Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sump Pump WORKS! Quadville and Half a Quad Squad! Our Friday and Saturday.....

Friday afternoon Louis Dean was back out there working on his sump pump!
He decided he should give it a test run just to be sure!

He filled it up with water, plugged it in and turned it on AND.......nothing!

Not a thing! Glad it wasn't really raining!
He made a fast run to Ace Hardware for what I do not know!

And it WORKS!!!

While HE did what HE does, I did what I love.......
finished the quilt top and even tried to true it up so you could fold it even!
One time I made a denim quilt for Mike (my SIL) using jeans cut long ways and backed with a sheet in the A&M color. Well, the whole quilt is skewered since the jeans were cut lengthwise thus making some strips more on the bias and it's impossible to fold it square! Still, it's a good quilt that has held up for 10 years and is still being used!
I slept under it just last night!
I know I make 'REAL' quilters cringe!!!

After my day's work was done Friday, I loaded up the car and proceeded to deliver pumpkin muffins and chocolate chip cookies! One batch of cookies went to my AT&T guy who helped me get my new phone. Muffins went to the ER and the 4th Floor Baylor Angels and then a couple of small bags to dear friends who just happen to LOVE my muffins!!!

As I was driving over to Dallas to spend the night in Quadville, I got a follow up call about Louis Dean's recent hospital stay. The young lady said she had just had one of the muffins and it was delicious! She especially loved how I wrote 'Baylor Angels' on the bag!

I arrived in Quadville just in time for dinner!
We had a nice evening and I snapped this pic as Amber was reading bedtime stories to her little quadlings!

This morning two of the kids (Trystan and Logan) surprised MeeMaw while I was still sleeping!
Or at least I was PRETENDING to sleep! They had their heart set on waking me up!

Kailey woke up with a bad cough so while Amber took her to the doctor, the other kids and I did a little craft after breakfast!

We used Strawberry Yogurt Berries Cereal to string into edible necklaces.

The kids are very good at making them AND eating them!

See how concentrated they are?

I brought my finished crib top with me and stopped at Wal-Mart last night on my way over for batting and some ribbon and threads to use to tie it.
After the quads finished their craft - I started working on MINE!

I had some help putting all my straight pins in the pin cushion!

It was a good day in Quadville. Naps all around - including MeeMaw!!!
Late afternoon I loaded up HALF a Quad Squad with Trystan and Logan and brought them home with me!

Trissy was glad to see her Granddad and she spent quite a little while sitting on his lap!

I started preparing dinner and Logan came in and said she would help me!
She asked, "What do you need?" Later as we watched a Paw Patrol episode, I realize she has picked this phrase up from that program! It's amazing the way children soak up things just like a sponge!
At any rate - I NEEDED her to tear up the chicken for the chicken salad I was making!

 I had boiled a couple of eggs to put in it and Logan kept saying she wanted to crack the eggs!
The only experience she has had was in cracking fresh eggs into the bowl when we make brownies or cookies or cake. You should have seen her face when I told her she could cut the eggs up!!
I think she understands better now! She chopped up one egg using a butter knife while Trystan did the other one. Then Logan arranged the lettuce on the plates to hold the salad and arranged cheese and crackers around the edges.

Kids absolutely LOVE to help and these girls did a good job!

I gave them nice warm baths and we read a chapter in Little House on the Prairie before tucking them into bed. I stayed in there with them until they were asleep......or at least I THOUGHT they were!
Trystan was out like a light but Logan didn't really go sound asleep until 2 HOURS later!
Still, she stayed in the bed for the most part and some nights I am the same way. I'm tired and sleepy but I just can't seem to doze off!

Louis Dean opted to sleep in the guest room so both of the girls could sleep in our bed with me.
Now that EVERYONE is asleep and the house is quiet, I think it's time for me to go to bed too!


Nita said...

I hope Kailey is feeling better. I love the way Logan truly enjoys putting things together and always on to the next project. She is your mini me !

Sandra said...

good job on the sump pump and the video of it working. made me smile hearing you laugh at it. i tried to say quad squad 3 times fast and could not.

Susie said...

Linda, I have to send an Atta Boy to LD....that working man. That was sweet seeing Amber reading to the quads...she's a great mother. It touches my heart how those children love you and LD...but I know it's because you have loved them forever and you show it. I know what you are saying about kids learning...once Emma said to me...BRB..I had to ask her what that meant, she said , Be right back...cracked me up. Blessings to all of you this wonderful Sunday morning. Love you, Susie

BeachGypsy said...

That sounds like a wonderful time!!

NanaDiana said...

So glad you are almost done with the sump pump
Sure do love seeing those little quads. That is just such a life blessing. And LD just loves on those babies, too. He is such a good man, Linda...but you already know that.
Thanks for sharing another life bite with us here. xo Diana

Vee said...

Yay for the sump pump working! That is Louis Dean's reward for a job well done.

So sorry that Kailey is under the weather. What sweetie pies Logan and Trystan are. They really are good helpers! You must be so proud of them.

Linda said...

MeeMaw you have so much fun with those grands. It's fun to watch them grow up. LD certainly earns his keep!

Nancy Chan said...

A quality bonding time with the family and little ones! Such a happy family!

Cheapchick said...

So nice to see LD home and back to normal. Your grand kids sure are cute, I bet I see lots of future baking sessions with them.

Decor To Adore said...

Darling quilt top and cute kiddos! I can't wait to see what you do for the Texas blog hop. Hope you are enjoying a cozy Monday.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Thumbs up for the sump pump! Always makes me smile to see your quads in action!

Sweet Tea said...

So glad the pump worked.
LD did a great job!!

Carla said...

Yay for LD and his sump pump. Love your denim quilts. They are warm. I used one at Mike & Amber's while they were here on evening while I sat in the recliner.
I have a new favorite picture -- that one of LD and Trystan is precious.

Technician said...

Quadville and Half a Quad Squad! Our Friday and Saturday...