Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday - Trick or TREAT!!!!

It was FRIDAY so that meant I had to don my witch's hat, get on my broom and FLY!!!
Donna called to tell me Mother was ready and I was just getting on the road good!!
I told her to tell her what I ALWAYS tell her - "Sit there and look PRETTY!!!"
A beauty shop is a great place to people watch and there are always good magazines!

I was literally FLYING out the door!!!

Mother was ready and waiting!!
She should NOT have been surprised that I 'dressed up' - but she was!!

Our restaurant of choice today was The Golden Corrall and it was GOOD!!!
Mother ate two plates FULL of fried catfish with tartar sauce. She also had ice cream. TWO bowls!
After lunch we had some shopping to do. First Hobby Lobby and then The Dollar Store.
Mother seems to be frail these days. She walks with a cane and it's not easy getting in and out of the car. She was in good spirits, though.

We had fun!

I brought Slim Pickins over to see her!
She loved him!!

She was with Louis Dean when he bought him but I guess she didn't hear him play then.
This just made her laugh and laugh!!!
I loved it!

We left a first batch of book markers the quads painted on Wednesday for all the aunts and one for Andie.
I added some quotes to them that I picked up at Hobby Lobby today.
I have been making book markers for YEARS with my kids!!
I bet Amber and Benjamin made HUNDREDS!!! Really!!
We mailed them to soldiers in the Gulf War, to missionaries, to friends and family.

I am working on my first mailing out of book marks so they should arrive in mailboxes across the country by the early part of next week. Wednesday the quads will be painting MORE so I can just keep mailing them!!! Make sure I have your address! I am getting a collection! This is going to be FUN!

I love the memories associated with old book markers!

This was one my mother made in 2001. She suffered a stroke in 2005 and has not been able to write since. I treasure this keepsake!

I have a collection of hats and wore them ALL at one time or another today!
We watched a couple of vintage horror movies - one with Vincent Price!!
The Haunting was our second feature before night began to fall and we moved our party outside.

We were all set!!! Wine in his Goblin Goblet - iced tea in mine! Candy at hand!
Lights and torches lit! It's time to TRICK or TREAT!!!

Goblins and Milky Ways!!!

This is a special trick or treater named David.
He has been coming here to our porch on Halloween night for three years. His mom said they moved to Bedford but they still drive back to Irving to see us!! That deserved another hand FULL of candy!!! Thank you, David, for making our night so special!

We had some SURPRISE visitors!!!
I was in such a flurry of excitement - my video is a bit blurry!!!

This one is better!

You gotta love a good looking cowboy!

Cute Mommy and Daddy!!!

I had absolutely NO IDEA they were coming!!!
We were sitting out there waiting for kids to arrive and up walked this cute little girl!
I said, "Oh! LOOK!!! She's so CUTE!!!" Then I realized it was KAILEY!!!

They swarmed the porch and it was FUN like a PARTY!!!
( I  always think of YOU, Megan, when I say that!!!)

It still amazes me to see how these little people have grown!!!

They do love to dance!!
We had a ball watching them and then they were off to visit others!
I think they had a really FUN first 'real' Halloween!!

We were still sitting on the porch basking in the glow of the quads' unexpected visit when we had another extra special group of people arrive!! Tim and his family lived across the street from us for several years! Little Nikki - the sweet lavender butterfly - is the same age as Rayne! Brittany (in the white sweater) was just a little girl when they moved in over there! Tray was a wee boy! They are both practically GROWN now!!! Life changes happen and they moved across town a few years back but we still keep up with each other through Facebook. And every Halloween we sit for a few minutes together on our front porch.

This has been a good day! A good visit with Mother and fun times with good friends and seeing the young grow up a little more each year. Our candy dishes are empty. The lights have been turned out.
Tomorrow is another day......


Angie said...

What an absolutely wonderful day you had. I can really feel your excitement in this post. Oh and that picture of your mother clapping is so precious. She looks SO HAPPY :)

Deb said...

I love your day! We got surprised too by Lucas we didn't know they were coming by either,,,it was fun

Kathy said...

You had a fun day! What a nice surprise to see the quads. When you compare their pictures this year with last year you can see just how much they have grown. In one year! So nice to catch up with old friends.

I love your Slim Pickins. I can see your mom did too!

Gypsy Heart said...

Fun times! You look so cute in your costumes & hats! Glad you had a good visit with your mother. The quads are so adorable ~ I know they must have had a blast. Can't wait to see them at Christmas! A good day filled with many blessings ~



What memories created for you two and your grands! It's great that David continues to want to come by each year....that is priceless.

Sounds like a great celebration.

Sandra said...

i like all of your witch costumes, especially like the vest. the quads look adorable and so did their mom and dad. what a great surprise. the video of you mom clapping made me laugh... i did volunteer work for 5 years at a nursing home. during holidays i had animated singing Santa, Christmas moose and would walk the halls, sit them down and turn them on, everyone there did just what you mom did, laughing and clapping. even the staff laughed.

Susie said...

Linda, You know I love seeing photos of you and your mom...You both look so good. I loved her reaction to the skeleton playing banjo...and the quads, how they love it. It is too funny. Looks like you and LD had just the best Halloween. May God bless you both, xoxo,Susie

Amy Burzese said...

Looks like a very fun Halloween indeed!

Penny Miller said...

Lovely hallowe'en surprises for you and LD!

Ginny said...

I am still not myself but had to stop by and see your Halloween post!! They told me to stay out of the kitchen, but I did not, and poor Phil has been cleaning up my accidents all day. I will now be good and keep out before I break everything in there. I have never seen a witch prettier than you! And what a treat seeing the Quads in their costumes. What a real blessing to make your mom laugh so hard!! Old Slim needs some extra treats for that. I collect bookmarks too. I have a small tray with ones from all my friends, and now I can add yours! Made buy the Quad Squad!! Your house is gorgeous, and I love you in front of the T.V. with your arms spread, you are the Witchy Woman! Shhh, don't tell anyone that I snuck over before I returned. These anesthetic effects make me a total idiot...

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What fun you all had...and how cute you looked! Making those special memories that will last a lifetime! Better get some more candy though! Sweet hugs, Diane

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh four wonderful memories for every holiday! You were a cute witch!

Sweet Tea said...

How fun it all was! You sure know how to celebrate your favorite season. You looked adorable, as did the quads.