Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We are HOME Tonight! BOTH of us!

I have to say - it felt rather lonely coming home late last night all by myself.
Louis Dean adds so much interest, richness and excitement to my life.
I admit to being a little bit melancholy with him in the hospital and me at home.
That probably accounts for why I did not sleep much over 3 hours last night and since I had only had around 4 hours the night before - I have been really tired today!
So has Louis Dean!
Not only did he have a chemical stress test along with additional blood work - but he was given a flu shot and a pneumonia shot! The flu shot gave him some side effects of aches and pains today so he was not the happy camper!
I HAVE to tell you about his stress test, though!! They did it in two parts and he was already down in the radiation lab when I got there this morning. He was wheeled back in my two sweet CUTE nurses and they were all laughing. What happened was - they parked his wheelchair smack dab in front of the treadmill. In front of the treadmill was a screen with a beautiful forest scene and a path. 
Louis Dean said, "I hate treadmills!!"
The nurse said, "Well, there's going to be a picture of a naked lady running in front of you and you are going to RUN as fast as you can to catch her!!"
HE said, "I gave up chasing naked ladies a long time ago!!!"

Those Baylor Angels have a wonderful sense of humor!!

The tests were all run and all the results were in but ONE!
Everything was looking good but we couldn't go home until the last test was read.

This fellow was REALLY wanting to go HOME!!!

So was I!!
By this time I was pretty worn out so I hopped up in the hospital bed - since HE wasn't using it - and ended up taking a tiny nap! Earlier, LD and I were BOTH propped up in there! That kind of surprised the nurse who came in to take his vitals!

There's always something interesting to see so matter where you are.
Lots of pigeons flock around the tall hospital buildings.

I noticed this fake owl and wondered about it.

One of the nurses explained that the pigeons do not always realize these are windows and go swooping down through the corridors.......

and smash right into the glass!!!

At long last Louis Dean was released!!!!!
His heart is GOOD!
No blockages!
He has follow up appointments with two doctors next week but his cardiologist told him he had been working TOO hard for TOO long causing lots of muscle cramps/pain/whatever!

The first thing we did when we got home was to take up our spot on the driveway and prop up our feet!!!

I can't tell you how relieved I am!!!

It's good to be home and it's wonderful to know that Louis Dean is a strong man with a strong heart!
He just needs to remember he's not 65 any more!

I have read him all the comments, messages, and emails and it has been so much fun to watch him smile and laugh! He knows who YOU are and said to thank you so much for all your prayers and kind words!

Now we are going to continue to watch back to back episodes of Alaskan Bush People and then
GO TO BED!!! We are both so very TIRED!!!


  1. Linda, Thank God. I am so happy you are both home ...together...and doing well. LD is a work horse...he doesn't want to slow down..but you are going to have to sit on him awhile. Tell LD it's okay to chase naked women...dogs chase cars but they can't drive ' em. LOL I bet the kids were glad of the good news too. Take care of each other. Blessings, love you guys to pieces, Susie

  2. Prayers answered so glad you are both home!!

  3. So glad to hear the good news, I kept checking to see if there was an update. Now both you and he need to get some rest - and no more work for a while. Hire help if necessary, his health is more important!

    1. PS I know that it might be much harder to convince your hubby of this (I know it would be with mine) but seriously, life is much better with him and a handiman than with him in the hospital :) Good luck!

    2. I couldn't agree more!! LD will have to just work on his "handiman acceptance" skills and I'm sure my mom can encourage him along!! We all need our Louis Dean safe and sound ;)

  4. I missed your previous post so I had to go back and read that one, too. I am so sorry that you all had such a scare. There is not way to get attention faster at an ER than to say "I have chest pain"...Thank God, your sweet hubby is going to be okay. Now YOU get some rest, too. I know you were probably a bundle of anxious nervousness the whole time, too.
    God bless you both, my sweet friend. xo Diana

  5. I'm so happy to know you're both home with feet prompt up and loving being home. God bless you both. You will rest well tonight !��

  6. Oh Linda! I must have missed a previous post (I'll go back and read it when I'm done commenting)! So thankful that you are both home, and that Louis Dean is well! It's hard to slow down as we age because in our minds we are still 25!

    Sleep in!


  7. Praise God! Very happy to hear he got good results. Your just going to have to make him SLOW down Linda!!!! I know, easier said than done. Hope you all get some rest ;)

  8. Hallelujah. So glad for this update tonight.

  9. oh didn't take me long to realize I had missed something BIG so I went back and read your previous post too.. Thank God everything is alright with his heart and he is back home where he belongs. How frightening that had to be for both of you. Now it's time to RELAX and take it easy and rest up and feel as good as new. You both should sleep well tonight! LOTS of prayers and hugs!

  10. Oh goodness...I knew none of this so I first have to say that I'm so so happy and grateful that LD is okay. Being in the hospital is never okay with anyone...patient and loved ones...been through that more than I care to remember. But you are both home now and relaxing the way you love.

    I'll be saying prayers that all continues to go well with your special man...and please get some rest and pamper yourself, Linda.

    Love to you both,

    Jane x

  11. Hi Linda!... Glad he is ok!!... So nice to see you both at home with you wine!!

  12. It's good to know that both of you are home now. Have a rest and rejuvenate

  13. Great to hear the good news that all is well !!!!!

  14. So glad you are both home. Now tell LD to hire help and NOT to do anymore with that yard and pump. As others have said, easier said than done. I know Joe always wants to do it himself too.

  15. Oh my....I read this post then had to skip over the the previous post!!! How scary was that?!!! Yep, he was doing too much to be sure. The man has to take life a bit slower...and you dear one, have to make sure he does just that!! Take it easy, and both of you will be much more stress free. I'm sure of it.

    Now, --- I'm glad to read you're both home, taking a bit of rest time out and enjoying. Cry on his shoulder with happiness L D is still strong!!

  16. Oh how wonderful...prayers were answered! Get some rest, hug each other and enjoy your weekend. A blessed Thanksgiving it will be! Hugs!

  17. Praise THE LORD that LD is ok!
    We all love him so much. You two are the best! I love you both ❤️

  18. Glad all is well and you both are HOME!

  19. So glad to read this update!! Yall rest and recover from your hospital visit. As an old nurse, I know the hospital is NO place to rest!!

  20. Thank God! Now you can just relax and be. Deep happy sigh. I have a story to tell behind the scenes as your post has reminded me. Would have loved to see the look on the nurse's face when she found you both in the hospital bed together. LOL! Take good care of each other...

  21. So good to hear that your hubby is in the best of health and that both of you are back home. Have a good rest and do not overwork yourselves. Have a lovely day!

  22. so happy he is home with you, i had 5 nights without bob back in 07, they were the first and only nights home without him in our 30 years and i did not like it. LD is so good to let you post his hospital pics and looks happy, mine would kill me if i even tried to take his pic in hospital... enjoy your time together today....

  23. Oh Linda, I am so sorry that I missed this somehow. I am very familiar with that melancholy feeling when our sweethearts are not around and especially in the hospital. I am very relieved for you and happy you are home together. Make him take it easy. He's a keeper.

  24. Just now seeing these last two posts (I'm in Louisiana for a few days). So thankful that LD checked out great! So very happy for you both!!

  25. Oh, I'm so glad he's ok! Give yourselves a little treat or two to celebrate! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  26. i am reading backwards, i am a terrible blogger friend!! chuck hates to come home when i am in the hospital, he hates to sleep alone, be alone and he says the quiet house is deafening!!!

    i love seeing those those feet in position, now let's keep them there!!!!