Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Changing of the Guard!!! And a Saturday Visit With Some of Louis Dean's Family!!

We have had a pretty busy week!!! What with losing Maggie and then coming down with another UTI and spending days AND nights in Quadville......I was in bed before 9:00 on Saturday night!!!
We MEANT to get up early enough to make it to Sunday School ......but that didn't happen.
We DID make it to church stopping by Quadville to drop off Lucy. There was a Changing of the Guard this afternoon. The other set of Grandparents were here from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. I came back over yesterday for just a couple of hours.....but that made it official - I have been here every day since Wednesday!

After church we stopped at Louis Dean's NEW favorite place: Buffalo Wild Wings!!!
Amber and Mike brought us all here after church LAST Sunday and it was love at first bite!!!
They have THE best onion rings - ever!!!

I had a margarita and we enjoyed watching a little football before taking over in Quadville for the final stretch!!

I am just going to get these two very short video/snaps out of the way!
Didn't realize they 'hook' together!

Granddad played music as soon as the babies got up from their naps.
Bathtub shot!

Family picture taking time!!!
Dinner at Charleston's...

Saturday I came over to QV to help Granddad Jim and Uncle Mark with the lunch and nap routine.
I stopped by the house and picked Louis Dean up and we headed to Fort Worth to see some of HIS family!! I had painted a canvas of trees in the snow for my step grandson and wanted to give it to him.
Louis Dean carried it out for me - and then propped it up against the truck tire while he locked the gate. We drove off without it!! Just as I got on the Toll Road I thought to ask!
Thank Goodness we had not gone far! We went back and got it.

Robert (my step grandson - I painted the painting for HIM!) and Bobby, Angel, Byron (their dad) and Louis Dean.

Byron and his mother, Mary, and Bobby.

NEXT time I am going to jump up and down and squeal - anything to make them SMILE!!!

I admit - we all look rather somber but I can assure we - we had SUCH a good visit!!

Louis Dean's family is a little more private than mine!
Robert is a lot of fun and I love him dearly!!

He comes to visit us and help his granddad some. He also visits with us when we go to my step son's ranch!

It was SO good to see Byron!!! It has been YEARS!!!
Bobby and Angel were SHORT the last time we saw them!!

Robert is a handsome guy......

and he really CAN laugh!!!!

Let's just say he is a VERY good sport with all my picture taking!

We all had dinner together at Charleston's and it was seriously DELICIOUS!!!

Louis Dean was flat excited about his juicy hamburger!!!

Bobby looks a lot like his granddad to me!

It was nice to get to see them together!

Fast forward to this afternoon about 4:30 when the quads woke up from their naps!

The first thing Granddad did was to play the guitar for them.
That MIGHT have been because Kailey brought his guitar strap to him and said, "PLAY, Granddad!!"

Louis Dean had paused the Cowboy game on TV and so we thought the quads could hang out with us in the living room while we watched it.

We had Lucy inside and the babies really enjoyed playing with her!

Trystan and Harrison are more comfortable around dogs but the other two are coming around!

Kailey likes to boss Lucy around!

We DID get to watch much of the game!!!
MeeMaw MAY have gotten a little LOUD when the Cowboys made a touchdown!!! Or TWO!! Or THREE!!!

Trystan just adores Lucy and Lucy was a very good doggie!!!

See what I mean?

She kept them entertained for a good while......

but I had PROMISED them a tea party!!

Tea Party!!! Whoo HOO!!!
I love it!!

I even had help cleaning up the tea dishes!

Love having all this extra HELP!!!

Baths followed with applesauce pouches as a bath snack.
They didn't eat a WHOLE lot at supper!
Doses of Benadryl and then we brushed teeth - all in the bathtub!

I took pics of each child after I tucked them in bed.

Be STILL, my heart!!!

I fall in love overe and over!

They just melt my heart!!!

Four babies. All so different and unique!

Trystan had a book and I said, "Can MeeMaw read to you?"
She said, "NO! I will read it to YOU!"

I LOVE these babies!!!
But - Amber and Mike!!!
We are ALL ready for you guys to come HOME!!!


Deb said...

You had a busy weekend...what great memories you are making!

Ginny said...

I just LOVE the way your camera turns videos into pictures! And the family pictures are very good; if a bit solemn! But I know YOU are laughing and smiling most of the time! The bedtime portraits are totally amazing and beautiful...something to make a collage of and frame.

Wanda said...

What a monumental week you've had..Goodness. I was thinking what a handful Tristan is, and then multiply that by are my hero. I love a good margarita with lots of salt...that one looked good. Hope you are feeling good, and get some needed rest this week.

Penny Miller said...

Beautiful family photo's X

Linda said...

Once again I am exhausted just reading about your weekend. Such a wonderful family time tho! can't trade that for nothing.

Sandra said...

so many beautiful family fotos here... and memories.. and i loved the ones of Lucy and the quads... and had no clue applesauce comes in pouches and have never seen anyone eat or drink in a bath tub... LOL

Kathy said...

Your week is almost over. I know the quads will be so happy to see their parents and vice versa. So glad you had a chance to be with LD's family. Sounds as if you had a really nice time.

Jan said...

Wonderful photos-looks like you had a great week and weekend! Hope you are feeling better.

Bev said...

Wonderful day!! Love those babies!!.. I'm sure you will be ready for a BIG rest.

Nonnie said...

Those babies are adorable. And I am always in awe of yours and LD's stamina. What a week you've had.

Amber B. said...

Was just now able to watch the videos, the "tea party woo hoo!" is hilarious!!!

Susie said...

Linda, There is never going to be any grass growing under LD's or your feet. You are two of the busy people I know. Fun to see LD's family next to him. Bobby does favor LD. Those babies..oh my gosh, they are so cute. They love animals don't they. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

bj said...

I know it's a lot of work, but your life is so full of blessings and love, it makes me happy. I am so thankful you and LD met..fell in love, married and have such a beautiful family....and I am thankful about how much you both love your family. Makes my olden heart beat a little faster to know how much you love your 4 little babies. I know from experience how they live in your heart.

Catherine said...

Such beautiful and heartwarming pictures. All wonderful memories for the children. It was a pleasure to visit here.
Blessings, Catherine

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

They are all simply beautiful babies..and not to worry about no family has the abitlity to do the same thing...LOL :)

Linda said...

What lovely photos, Linda!!! Such a joy. And I am asking for your prayers on behalf of us here in Canada. My (today's) Thursday post will explain. Sending you a warm hug.