Saturday, November 21, 2015

A GREAT Friday With Lonnie and Ruth Ann!!!

I picked Ruth Ann up this morning at 10:30 this morning and we didn't get back home until after 8:00 tonight! We had a FULL day!

Our first stop was to visit my brother!!!
He had both knees replaced earlier this month and I spent the day with my sisters and sister in law while he was in surgery. This was the first time I have seen him since!
He's recovering nicely after a few pretty challenging times.
Double knee replacement is not for the faint of heart!
He said he had them both done at once because he didn't think they could get him back a second time! Wise man!! I should have taken a picture of him and Ruth Ann.
When we drove up he came out to meet us. I told Ruth Ann how happy I was that she was going to meet my one and only brother at long last! SHE said she felt like she already knew him through my blog! Then when he came out, he said HE already felt like he knew Ruth Ann!!!
For some reason that made me feel good!

I do love my brother and his beautiful wife!

Meet Pepper Jack!!
Lonnie and Michele got this precious dog shortly after they married.
He is a sweetie and I took a LOT of photos of him so I can paint a Pet Portrait of him for my brother's birthday in January. Not one of the pics will work so hopefully Lonnie and Michele can send me a favorite photo to work from.

After our visit with my brother, Ruth Ann and I drove down the street to have lunch at The Cracker Barrel!

We both LOVE this place!!!

There's always so much to see.....

and the down home food is so GOOD!!!
I even bought a pecan pie to take to the Family Thanksgiving at Amber's tomorrow night!

I love the sights, the smells and the atmosphere of a Cracker Barrel!!

AND I love the SOUNDS!!!

We decided to go to Granbury and shop the HEB there!!!

Amber and I love their Texas Candles!!!
Bought one for me, one for Jutta and two for Amber!

I needed two chairs so Jutta and I can sit on Seawall Blvd and watch the waves!
Found these at HEB and they are now in the trunk of my car just ready to pop out when I get down there!! Win! WIN!!

Ruth Ann and I met up in the Coffee Cafe there at HEB!
LOVE this sign!!!
I bought a Mango Green Tea......yum! $2!

I noticed the fir trees when we were walking out!
I need one of these for the camper at the ranch!

There's nothing that smells like Christmas more than a fir tree!!!!

We drove back to Fort Worth - Lonnie lives in Benbrook and the HEB is in Granbury - to shop the Hobby Lobby on Hulen Street!

Love this tree and I can see Louis Dean cutting up some of the scrap wood he has so we can make our own!

There's something rejuvenating about spending a day with your best friend!
I love seeing our selfie in the middle of a heart shape.

I got a good many things crossed off my list today!
Car washed! CHECK!
Shopping! CHECK!!!
Visiting with Lonnie and Ruth Ann - DOUBLE check!

My friend, Jutta, is waiting for me in Galveston.
This photo was of the sunrise this morning was taken at the 61st Street Pier just across the street from Casa Del Mar! Since Jutta is an early riser, I feel certain she enjoyed seeing this for real!

This time tomorrow night I will have my bag packed and the car loaded and ready to drive down to Galveston first thing Sunday morning!

In the mean time......I still have a LOT to do!
It's easier to work after a good night's sleep so that's where I will be heading!
Right after I make some guacamole and pour Louis Dean and I a glass of wine.
What can I say??? We are Night Owls!!


Jutta said...

I did!

Jutta said...

And up waiting to see that view again!

NanaDiana said...

How wonderful that your brother is doing so well- that is a lot of surgery to recover from at one time. Good for him though for being brave enough to do that. I am glad that Ruth Ann had a chance to meet him, too.
Enjoy your trip tomorrow. It is that time of year, isn't it? xo Diana

Susie said...

Linda, I think your brother looks happier than he has in any other photo, so he must be feeling so much better. Glad he is already getting around. So nice that he and RuthAnn got to meet. I was thinking this past Tuesday how much I missed my best friend. Tuesday would have been her birthday. I would have loved going to cracker barrel with you and Ruth. My mom loved that place too. She would tell us what stuff was hanging on the walls. LOL. Blessings for a safe and fun weekend. Love you, Susie

Sandra said...

i am with your brother on doing both at the same time. get it OVER with. glad he is doing well with it and you all got to visit. great idea on the chairs for your trunk. if they put trees out here right now, the needles would be gone in a few days, we are still summer temps

Vee said...

So glad that Lonnie is on the mend. I agree with his at a time would not work well for me either...perhaps my body, but not my head.

You and Ruth Ann always have fun!

Arlene said...

Now do not tell me you are related to the EWINGS! Is JR in the family??:) My dear late parents in law loved Dallas and never missed an episode. Glad your brother is doing so well and i have heard other men say the same thing...they knew they would not go back for a second surgery! I am busy getting ready for our family Thanksgiving today and we plan to eat at Cracker Barrel on Thursday. We have heard it is good and I can watch the parade without having to cook!!lol

Linda said...

Dear Linda, I am so happy you enjoyed the video I shared and that you are familiar with this place! I share a wide variety of videos, because I like the element of surprise, so you never know what I may find and share on my blog. Thanks so much for your visit and kind comment, it is always welcome and very much appreciated.

I can see why you love this place! The ambiance is warm and friendly and down home food is my favourite kind of food! Your photos, as always, are just beautiful and your posts are such fun. Thanks so much for sharing.

BeachGypsy said...

Howdy fellow night owl! i do love the way the real trees smell as well! Have a safe drive and fun time in galveston!! I love the victorian homes there!! Beautiful!!

Angie said...

Good to see your brother is getting along pretty well. Prayers for a full and speedy recovery! Looks like you gals had a great day. I LOVE Cracker Barrel too. I need to get down to ours for some good food and of course shopping in their gift shop. I just can't pass it up! Have a safe and awesome trip to Galveston my friend!

Sweet Tea said...

Glad your brother is "vertical" after such a big surgery! Always enjoy reading about you and Ruth Ann and your outings. Happy Thanksgiving Linda!

Nita said...

That was a beautiful sunrise...have a safe trip to and back from Galveston.
Looking forward to meeting Jutta . Man, you and Ruth Ann sure pack a lot into the day !

Carla said...

Busy girl. Yep I'm behind in my reading again. That sunrise was beautiful. Glad Lonnie is up and moving.