Monday, October 6, 2014

Neil Diamond, Fences, Ball Game and a Couple of Grands!!!

We had a good Monday! Any day I can sleep late is a GOOD day!!
This morning a blogging friend alerted me to the fact that Neil Diamond has an upcoming concert!
I tuned in to Good Morning Texas and attempted to win two free tickets.
No win but Louis Dean saw how excited I was and said HE would buy two tickets for me and SUMMER to go!!!!! He has heard me say how much alike mine and Summer's tastes are in music!
Win! WIN!!! The tickets go on sale next Monday and I will SO be online buying them!!!

In other Monday news.......Louis Dean has been VERY concerned about our stone fence.
There is one on either side of the gate and BOTH are leaning and HAVE been leaning for a couple of years. They have leaned even MORE with the ground shifting lately so Louis Dean is putting up an 8 foot fence to match the one on the west side of the house. He is actually installing the fence and THEN tearing down the stones. Not sure how that works but he seems to have figured it out!

Our Maggie is back in the routine here at home......
I had just filled this glass to the brim!

Amber said she had to rough it at her house! No wine glasses of water with the quads around!

I spent the day doing what all Susie Homemakers do - cleaning house!
I do love to clean and I do love a clean house!
Another Win! WIN!

Late this afternoon I headed over to my grandson's ball game!

Levi is the CUTEST thing!!!

He told his dad that since MiMi was coming - he just wanted to HIT the ball!!!

And so he did!!! Several times!!!!

My handsome first born son. He is SUCH a good father to my grands!

Faith and Leigh Ann.......
LOVE this pic!!!

My new camera does cool things that I can't take credit for.
I need all the help I can get with photos!

LOVED spending some time with Jesse and family this evening!

Next ball game??? Thursday!

Now I will pay Louis Dean some attention and thus end this good Monday!!


Gypsy Heart said...

Be still my heart!!! Neil Diamond is coming here??? Oh, I must see him!

You can come over here and clean anytime! I love for things to be clean but I hate doing it. I was responsible for all the cleaning, laundry, cooking and babysitting my brother from age 14 on. If I didn't do a "perfect" job on the cleaning, I had to do it over. Not fun ~ especially for a teenager that wanted to be out and about with friends.

Anyway, love all the photos! You look adorable, as usual.


Kathy said...

Just looked at all your photos over on facebook. They are great shots but even more so with the special effects your new camera does. Nice!

Joe got a kick out of Maggie drinking her water. You have her so spoiled.

Ginny said...

The next to last picture is the prettiest one!!! What was the effect you used? Levi is adorable!!! It is good to see this part of your family. You look extra pretty in the last picture! this is a HUGE job for Louis Dean, but it looks like he has it all under control. Did he used to work in construction?

Deb said...

Happy Monday!!!!

Penny Miller said...

I was lucky enought to see Neil Diamond some years ago in Glasgow. It was an open air gig, and it rained continually (well it is Scotland after all!) Neil was totally amazing - what a performer, and what a voice! You will have a ball! X

Sandra said...

ALL the family shots are really really good and all your family is beautiful... LD is so good to let you go see Neal Diamond and looks like that fence will keep him busy for a while..the only concerts i have seen were Glen Campbell back in the 60's and Merle Haggard in 1980...