Sunday, November 22, 2015

An Early Thanksgiving Dinner!!!

Excitement is in the air as we count down to Thanksgiving!
I was on a mission today to get things DONE!!!

The quilt for Jutta's granddaughter was first on my list!

The next thing was to CLEAN my house!!!
It was in dire need as I have neglected it lately with all the quadlings around and Louis Dean and I trying to clean up the outside decks.

Amber and Mike hosted a pre Thanksgiving dinner for the family tonight.

I baked a peach cobbler and took the pecan pie I bought at The Cracker Barrel yesterday!
Louis Dean and I were the last ones to arrive!
Logan was 'worried about MeeMaw!' and Harrison said, "Oh, MeeMaw will be here - in two or three HOURS!!!" Out of the mouths of babes!

Here's my Rayne Princess!!!

Amber and her Aunt Nita!

Me and my beautiful niece, Leah!
Don't you just LOVE her hair???

Nita and Mike.....

My sweet Summer DEE!!!!!
Isn't she beautiful??? 
Always has the sweetest smile and the kindest heart!

My MAN!!!

Leah - don't be mad but these were the CUTEST pics!!!
Her mom was rubbing her shoulders and it just got funnier and funnier!!!

We had three full tables!!!
This was the smallest one!!

My handsome son, Ben!

Sabrina brought this  delicious dish!!!!

I'd say it was a good party!!!
Amber is saving the ham bone for me.
I LOVE a good ham bone for soups and beans!

I took a LOT of photos!
Most of them turned out blurry - much to my dismay!
I didn't get pics of all the kids or of Sabrina!!
I MUST work on my photography skills!!!!

THIS was a good one but I took it with my mini iPad!

My sister and her classy daughter!!

Rayne was so cute and performed a couple of her songs for me....

The blurry beginning to the video sharpens up as it goes along.

Friends and Family!
Our friends are LIKE family!!!

Rayne and her granddad!!!
She can make him LAUGH!!

It was a wonderful evening and we all had such a good time!

Too soon it was time to say Good night!

Thanks to Amber and Mike for hosting all of us!
We are a family that knows how to PARTY!!!!


Nancy Chan said...

Hi Linda. Everyone looks beautiful and what a happy Thanksgiving dinner and gathering of beautiful people! Have a blessed Sunday!

Estelle's said...

Oh what a blessed happy to see a family enjoying a special Thanksgiving. You have a lovely, lovely family Linda!

Arlene said...

So glad you had a great celebration. Ours was good too and now I am enjoying out little granddaughter from Georgia that I do not get to see nearly enough!! I was spoiled having the others near by!!

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful family gathering. The mom choking her daughter takes the prize
You look like you all had a wonderful time and good food is just the icing on he cake, isn't it?
Have a blessed Sunday- xo Diana

Nita said...

It was a great gathering. I love A&M's home, the way she has it set up for the kids with play stations and always something to do is amazing ! Wonderful night.

Susie said...

Linda, You had a great Thanksgiving day. So nice everyone came and brought things to share. I loved Rayne's song. Couldn't you listen to children sing all day?? I love their sweet little voices. Everyone looked great. Your smiling kids make me smile. LD looked happy with Rayne. Blessings to all of you, Love you, Susie

Vee said...

Let the Thanksgivings begin! Harrison! What a little card...just the kind of comment that men make and starting so early. LOL. My son once said of his aunt, when he wasn't much older than Harrison, "Fifteen minutes late is the earliest she's ever been." Very true! Hope that today is not too busy.

Linda said...

Looks like a good time w as had by all. I'd love to host a family gathering with all those smiling faces. Happy Thanksgiving!

Deanna Rabe said...

What a fun party! Good fellowship and good food!

Have fun with Jutta!


Sweet Tea said...

You've got a jump start on holiday fun and treats.
One can never celebrate too much.
Travel safely, sweet friend.

Sandra said...

you have such a wonderful, beautiful, happy family, all those smiles and fun things. we like the ham bones in dry limas or black eyes.. you are ready. drooling now on the peach cobbler

Debbie said...

looks like such a wonderful time. You are SOO blessed!

BeachGypsy said...

Thank you for the compliment are so sweet! I am loving all these pictures of y'all and your family too!

Angie said...

What a wonderful party! Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves and you all had plenty of good grub.

You had quite the productive day my friend!

Carla said...

Looks like there were plenty of smiles. It's hard to remember to get all the pictures some days. I didn't take many at Thanksgiving either. Actually Pamela took most of them. lol
the food look real tasty