Friday, November 27, 2015

Introducing Jutta to my Home and Family!

Wednesday morning we packed up and waved goodbye to Casa Del Mar!!

You will notice how LIGHT we were traveling!
Jutta had only the blue suitcase and one bag......the rest are mine but we made it down using only ONE cart!!!

We left the island and made it all the way across Houston before stopping at The Cracker Barrel for breakfast!

Good choice!

We NEEDED this coffee for the journey home!
The Interstate was crowded and it is a long way.
Jutta now realized just how BIG Texas is!!!

Coffee started our day and wine ended it!
We stopped at Target - another first experience for her - and I picked up some sparkling wine which is her favorite!

At long last she met Louis Dean!!!
It is like magic that she is HERE! With US!!!
We sat in the den......

and we sat in the gazebo! That's where we were when Roy and Ruth Ann arrived.

Of COURSE, we had a dinner party!!!
Louis Dean had made a delicious sirloin roast and gravy along with vegetables and his famous dinner rolls!

Jutta and I ended our evening sitting on the driveway with our feet propped and sipping wine while Louis Dean did the dishes before joining us!

This morning we enjoyed our coffee and nibbled on a cinnamon roll before getting ready for the day.
At Casa Del Mar I woke up much earlier than usual and here at home Jutta is sleeping just a little bit later than normal. We know each other so well! I had got up and turned the coffee on at 7:15 and went back to bed. She got up at 7:20! She could have turned it on herself but my house is so complicated! The coffee pots are plugged into a power strip that also controls the garland of lights over the French doors. Only I would know from habit to slide my hand down the side of the coffee cart and flip on that switch! You need a manual to know how things work around here!!

We were off to Fort Worth to spend Thanksgiving Day with my family!
I assured Jutta it would NOT be a long drive!!

Our hosts!!!
My sweet sister, Nita, and her handsome husband, Mike!
They made preparing and hosting a TON of people look easy!

Four generations of strong women!!!!

Sabrina and Mother......

My beautiful nieces - Trish (on the left) is Deanie's daughter and Leah is Nita's.

We had so much food!!!
Deanie and Charlie made a good bit of the spread with all of us bringing something!

Not one bite of the dressing was left! Not ONE bite!!!
Good job, Deanie and Charlie!!!

Louis Dean's rolls were a big hit - as they are every year!
Summer and Sabrina gave us the cute basket liner AND the basket!!!

Everyone loved Jutta!!!

We sat out on the back porch with wine while we all talked and talked!

Louis Dean held court on the sofa!

Mother was in the big easy chair and we all took turns pulling up another chair beside hers and visiting one on one. 

Jutta fit right in!!!
I love how we all mingle and swarm!
Groups would gather and then a few would move on to another room to visit with others while the empty chairs filled right back up!

Nita with Deanie's son.

Two of my children were able to be a part of this gathering!

Summer gives the best back massages!!!
Then Ben turned right around and gave HER one!

Louis Dean didn't stray far from his spot on the sofa!

Deanie and Charlie had their entire family with them today!
17 people!!!! We had 30 people total!!

Louis Dean, Jutta and I were the last to leave but I do want to go on record that I was NOT late today!!!
The rain had started by the time we left which made perfect napping weather and that's exactly what we did!

We spent the rest of this day talking and laughing and crying and laughing some more and singing and eating and just celebrating our time together!
We have just a short while before Jutta must return home.
Her heart is heavy with concern for her son in law and she is the anchor for her family.
God has a plan. He always does. I am so thankful and humbled and honored that He knew He could trust us to comfort, cheer and encourage this most precious lady.
He has truly knitted our hearts together in love!

Every day is a good day to be THANKFUL!!!


Vee said...

Such sweetness all around...yours is the first Thanksgiving "report" I have read and it is a wonderful way to start the day.

We enjoyed a very pleasant day as well. (Wish that I could say that I was like Nita able to host without a hitch. Alas! Not so.)

A lovely day to you...

Changes in the wind said...

Another full and wonderful day but when is Jutta going to meet the quads? Bet it will be another full day:) Happy Thanksgiving.

Susie said...

Linda, I have been thinking of all of you...what with the rain returning. Hope not too much rain...we are getting it today also. I am so glad you had your friend Jutta to the family gathering. Now I wish you had posted a picture of LD doing those know that's sexy.LOL. Looks like everyone brought good food to the gathering. I hope the rest of this week is fun too. Blessings and hugs to all, love you, Susie

Deanna Rabe said...

Delightful in every way. Trish and Leah look like sisters rather than cousins! Your Summer is a beauty! What a great smile!

I'm glad for you and Jutta that she is enjoying such a soul enriching visit. It's going to help her as she heads home, to be an encouragement and life giver to her family.


Arlene said...

Happy Thanksgiving to the Chapmans!! Looks like a fun day!!

Sandra said...

a truly wonderful Thanksgiving, your family is just HUGE... and all so happy. all the food looks fantastic to me. bread of any kind i love and rolls or biscuits are my favorite. thanks for sharing your TG with us

Nita said...

It was the best day ! Everyone seem to have a good time. So good to see everyone. We are so lucky !

Linda said...

That's what Thanksgiving is about! looks like it was a GREAT day! I haven't read all of your escapades with Jutta, but that's where I'm off to next. So glad you had a wonderful time together.

Blondie's Journal said...

I can't say enough about your account of your special time with Jutta and your family..good times!! And LD--all that cooking and clean up so you could have that precious time. God love him.
I think of you when I read about the weather down your way. Hope all is okay.

Jane x

Angie said...

What a wonderful day you all had. You can tell from all the photos just how much your family loves each other! Such a blessing :)

Nancy Chan said...

Love to see all the smiling, happy faces. What a wonderful time of getting to know Jutta and for Jutta to know everyone. Have a beautiful weekend!

BeachGypsy said...

Looks like a perfect day to me!! Mercy! Look at all that good food!!

Cheapchick said...

How nice that you gave her the gift of participating in an American Thanksgiving, something I am sure she will never forget!

Carole said...

I'd love to experience an American Thanksgiving - such a great tradition. Cheers

jamarson1 said...

How fabulous that she was able to join your family for the holiday. You definitely showed her a great time! And someday we will get to see you blog about another trip to Europe!

Carla said...

Your mother looks great. You kept Jutta busy and well fed it looks like.