Monday, December 21, 2015

"Linda, you have been BESTED!!"

That's what Louis Dean said just as soon as we stepped inside Casa Verde Mexican Restaurant in Arlington, Texas this afternoon!!! We have been there before and I remembered all the lights they have up year round. However, they outdo themselves at Christmas!!!

It was so much MORE!!!!
I think the lights may be the same year round but all the tinsel is Christmas 'special!'

I am so happy that I have my husband back!!!
Finally - after a full week of being sick - he felt like going out to lunch!!

He's asking me if it would be wrong to order Chicken Fried Steak at a Mexican restaurant

Of course not!!! That's exactly what he ordered the last time we were here!!
I was so excited to see him feeling better he could have ordered ANYTHING and I wouldn't have said a word!!!

This lunch was as much fun as going to a party!!!

I have been looking forward to this margarita!!
It was DELICIOUS!!!!
I knew it would be!

Yep! This is my kind of place! I felt right at home!

From there we did a little bit of shopping at Walmart - which did not go nearly as well as the lunch!
First of all - we went our separate ways - which was a MISTAKE!!
HE said, "I'll call you." I whizzed through the store buying everything on my list while HE went to the electronics to get the ONE item on HIS list!
I shopped, checked out, loaded my groceries in the car and returned to the store to look for Louis Dean. I called him - repeatedly!!! As in OVER AND OVER!!! It went directly to voice mail.
I figured he had not turned his phone ON!!
After ONE WHOLE HOUR - I had him paged!
Just as they announced his name, I turned around and there he was in the check out line - WITH food in his basket. I told him I had already got everything on our list! Never mind, he says! I am buying this!!! I stalked walked to the car.......and waited and waited! It was another 20 minutes before he came out! And he was second in line when I left him.
All he would say is , "We are not going to DO THIS!"
That meant - be quiet! I was. All the way home!!!
We ended up with 25 pounds of flour and 6 loaves of bread!!!

We do have fun even when we're NOT!!!

I came in and put up the perishables and TOOK A NAP!
That was exactly what I wanted to do after drinking that margarita!

It was about 7:30 when we started making fudge.

Not just ANY fudge, mind you!!!
This is Jack Daniels Fudge and it has 3/4 cup of Gentleman Jack in it!!
Louis Dean and I licked the pan and let me tell you it tasted GOOD!!!

To end this Monday evening of Christmas week we watched a movie.
I have a ton of points to rent movies at no charge - but I could NOT decide on one!
SO - we looked at the free ones and I found An Unfinished Life.
We really enjoyed it!!!

It's been a great day even with the Walmart fiasco!!
I'm grateful to have my husband back!!!


Kathy said...

Your husband and my husband must be related. Joe would do the same thing at Wal-Mart (and has). He never seems to have his phone on when I want to call him. So glad LD is up and feeling better. I never thought I'd see a place that bested you on their Christmas decorations.

Linda said...

So good to see both of you looking well this Christmas week. Oh my, what I would give to eat Mexican food in Texas. We do miss it. I can tell you some grocery shopping tales that will curl your hair. I've given up all hope of peace & harmony in that area of our marriage.

Nancy Chan said...

So good to know that your hubby got back his health and also appetite and ready to celebrate and welcome Christmas. Both of you look great.

Estelle's said...

This is hilarious.....oh the frustration! You are an angel for being so patient! Now....that Gentleman Jack Fudge....oh my word!!!! Divine!! Glad all is well again at The Chapman's!

Arlene G said...

Oh my! I had to laugh at this one. My husband refuses to go anywhere near Walmart! That fudge sounds very interesting! Could you post the recipe?

Changes in the wind said...

What a restaurant! Glad you have your hubby back and you are a wise woman to just flow with it:)

Shirley said...

Good Morning Linda, I enjoyed reading your blog this morning. My kids have been my chauffeur since my car was totaled for an accident. I don't get to go around the stores by myself because I lose them. It is funny how they don't answer their phones. I am glad Lewis Dean is feeling better. He looked like he did. Merry Christmas. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley

Susie said...

Linda, I am so glad that both you and LD are feeling well. I laughed about the restaurant besting you on decorations. That was cute. Yes, Ted and I have done that big store chasing scene before I finally got a cell phone. And even at that, I have had to walk the store over looking for him. We normally say what department to meet up in...that's helped bunches. You can always refrigerate the flour and bread.So it all worked out. The fudge looked so pretty, I have never made any fudge other than P.B. Slow down you two, relax every chance you can this week.:):) I am sure it's going to get busy in a couple days. Blessings for a fun time today. Love you both, xoxo,Susie

Vee said...

Yay for feeling well enough to not DO THIS. Sometimes, I bite my tongue nearly in two. I'm sure my darling does the same. What a great lunch out you enjoyed and they sure do have a lot of lights. That fudge sounds and looks amazing. I should make some fudge. What's Christmas without fudge? Sparkle on!

MadSnapper said...

i giggled all the way through the WM story. that has happened to me only twice. now i dont shop with him. i much rather go by myself, an if he HAS to go we have to stay together. once my son and his wife did this in WM and my son had left his phone home. he drove home to get his phone so he coudl call her. i said why didn't you have her paged. he said i did not think of that. i know how to stalk and how to not talk to. i can tell my the video and pics you were in the right place to feel at home

Amber said...

I can see it all now....

Tell LD that would never have happened at Target! (Then wink at him and tell him Amber said so, HAHA!)

Debbie said...

Soo glad Louis Dean is feeling better! Funny on you being bested...that's alot of sparkle! I was totally laughing at your Walmart story as that could soo be my hubby and me. WHAT are they doing? lol. And yes, best to just keep those lips quiet, lol. Soo hard to do however but I always regret it when I don't, haha. YUM, fudge...haven't made that in a few years. Can't keep my own head out of it. For some reason all discipline goes out the door at any signs of sugar around here, lol. Continue to enjoy this season!

Cheapchick said...

My husband does that too - I try not to shop separately any more. He never seems to hear his phone when out shopping as his hearing is not great (*but too stubborn to get a hearing aid at age 53) so I believe him but he gets sidetracked easily. Fortunately, our stores other than Walmart are not that big in our town. It was much tougher when we lived in the city.

Cheapchick said...

PS he needs to be careful about saying you've been bested as you could easily see that as a challenge :)

Nonnie said...

The Walmart story is way too familiar! Oh my goodness. You will have to do a lot of baking. Very wise to not DO THIS. The fudge looks really good.

Penny said...

Oh Linda! What a 'carry-on' as we would say in Scotland! You are looking so adoringly at LD in the Margerita photograph, and then no doubt wanted to scream as you combed Walmart for him! Oh well, that's marriage for you! You wont run out of bread or flour in a hurry either! X