You are truly amazing!

Diana Ferguson said...

Praying for you that the worst is over! You are surrounded by many who love you. Let them spoil you a little.

Jodi W. said...

My Cowboys are always on in this house even if they do almost give me a heart attack! We played a great game though....Gotta love that Dak.....:)

Get well soon dear!!!

Kelly said...

I'm so glad that you're healing well and being so pampered while doing so! That makes me smile. All of those sweet gifts are so nice and thoughtful. You have such a loving family. LD is a sweet husband to be there for your every need too. Love that quote at the end of your post. That's one to remember!

Penny said...

Lovely post, and I so enjoyed reading the story of your early days with Louis Dean. You were matched by e-harmony on my youngest son's 3rd birthday! He was born on 19 th April 2002! All your gifts from Summer are so thoughtful and lovely X