Monday, November 23, 2015

Day 2 With Jutta!!! A Biscuit is NOT a Cookie!!! At Least not in Texas!!

What a wonderful time Jutta and I had today!!
 I opened my eyes this morning just as the sun was beginning to come up!
We had several cups of coffee together before really starting our day with breakfast at Miller's Landing. You should have seen Jutta's face when she read the menu!
"Gravy on a BISCUIT??? That makes no sense. A crisp biscuit would just swim in it and get soggy!"
A biscuit is a cookie where she comes from!!!

Now THAT'S a biscuit!!!

The server even brought her a small bowl of gravy to try.
This may have to grow on her......
I ordered grits just so I could give her a spoonful. 
Not her favorite but she DID taste it!!

After lingering over breakfast we next spent some time at Murdochs!
My kids always call this place 'The Shell Shop!'

I have never been here at this time of year so it was a real treat to see it all decked out for Christmas!

Beautiful shell decorations everywhere!

Each one a little different but all were lovely!

We walked on the beach below Murdochs......

I love this place!

Jutta had spied the Goodwill earlier and - knowing me as well as she does - suggested we stop and shop!!! **Note to my family!** SHE suggested it!!! But she didn't have to ask twice!!!

Naturally my basket was quickly filled with 'debris!'

7 pumpkins, a long garland of fall leaves, 2 wine glasses and a silver pitcher PLUS
two burgundy curtains to use in the gazebo when I decorate for Christmas!!!

We decided to drive around the island and see as much as we could.

Mansions and cottages, stately homes and more modest dwellings - all interesting in their own way.

On our way back to the hotel we decided to stop for a bite of lunch.
Jutta had never had a margarita before!!!

She has now!!!!
They were delicious......

as was her seafood soup!!!

We came back to Casa Del Mar in time to rest. Well, she rested and I went to SLEEP!
This trip has been so good for me because I am getting a lot of rest and NO working!!!
Walking is good for us and we have been doing some of that but not TOO much!

Our evening's entertainment was Moody Garden's Festival of Light and Ice Sculptures along with a 
4D film - Polar Express!!!!

We had more fun watching it and we laughed more than the kids in the theater!!!
You could SMELL the hot chocolate, FEEL the wind blowing and the moisture in the air and we even got POKED in our back!!! Tom Hanks was the voice of the conductor and it was just great!

It was 9 degrees in Ice Land!
I slid down a slide of ICE! They gave us parkas to wear so  my pants didn't get wet - but it also kept me from sliding! I had to push myself the last few feet which caused my hands to FREEZE!!!
I bought a cup of hot chocolate as soon as we got out of there!!

We walked through a mile of decorations which feature a MILLION lights!!!
That's more than I have in MY house!!!!

It was 6:30 when we started back to the car. We stopped in at Kroger for some bread and olives and a bottle of sparkling wine and a few crab cakes to go with some leftovers we had from last night.
This made a delicious supper and we sat and visited - both during the meal and for a good while afterwards.

It has been a relaxing and FUN day!
Jutta is easy to be with and so clever and funny!
We laugh, we joke, we talk, we simply get along so well.

Today has been sunny and pretty although a good bit chilly this morning.


Wanda said...

Your wonderful trip with Jutta reminds me of my sister times with Donna. What great fun, and getting to try things she never tasted. Lovely very thrilled you got to do this with for forever friend. Hugs to you both.

Kathy said...

I am so enjoying your visit with Jutta! I love every part of it. Tell her I don't like grits either. And yes, I did try them. Yuck! The British call cookies "biscuits" so no wonder she was confused. I didn't know Polar Express was out in 4D. That is one of my favorite movies ever.

Moody's Gardens was beautiful! I don't think I'd slide down an ice slide though.

Nancy Chan said...

Thank you for the chance to join you and Jutta in your time of food which are new to me too, visiting places of interest, shopping and of course having fun in the Iced Land. Have a beautiful day!

Susie said...

Linda, What a fun time. It will be great now when Jutta is home and blogging with you...she will have had some first hand experience on Goodwill shopping. You are girls are eating some tasty looking foods. I can only imagine eating in another country, not knowing what some things are. Well hugs to you and Jutta, have a great fun day. Blessings, love you ,Susie

Stacey said...

Your girls are two peas in a pod! She picked the right person to hang out with here in the USA!

Changes in the wind said...

Good friends and good times:) You amaze me with how you will try most anything including a ice slide!

Deanna Rabe said...

I'm glad you are having such a great visit! This will be the highlight of her trip!


Bev said...

What a fun time you are having!!!...I love seeing you there...brings back memories of our trip there last year!!

Sandra said...

so glad you are both having a wonderful time, you have seen more together than i have in the past 15 years.. and all of it looks like fun. the beach and under the dock is where i would be the happiest.

Vee said...

A fun post to read! Kindred spirits for sure! Now what are you going to do with all those pumpkins that Jutta talked you into (sorta)? You're going to need an Autumn House in the back yard in addition to the Christmas house. Keep having fun, Ladies!

Nita said...

I love the ice slide...looks like such fun. I'm with Jutta, I don't care for grits...I do love Margarita's ! (: Happy y'all are having so much fun.

BeachGypsy said...

Oh i am so glad you are getting this time with your friend! Looks like yall are having a ball! I cant believe that ice slide!...ive never seen anything like that and i wouldve gone down it too!!!fun!! That breakfast looks so good too. Enjoy!!

Carole said...

I'm with Jutta about what's a biscuit! Cheers from cArole's Chatter

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

You two are just having way too much fun! Enjoy. And a biscuit is not a cookie where I come from!

Angie said...

You slid down ice, I'm so jealous! I have ALWAYS wanted to do that!
That shell tree is absolutely stunning. Definitely how I'd decorate if I lived near the ocean!
I got a question though, what are you going to do with all those pumpkins?
Looks like you two are quite the pair. I'm so glad you are having such a great time!

Carla said...

You are the hostess with the mostess. Wow you showed her a great time. Now did you put butter and sugar on them grits...? And cinnamon? She might has liked it then. LOL
Oh she knew how to get to your heart by suggesting Good Will. Too funny