Sunday, September 25, 2016

Celebrating my 68th Birthday!!! What a Weekend of FUN!

I celebrated all weekend!
It started Friday morning when I took Summer to the specialist.
Normally you wouldn't think this would be cause for celebration but we knew it was!
I won't go into the details but Summer has a pretty serious situation to deal with and thanks to our friend, Dawn, she has a really good doctor. Summer and Dawn went to school together and - thanks to Facebook - we have stayed connected. You have heard the saying - 'It's all in WHO you know!'
Lots of truth to that and we are grateful!

From the doctor's office we stopped at Hobby Lobby so I could pick up some canvases for my Santa paintings. Summer wanted to go in but was not able to walk so I pushed her in the wheel chair.
I used it the same way I would a walker as my toe has been swelling and tingling.
So we looked like a fine pair!

 Still, we had fun in spite of it all and ended up at Chili's for a bite of lunch. 
My first birthday meal - complete with Skinny Margaritas!
(Summer had had NO medication at that point! She really needed a drink!)

Home so she could take a nap and I went up to the hospital to visit my friend, June, who was in a car accident Wednesday afternoon. She will be in a neck brace for 3 months! 
The most amazing thing is - she looked beautiful even with a neck brace on and in a hospital bed!
Her birthday is the day after mine so I brought a card and a tin of pumpkin muffins to her.
Her real gift will be a BIG tin of fruitcake cookies!
The thing is - you can't even buy the candied fruit mix until November at the earliest!
That's crazy! Usually I buy lots of it at the end of the year but I didn't stock up this time.

Louis Dean is feeling like his normal self again! I would have said old self but he sure doesn't act 'old!' He's back to playing outside with his  power tools and building stuff!

Friday evening, Amber picked us up and we went out to dinner.

Me and my girls!

Summer ordered this as a surprise for me!
I had to break the pinata with a small bat!

Inside were delicious fruits, mini churros, and raspberry, caramel and chocolate sauces....

Oh, MY! It was GOOD!!!!

From dinner we went to see Magnificent Seven and it was wonderful!!!
What a perfect celebration!
It was after midnight when Amber dropped Summer and me off at home and we tottered off to bed!

Saturday I had planned to go to Arlington to see Levi play football and watch Faith cheer.
I woke up with a swollen foot and there was no way I could walk the long distance from the parking lot to the various football fields. I called the kids to let them know and then asked Faith if she wanted me to come pick her up and she could spend the rest of the weekend with me.
It thrilled my heart when she immediately said YES!!!!
I picked her up after she came home from the game - in which it poured down rain and they continued to play in it until it started lightning!
She said it was a good thing I didn't try to go!

We drove right over to Rowlett to see Rayne play in her game.
While it had stormed in Arlington, rained in Irving, it was still dry in Rowlett.
The field was right by the parking lot as were the bathrooms so that made it easier for us. By this time both Summer and I were using canes and wobbling around. Faith was SUCH a blessing in helping Rayne with her equipment and holding Sunshine, carrying stuff and doing whatever she could.

Rayne on the pitcher's mound!!

That's our girl!

Up to bat! It's T-Ball!

Rayne and her best buds!

Summer is always smiling.
You would never know she was crying in pain - she had turned just a bit and  that caused great white hot pain go shooting down her leg and she was stopped dead in her tracks - just minutes before. She IS amazing.
Nothing keeps her from having fun and enjoying life!

Game over, Faith helped us all get to the car with everything and we headed back to Summer's where we spent the night.

Summer is a class act all the way.
Thanks to Faith, we had a nice fire out there and relaxed for a little while.
Faith was the one to find the propane gas containers and hauled them to the pit. She did the muscle part of all the chores for us.

See? Still smiling!
Summer ordered Italian food to be delivered for our dinner....

I sat back with my glass of wine and enjoyed the evening.

Love their back yard!

We ALL loved the Italian food!!!
Faith was so good with Rayne and would get down on her knees and play with whatever Rayne was playing! Rayne adores her!

I made a batch of pumpkin muffins just for Rayne!!
She wants Mummers to freeze then so she can have one every day for a long time.
She LOVES pumpkin muffins!!!

We sat in the den and watch Aladdin.....
Faith fell asleep. Sweet girl!

This morning I had planned to go to church.....
but my foot was still pretty swollen and I am trying so hard to not overdo walking.
Once again it was a good choice as we had lots of extremely heavy rain storms roll in.
I walk - slowly and painfully right now - but I guarantee you that I don't RUN!

The only other clothes I brought were the Sunday ones so I showered and dressed up and we loaded up and just as Faith had carried our bags out to the car - the sky opened up and it POURED rain!!!
She was stuck in the car and I in the house. When it would slack up, she would text me - 'Come now!'
Then it would pour again before I could get out the door.
Finally I made it to the car and we were off to visit Quadville for a few minutes.
Lots of characters met us at the door!


And I honestly can't remember who character was but I do know Trystan totally rocked it!!

My sweet Logan!!
I must admit she can melt my heart.
She gave me some notes and colored papers that I keep on the fridge and my mirror.
I can't help but smile when I see any of my grandchildren.

They are all so precious!

Faith and Kailey are both drawn to electronics.
So sweet to see them together.

We left in time to pick Granddad up and make it up to the AMC to see Magnificent Seven! Again.

Faith wanted to see it and so did Louis Dean. It was so good I really wanted to see it again, too!

Sweet Faith was just the cherry on top of my birthday weekend!
You know what? As I sit here tonight reflecting on my birthday, I just realized what made it so SUPER special. I spent time with both of my daughters, had phone chats with  both of my sons and I visited with every single one of my 8 grandchildren!
It truly doesn't get any better than that!!!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Happy Birthday Linda. You all celebrated with great fun and laughter and love through all the pain. Hugs.

jamarson1 said...

Happy happy birthday. I hope you continue to take it easy and don't overdue it! I am in San Fransisco this week for work trip. I remember not long ago reading about you and Summers wonderful trip here! I wish I was here to enjoy and not work:). Happy Sunday!

Linda said...

It would be hard to top a birthday like this one. Where to start on this post, lots of things to comment on. Are you going to keep us informed about Summer? I want to know what's going on. Of course I had to notice my buddy Kailey's long skinny feet. Those are long feet for such a little girl. I so identify with her feet. Faith is indeed a real treasure. I suspect Faith has total admiration going from five little munchkins. It's obvious she enjoyed her time with you and Summer. So sorry your toe is acting up again. I know that's annoying. That's some hat LD has there. I know the rain & cooler temps must have been a relief.

Ginny Hartzler said...

A fabulous birthday! It cannot get any better than being surrounded by all your loved ones. And speaking of costumes...time to find out what the Quads want to be for Halloween! Mine were all here yesterday and I forgot to ask. That pinata is awesome, I have never seen anything like it! Poor Summer, she is so brave!ask.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Sounds like a delightful weekend celebration!

Kathy said...

What a super birthday! It can't get much better than that. Only if you and Summer were both in tip top condition. Bless that Faith, she is a real gem. You sure have wonderful grandkids -- all 8 of them. Glad LD is back to himself!

mxtodis123 said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Linda,
Happy Birthday to you.

So glad you had such a wonderful birthday. Looks like so much fun was had by all.

Arlene G said...

A very happy Birthday to you Linda. It looks like it was the perfect weekend.

Gypsy Heart said...

A weekend full of celebrations ~ awesome! Keep it going! There's no time limit. :)


Estelle's said...

What a beautiful birthday celebration! Memories to carry with you of those you love! Have a beautiful week!

Susie said...

Linda, Happy birthday. I know you enjoyed it with all the children. Nothing better than sharing good times with them. Your Summer is a brave strong woman. When you show pictures of the kids it makes me smile. How very cute they all are. Take care. Blessings, love you guys, xoxo, Susie

peggy said...

what a sweet birthday Linda, you have many, many blessings.

Changes in the wind said...

Happy birthday. We are the same age so I know it is a good year.

MadSnapper said...

Happy Belated birthday and I am dying to see the Magnificent Seven, loved the first one and I love Denzel no matter what he is in... you had a super celebration. glad you, Summer and LD are better..

Jan said...

So glad you had such a wonderful birthday! Hope you and Summer heal quickly.


Happy birthday dear Linda, many blessings and many, many, many moooore !!
You really celebrated all weekend with hubby LD, your friend and beautiful family, what else can one ask for?

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday! so glad that you were able to spend it with people you love and have so much fun doing it. I haven't seen that movie yet. It looks good though. My husband and I plan on seeing the movie about the oil rig that catches fire later this week. Summer must take after you with her zest for life! I hope that both of y'all start feeling better soon. Pain is NO fun!

Beth said...

Praying for you and Summer! Be well. God bless!

Summer said...

Blessings and belated birthday greetings to you ♥

Jodi W. said...

What a memorable birthday weekend spent with family. It doesn't get much better then that. And also, I just saw the candied fruit at Dollar Tree the other day, might need to make a run......:)
Happy Birthday!!!

Wanda said...

What a fabulous birthday weekend. I'm ready for candied fruit, and hope the stores put it out soon. I'm in the mood for a REAL fruitcake of this year.

Loved all your pictures....we pack to head to Tahoe on Friday. Busy around here.

Linda said...

Awesome!!! Thank you!

Nonnie said...

A happy belated birthday to you. Nobody could send any wishes to top what you were blessed with on your special day. What a beautiful life you live. I am so sorry for Summer, but you're right. Her smile stays on. Wonderful pictures.

Penny said...

Happy Belated Birthday Linda xxxxxx I am sorry to hear your foot was swelling up, and poor Summer, her back pain sounds very serious, I am sorry to hear that news. However, you made the most of your special time together, and most importantly, you treasured all those family connections. X

Carla said...

Glad to see you celebrated all weekend. A girl after my own heart. LOL. I just noticed Faith has those cute dimples too.
I think all the girls in your family have dimples.