Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We had QUAD a Day!!!!

I woke up in Quadville this morning after having slipped in to the guest room a bit after midnight last night.
The first thing I do is go to the Keurig and make me a cup of Peach Cobbler coffee!!
Amber stocks all sorts of exotic teas and coffees for everyone!
Then I turn the TV on the news and stumble around the play room organizing all the toys for a new day of play!
Next is the breakfast preparations.
Amber keeps a meal plan on the fridge so everything is easy peasy!
By the time the babies are stirring I am all ready with breakfast on the table!!
As I opened the nursery doors all four babies said, "Good MORNING!!!"
We quietly went downstairs so as not to wake Mommy!!
Oh, did I mention the babies didn't get up until 9:00???
I so LOVE that!!!

My morning clean up crew!

We have to go outside early in the day and it is already hot!!!

We went out while still in our pajamas - MeeMaw included!!
We WERE armed with lots of iced tea!

More, please!!!

It's crazy how much these munchkins drink!!
Mostly herbal tea without sweeteners and of course - plenty of water!!

We dressed and had a morning snack to go with more TEA!!

The girls looked so cute in their summer dresses......or 'Frocks' as I love to call them!

Sugar Wafers....

It's not always pretty in Quadville!
We keep it real here!!

Granddad's GRAND entrance!

Live music during lunch!!

Amazingly enough, Amber went to the grocery store this morning!
The kids all helped us put everything away.
They really were a lot of help!

Nap time went smoothly for all of us!
All four babies plus Granddad got a nap in as did MeeMaw!!!
I slept in a BED, though!!

Afternoon entertainment was as much for Granddad's benefit as the quads!
Amber popped in Shrek - a movie her Aunt Deanie sent over and we ALL enjoyed the whole thing!
Trystan and Harrison especially liked the donkey in it!

Even though Amber is recovering from that knee surgery - she managed to put together the GREEN Discovery Boxes for this afternoon's learning activity!

We start and end the day with a little outdoor adventure.
Nothing like two pretty little girls playing in the dirt - in their pretty little dresses!!!

I don't talk as much about Mike as I should.
He is a fairly private man and I don't want to invade on his privacy.
Make no mistake about it - he is an awesome husband and father and I could have no better son in law!!

Dinner, baths, playtime in the nursery and bed rounded out this very FULL day in Quadville.
The house is quiet. Louis Dean went home hours ago. I talked to him on the phone a little while ago and he had Lucy and Maggie with him in the den watching a John Wayne movie.
I think it's time to take my book and a fresh glass of tea and retire to the guest room!
Tomorrow is another day!

FOUR days and a wake up to September first!!!!!


Deb said...

a full day for sure...love hearing about your days...and seeing the not so baby babies...

Blondie's Journal said...

It's always hopping there, Linda! Amber is such a great mom and you are certainly her inspiration with all of your energy. But in keeping it real, you admit when you are darn tuckered out.

Those kids have grown since I've last been by (I'm so sorry I've been remiss...you know, summer and all that!). Keep up the good work and fun. You are an angel of a grandma!

Jane xx

Cheapchick said...

Your favorite time of year is just around the corner! Boy, the kids sure are growing fast. I bet she goes through clothes like crazy!

Jutta said...

Oh my - those frocks are adorable!!! And their hairs so thick and beautiful. And what a little handsome man Harrison is. Cuties for sure!

Amber B. said...

It was a really good day!!

Ginny said...

I love reading about your days! But whenever you get home, I think you will sleep for at least 12 hours! I LOVE the video of Louis Dean's entrance, it is spectacular! And when he is singing, one of the quads is singing along! Our Anne Marie has always been a huge drinker, we are still amazed by it. Whenever we take her anywhere, we have to bring along two bottles of water. And sometimes she drinks it all and we have to stop somewhere for more to drink!

Angie said...

You always have such a good time in Quadville. I can't even begin to imagine how much help you are to Amber!

Kathy said...

Another wonderful quad day. You are making such good memories for those kids (can't call them babies anymore). Glad to hear Amber is recovering so quickly. Tell her not to overdo it though. I'm sure she is glad you are there to help her.

Let us know how things go with LD.

Susie said...

Linda, Hugs to you for being the good mom you are. I love the way the kids helped clean and put away. The way they greet granddad is so heart warming. LD singing to them and you can hear they are trying to sing along...love it !! I pray for Mike and Amber. So they have the strength to endure and their love grows stronger , they are great parents. Bless all of you. xoxo,Susie

Stacey said...

Linda, the little video clips are so sweet! I love it when Granddad came in. :)

Vee said...

She went grocery shopping? Wow! You stayed to take care of the quads? Wow! Must be in the genes.

Sandra said...

my favorite video is of the quads wiping the table. just to funny. you only have one real helper.. loved the ENTRANCE .. lol...

Penny Miller said...

Sounds like Amber is recovering really well from her surgery! X

Sweet Tea said...

I love watching the "Village" as you all work together to care for the kido's.

Carla said...

I love LD's grand entrance. Cracks me up