Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween and Wallpaper! Our weekend.....

The time change and Halloween both on the same weekend!
I spent the majority of Saturday working on the dining room wall.

I stopped in time to fluff up the front porch in anticipation of our little Trick or Treaters who would come by! 

Louis Dean played worked in the mud
The rain filled up his trenches and he spent the entire day bailing them out - again and again.

Our favorite neighbor children came over while he was still working!
They were our very first trick or treaters of the night!

Louis Dean cleaned up and took his place on the porch!
It's been our tradition to welcome our visitors while we sip a glass of wine from our goblin goblets!
This was our 11th Halloween together!

He even found some scary music and cranked it up so it could be heard through the music room window! The Monster Mash is my favorite!

I was dressed up, too!!!
Louis Dean doesn't do costumes but he said he could have come as a ditch digger!!

We were delighted when dear friends walked up the driveway!
They were in the area and saw on Facebook that we were out on the porch and decided to come on by!!! I'm so glad they did!! They were still here when we had another surprise!!!

Amber and Mike brought the quads over!!!
It was fun like a party!!!
We all sat out there on the porch and visited together!
A real Halloween to remember!

I really do love the Fall BACK time change! It's much better than the Spring FORWARD one!!
Still, I don't change the clocks back until Sunday afternoon.
You would think with a whole extra hour, I could get to church on time!!
Let's just say I was only slightly late!

Louis Dean stayed home to work in the mud - again!
I went out to lunch with Amber and Mike and the kids.
It was a lot of fun! They say the curtest things and I just like to watch them.

I turned the attic fan off AFTER my afternoon nap! It is actually chilly in the house!

I'll skip over the disappointing football game and go right into my dining room wall update.

Here is what it looked like on Friday afternoon.

By Friday night the old paper was down and the wall had been sized and was now ready for new paper.

I started hanging the paper Saturday afternoon and doing only one wall doesn't take long.
What DOES take long is putting everything back to rights and cleaning it all up.

The majority of that is done and I will finish it tomorrow.
Is it my imagination or does the night coming sooner make me sleepier than usual?
Even after a good 2 hour nap this afternoon?
I'm certainly not going to fight it!
Who knows? Maybe I can get up earlier in the morning!!!


Sandra said...

i like your new wall paper and those lamps are beautiful in front of it. you had a fun evening but you and LD are the king and queen of fun so that is nothing new. the quads look adorable... had to smile at the dropped by because they saw you were outside on FB...

Deanna Rabe said...

I love the photo of you and Louis Dean and the quads!

Your wallpaper looks great and the side table is beautiful! I love those lamps!


Nancy Chan said...

Happy Halloween to you. Very nice wall paper.

Estelle's said...

Looks like a fun and festive Halloween! The night is so fun isn't it? I adore seeing these darling children have a fun time! I admire you so for wallpapering... I did that often, but too, too old now! Happy November darling girl!

Nita said...

Beautiful wallpaper job. Halloween was very special and fun for you. The quads are growing up so fast, I loved that Amber & Mike dressed up as well. Their a beautiful family.

Arlene said...

What a fun Halloween Linda...loved visiting at your house!!

Linda said...

Lovely photos, outfits and wallpaper!

Susie said...

Linda, You and LD are the two working -est people I know...then Ted and I. LOL. I am praying that new drain system works for you guys. All your visitors looked so cute. Blessings to all of you. xoxo,Susie

Pondside said...

Your Halloween looks like it was a lot of fun, Linda....especially the parts like sipping wine on the porch and having the Quads visit!