Monday, November 30, 2015

A Scowl and a Blank Canvas!

It is DONE!!!
 Fall is packed away and I am ready to embrace December first thing in the morning!
 Or at least around 10:00 AM or so!
The house looks bare and lonely without all the 'debris' everywhere.

I stripped everything from the front porch and took down all the burned out strands of lights and put up fresh new ones! Still turning things over in my mind as to what I want to do out here this year!

This was the way it looked like last year.
I can't believe I already had so much done by November 30th!
I'm LATE! But I'm also nursing a head cold that makes me feel like I'm drowning!
Good thing I cleared my calendar of all activities because it's gonna take all week!
And then some, maybe!!

However, as I write, ALL fall is stored away and believe you me - it was a JOB!!!

Just a small portion of all the things my dear husband had to put up in the attic today!

I had a TOTAL of:
24 tubs - packed FULL!
10 big black garbage sacks
11 white kitchen bags

AND I forgot about about the 7 pumpkins and fall garland I bought in Galveston last week!
It's still in the trunk of my car but I'm going to sack it up and tuck it up in the attic all by myself!

I do NOT have the courage to ask Louis Dean to do another thing!

I hauled ONE tub up there to the attic but he did all the rest!
We used all the available attic space over the bedroom and guest room and it was packed TIGHT!

I doctored this pic every which way but I could NOT remove the scowl from his face!!
Next year I may ask my oldest grandson if he can come help me.
I think this was LD's last year to do it.
The insulation really bothers his asthma.
I got most of it down by myself by doing a little at a time but putting it back UP has to be done all at once!

Christmas will be no problem as we have it stored in the old playhouse right outside our bedroom patio. I stored it away last year all by myself and I can get it out with no help!

Maybe some day I can use the storage building - the part that is downstairs - to hold my fall things.
But I'll think about that later!
For now I have a blank canvas and I am so excited about decorating for Christmas!!!


Deb said...

Take care of yourself hope you feel better soon

Angie said...

I definitely see the scowl- you know he loves you though!!!
I cannot wait to see what you do for Christmas. I love looking at all your decor. One day I'm going to visit just so I can stay in that cozy home of yours!
Hope you feel better soon Linda!!!

Kathy said...

Wouldn't it be fun for Angie and I to come together to your cute house? I love seeing your decorations too. You have way more energy than I do. I do my decorating a little at a time and hope I get it all done before the holiday. I can't imagine having as many decorations as you have. But take it easy. Poor LD looks as if he's had enough of going up and down to the attic.

Blondie's Journal said...

You have so much energy and really make me want to get off my bum!! Bring on the holidays, Linda! You always do a bang up job.

Jane xxxx

Carole said...

Ok, it's 9.23pm now on Tuesday here and according to Mr Google the time in Austin is 1.23am on Tuesday morning - so that's quite some time difference! We live in your tomorrow! Cheers and keep LD away from that insulation!

Nancy Chan said...

Hi Linda, its goodbye November and welcome to December. Do take care of yourself and LD.

Susie said...

Linda, Time to put on the Christmas music. I maybe doing some decorating today also. Wishing you and LD a great week. Blessings to all, love you, Susie

Changes in the wind said...

You are a unique little lady that knows what she likes! Your hubby is a good sport and am sure he gets lots of brownie points along the way.

Bev said...

Oh boy... I'm tired just thinking about that work:)

Cheapchick said...

Pace yourself girlfriend! Take naps if need be and have lots of tea and wine on hand as you have a big job ahead, albeit one you love.

MadSnapper said...

get cracking on that blank canvas. i smiled when you said it looks blank. you have more lights arround your door than i have had in the past 10 years in the whole house. waiting to see what you do this year and you are keeping LD strong and healthy doing all your list

Nita said...

It's taking me longer to decorate this year too. I do love Christmas decoration's and I have a lot, but I seem to be moving a little slower
each year !

Debbie said...

What a job Linda, you sure do have a lot of stuff. Chuck helped me decorate right after Halloween and I like that. It is a lot of work and I have had more time to enjoy it and really soak up the Christmas spirit!!

We renovated the house when my 2 boys moved out, what a mess but it was so worth it. Now I have one beautiful guest room and one bedroom that I use for storing all of my decorations. It is so much easier, the bedroom is lined with shelves and I keep my decorated Christmas trees in there, covered with bike bags.

I really like your new header pic, very nice for the season!!

Blondie's Journal said...

I have the bug, too, Linda, and it makes everything harder. Good for you getting your fall stuff cleared out---thats a start. If you don't want to bother LD next year, maybe you can get a young high school kid, I do that a lot. If I want something done when I want it done, there is always someone wanting a little extra cash.

Take care, feel better and I pray we both get to work soon!!

Jane x

Carla said...

I think LD needs to build you a decoration shed where you can store all the debris. Avoiding the attic, stairs and so much heavy lifting. LOL